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Chapter 1651 - Method of Validation

Nirvana Void cultivators have to devour dao spirits to solidify their Joss Flame realms. They also require large amounts of Joss Flame souls. However, this realm is only an external force. Only by reaching the Spirit Void stage can one integrate the Joss Flame realm into their own body. Doing so allows the Joss Flame souls to worship them, which then allows them to use powerful spells.

It is very difficult to advance through the four void realms. Going from Spirit Void to Arcane Void is the most difficult as it requires an ethereal essence!

Essences are divided into corporeal and ethereal. Things like the five elements are considered corporeal essences. These are easy to obtain and don’t require much comprehension. One only needs to obtain a large amount of them and the essence will slowly be complete.

Wang Lin’s fire and thunder essences were completed like this.

However, there were still the ethereal essences like karma, life and death, and true and false. These essences were extremely difficult to obtain because you couldn’t find them, only comprehend.

The reason why there were so few Arcane Void cultivators, only a dozen of so among the hundreds of millions of cultivators, was because an ethereal essence was difficult to obtain.

If one already had an ethereal essence when breaking the Void Gate, then the bottleneck at the Spirit Void stage would be a lot easier to pass. However, far too few people had reached the third step with an ethereal essence. As a result, they would need to obtain one by either stealing one or comprehending one.

Although it was difficult to complete an essence after reaching the third step, over the countless years, a lot of strange people and geniuses had tried. They slowly came up with a method.

That method was very strange, but it showed that cultivators all think alike. Their method was to  make their countless Joss Flame souls cultivate. Those Joss Flame souls’ cultivation speed would increase greatly with the help of the third step cultivator. They would create mountains and rivers and cycles so that the people in the Joss Flame realm didn’t even know they were in an illusory world.

This allowed the Joss Flame souls to obtain illusory power, and over the countless years, a soul with an ethereal essences would be born.

Once an ethereal essence was born, it would be devoured by the third step cultivator. Because all of this was illusory and the essence was originally part of the third step cultivator’s body, the devour would be perfect.

Similarly, even these Joss Flame souls’ cultivation was an illusion, so when after leaving their Joss Flame realm, they would turn back into ordinary mortals.

Over the countless years, when someone tried to find out if the world they lived in was just the Joss Flame realm of a powerful existence, there was no answer.

The only thing that proved this was that once you left, if all your cultivation disappeared and you became a mortal, then your existence was merely a Joss Flame.

However, if your cultivation didn’t change after you left, then everything was real!

As Wang Lin walked through the Summoned River, his divine sense returned from the head. When he first grabbed the head, he used soul search and obtained a lot of memories from the middle-aged man.

He waved his right hand, and one more head was added to the tens of thousands of heads behind him. This was the first third step cultivator head, but it definitely wouldn’t be the last.

There was no third step cultivator left in Summoned River. If there were any, they had long fled. Wang Lin moved like a ray of light and swept through Summoned River.

The planets he passed became a bloodbath. It was as if a violent wind had swept by and caused countless heads to fly off and follow him.   

Often, a flash of white would appear near a planet or garrison, and death would follow. As Wang Lin moved, even more heads gathered behind him. 10,000; 15,000; 20,000,...  Until there were nearly 50,000 heads!

50,000 heads sounds simple, but if you looked at them all, the sight could shock any cultivator. This wasn’t simply just a number but real heads that could be seen. The smell of blood was so thick that even if you were far away, you could clearly smell it.

When Situ Nan and the thousands of cultivators arrived, they came to a Summoned River that had been reclaimed and made vacant of Outer Realm cultivators! As they flew forward, they came across planets dyed red by blood. One after another, the cultivators of the Summoned River followed Wang Lin’s foot steps.

Wang Lin moved and they followed behind. Although there was a vast distance between them, Wang Lin was like a sword leading the charge. Everyone else followed him!

Wang Lin withdrew from the Summoned River. After he determined that no Outer Realm cultivator remained, he stepped into the Cloud Sea as the nearly 50,000 heads all screamed miserably!

