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Chapter 1649 - Still Not Enough!

The moment Wang Lin spoke, the hundreds of heads behind him that had dim gazes suddenly became bright. At the same time, miserable screams began to echo.

These miserable screams revealed unspeakable pain. The screams would scare the wits out of those who were timid. Even the brave would be shocked and their faces would turn pale.

It was impossible to imagine what kind of pain could cause such miserable screams. As the hundreds of heads screamed, black blood flowed out from their orifices.

As the black blood flowed out, a powerful smell of blood spread out.

These heads had the origin soul and souls of their owners sealed inside. Their bodies had died, but not their head. They were suffering a reincarnation cycle formed by karma, life and death, and true and false!

Their heads contained Wang Lin’s three ethereal essences. With these essences, it was like they were in a dream that could be real or fake, where they were suffering many miserable deaths.

Wang Lin had sealed them with his ethereal essences so they would suffer endless pain. This wasn’t because Wang Lin wanted to torture them, this was just the first step of his slaughter.

This beginning involved a formation. This was a formation he had comprehended after gaining enlightenment in the three ethereal essences. He had never used it before, this was the first time!

This formation was an essence formation!

The name was very simple, it was called Life and Death, True and False, Karma Formation!

This scene was extremely tragic. Only monstrous hatred could cause someone to do this. Although Wang Lin hated the Outer Realm, his hatred wasn’t this strong. However, after he learned the truth about the world being a cave, there had been a surging resentment raging in his mind.

This resentment was the source of his slaughter. This resentment was his hatred of heaven and the Celestial Sovereign, who controlled fate. The Outer Realm cultivators just happened to be invading at this time, so they had to suffer his anger!

“Too many people have already died in this battle, so I, Wang Lin, do not care if I kill more. Since you all want to kill for a certain purpose, then I, Wang Lin, will help you. I want to see what you’re all looking for!

“The Inner Realm has lost too much, now it’s the Outer Realm’s turn!” The endless miserable screams echoed in Wang Lin’s ears. His expression remained calm as he stepped toward the Summoned River.

The Summoned Rivered had fallen to the Outer Realm twice. Many cultivators from the Outer Realm were stationed here.

The cultivators here were extremely cruel. They had stolen a large amount of resources, and large amounts of female cultivators were taken as their cultivation furnaces. The blood of countless cultivators was scattered across this star system.

Just as Wang Lin entered the Summoned River, a dense smell of blood filled his nose. The killing intent in his eyes became even stronger. This sixth essence, the slaughter essence, erupted from his body. Countless real and illusory red snowflakes appeared around Wang Lin.

These red snowflakes surrounded the area, and as Wang Lin moved forward, crackling sounds echoed. The space behind him was frozen and started giving off a red glow, then a monstrous chill began to spread.

Wang Lin’s eyes faintly turned red. His divine sense spread out and surrounded the entire Summoned River. Just as his divine sense covered all of the Summoned River, the shocking aura of a third step cultivator came from the depths of Summoned River.

This aura gave off a feeling of shock; it seemed to have been caught off guard by Wang Lin’s divine sense. If it was before the dream dao, Wang Lin might have frowned, but now he wouldn’t even bother looking that person’s way.

This aura belonged to a late stage Spirit Void cultivator, but Wang Lin would even dare to kill Arcane Void cultivators, so he didn’t need to take a mere Spirit Void cultivator seriously!

With a step forward, Wang Lin ignored the aura of the third step cultivator and arrived outside a planet. This planet contained thousands of Outer Realm cultivators.

These cultivators were mostly cultivating with their eyes closed. Some of them were having fun or forcing themselves on cultivation furnaces. Some were laughing wildly while killing mortals, and other were devouring the cultivation of captured Inner Realm cultivators.

Wang Lin saw all these things vividly as his divine sense spread by.

His eyes shined and looked extremely fierce when mixed with the red light in his eyes. With the hundreds of heads behind him, Wang Lin looked like a demon that had just walked straight out of the underworld.

“These people deserve to die!” Wang Lin waved his sleeve and then his right hand extended out from his sleeve. This outstretched hand formed a palm and pressed down on the planet.

With this, a shocking rumble came from the planet. Large amounts of dust flew into the air and shrouded the entire planet in dust.