The Cloud Sea was originally the front line of the war, and a large amount of cultivators from both sides had died here. The moment he entered, Wang Lin felt like he heard the screams of countless ghosts.

He closed his eyes. After feeling it for a bit, he opened his eyes, revealing a gaze filled with killing intent. He moved forward with the 50,000 heads floating behind him. It was a shocking scene.

“50,000 heads is enough to form the life and death formation!” As Wang Lin moved through the Cloud Sea, more than half of the floating continents from the past had been torn apart and collapsed.

The remaining continents were occupied by large amounts of Outer Realm cultivators, and they had been here for a long time. Because the Cloud Sea was the front line, few very Inner Realm cultivators remained; almost all of them had died.

The entire Cloud Sea had become the land of the Outer Realm!

Wang Lin’s divine sense spread out and instantly surrounded the Cloud Sea. Everything in the Cloud Sea clearly appeared in his mind. Looking at the foreign Cloud Sea, the anger in Wang Lin’s heart raged like a storm.

He didn’t hide his divine sense at all but used a domineering method to tell all the Outer Realm cultivators in the Cloud Sea that he had arrived.

The Outer Realm cultivators on the continents all woke up when they Wang Lin’s felt divine sense. They looked up at the sky in shock and a bad feeling rapidly grew in their hearts.

Wang Lin’s divine sense was like a storm that swept across the Cloud Sea. It was like a heavy mace that hit the heart of very Outer Realm cultivator.

Deep within the Cloud Sea, there was a rare planet. This used to be the Heaven Breaking Sect’s planet, but now it was in ruins. There were endless blue and purple seaweeds growing there, reaching up to thousands of feet tall. From afar, it looked as if the planet had grown hair.

The entire planet was completely covered by this blue and purple seaweed. At the center of the endless seaweed were huge branches hundreds of feet thick, and there was a giant, purple flower there!

The flower was more than 10,000 feet tall, and it was very obvious that the seaweed was born because of it! The flower hadn’t bloomed, but there was a bud about 100 feet large at the top.

The flower bud was a circle and was vaguely transparent, and a woman sat inside. She was very beautiful and wore a light dress. While sitting there, she cultivated.

The aura of mid stage Nirvana Void cultivator spread out from the flower bud. When Wang Lin’s aura spread across the Cloud Sea, the woman inside flower bud opened her eyes.

Her gaze was filled with shock. As her eyes opened, the endless seaweed on the planet moved.

Far away from the planet, where the fog covered up the hole in the Realm Sealing Formation, there was a giant floating continent. Countless Outer Realm cultivators were moving around on it, carrying large stones to build a temple.

This temple had already taken rudimentary form, and there was a statue on top of it. This statue had two huge, black wings; it also looked fierce and gave off a sense of majesty.

This statue wasn’t that of a man but a giant bat!

An old man in red was sitting on the statue, and the mark between his eyebrows was a black bat! The moment Wang Lin’s divine sense swept by, the old man opened his eyes in horror. He suddenly stood up and looked at the sky, his face becoming pale.

At the same time, in Allheaven, the Outer Realm cultivators had gathered hundreds of thousands of cultivators and had several third step cultivators staging this battle. A few of these people had participated in killing Wang Lin!

These hundreds of thousands of Outer Realm cultivators formed a circle, and at a glance, they seemed to cover the endless space. They looked exhausted, but their fierceness didn’t dissipate at all.

These hundreds of thousands of cultivators were surrounding a magnificent formation composed of 999 planets. There were some Inner Realm cultivators on each planet, and they had resisted here for a very long time.

At the center of the formation was a circular altar. It was shrouded by a mist and could barely be seen. A person was sitting on the altar.

On a cultivation planet, a woman with an indifferent gaze bit her lower lip and despair gradually appeared in her eyes.

On another planet, Mu Bingmei’s long and beautiful hair was tied up. She wore white and her beautiful face was filled with confusion.

People Wang Lin was familiar with were on these planets.

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