At the same time, shocking screams came from the planet. The many Outer Realm cultivators that were cultivating opened their eyes. They were terrified, and they all flew out to see what was happening.

The moment they appeared in the sky, they saw the countless raging dust storms that connected to the sky. This caused their vision to become blurry and made it look like the end of the world!

A pressure that caused them all to tremble shrouded them, forming a suppressing force. Under this suppressing force, more than half of the Outer Realm cultivators coughed out blood. Their eyes were filled with fear.

“What kind of power is this?!”

“Who, who is it?!”

“Could it be that a third step cultivator of the Inner Realm came? But all their third step cultivators are in Allheaven. Who can get through the layers of blockades to get here!?”

Many Outer Realm cultivators that had been cultivating with their cultivation furnaces or abusing the Inner Realm cultivators and mortals were shocked by this. They were covered in cold sweat as they flew into the sky.

Just as they arrived in the sky, they saw a terrifying scene!

They saw a giant palm appear in the sky.  This palm almost covered the entire sky, causing the sky to dim as if it was night.

All light was blocked by the palm, causing the earth to fall into darkness.

This giant palm also had a mark that was flashing. This mark would sometimes be clear and sometimes blurry. If one stared at it, their mind would become a mess.

This mark was a door; this was the Ten Thousand Void Bone Gate formed by countless white bones!

After this gate was destroyed, it was imprinted on Wang Lin’s palm!

The moment the thousands of cultivators on the planet saw the gate, the fingers on the palm slowly closed as if it was going to form a fist. The thousands of cultivator felt a rumble as strands of aura seemed to be extracted from their bodies and pulled into the sky.

When the Karma Print was used on a third step cultivator, it would extract their essence and wouldn’t affect their life. But if they hadn’t reached the third step, the Karma Print would extract their soul, origin soul, life force, and various ethereal things from their body!

The Karma Print was extremely terrifying. The moment it appeared, the sky would change colors and the clouds would scatter. Right now, Wang Lin’s attack was filled with anger and killing intent, making it even more shocking!

The palm formed a fist before the thousands of confused cultivators. The fist didn’t fall but instead pulled back. As it pulled back, the miserable screams of these thousands of cultivators echoed at the same time.

Those miserable screams spread across the entire cultivation planet until they formed a powerful shockwave. The bodies of the thousands of cultivators in the sky all collapsed. Their heads separated from their bodies and flew into the sky.

The heads flew toward Wang Lin as rays of light and followed behind him.

Outside the cultivation planet, Wang Lin’s right hand formed a fist. The endless life force, souls, and origin souls were gathered in his hand. He waved his hand and the thousands of origin souls returned to their heads, where they were were sealed with life and death, karma, and true and false.

The miserable screams started echoing once more. These miserable screams were from thousands of heads, and the sound echoed across the stars.

“Mere thousands, still not enough!” Wang Lin turned around and walked toward another planet he had seen in his divine sense.

Deep within the Summoned River, the divine sense of the third step cultivator stationed in this star system rushed out. It condensed to form shadow, and his origin body flew off from where he was. He locked onto Wang Lin and flew over from a distant place.

Wang Lin wanted this person to come, so he had allowed him to lock on. Otherwise, that person wouldn’t be qualified to find Wang Lin!

“If one comes, I’ll kill one. If a bunch come, I’ll kill a bunch!” Wang Lin’s eyes became gloomy and the killing intent in his gaze became even stronger. He still hadn’t killed enough, and as he moved forward, another planet appeared before him.

The planet was in ruins and the death aura here was extremely powerful. It was obvious this place was once filled with life, but now it was filled with death.

There was a clan in the Ancient Star System called the Underworld Clan. The members of this clan absorbed death aura to cultivate, and the places they would gather at were often filled with death aura. This planet was gifted to them by the Sovereign Council after they earned some achievements.

The Underworld Clan was a small clan in the Ancient Star System. Most of their clan members had gathered here and made this their new home.

There were countless grey bubbles floating around. These bubbles contained captives of the Inner Realm, and most of them were women. One of them was Zhou Zi Hong!

Her eyes were closed and she was unconscious, but her clothes were still intact.

Just at this moment, a thunderous rumble came from the planet and a giant rift appeared. A sucking force appeared to pull about 300 bubbles into it. Zhou Zi Hong was among them.

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