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Chapter 1648 - Too Quiet

As Wang Lin stood above the statue, his gaze swept across the world. He saw the familiar faces within the rays of light that flew at him. He saw the determination on those familiar faces, felt their determination to give up their lives in their roars.

There were people Wang Lin were familiar with, including his disciple Thirteen, his servant Big Head, his brother Situ, his senior South Cloud, and many other people he knew. The gazes of these thousands of cultivators all gathered as if some kind of hot blood connected them.

This sense of hot blood would not dissipate; at most it would settle as the years passed. However, at the moment of crisis, this sense of hot blood would erupt.

“Come with me and take back the mountains and rivers of the Inner Realm!” Wang Lin waved his sleeve and stepped off from the head of the statue. His robe was as white as snow and fluttered with his white hair. Under the sun, they gave off a dazzling glow.

Inside the light, Wang Lin’s body turned into a ray of light, creating a loud howl, and flew toward space.

Behind him, Situ Nan, Master South Cloud, and the others followed closely. The howls from them flying fused with his. After them, the thousands of cultivators all used various spells to fly to follow after Wang Lin!

This was a spectacular scene; it was as if countless meteors were flying off the planet. They carried with them the aura of defying the heavens, the domineering will to destroy the heavens, and the pride to never back down.

It was as if with Wang Lin leading them, they could break through the sky and break free from this cage-like world, break this falsehood and go to the endless world beyond.

Wang Lin was ahead, opening the way. His divine sense spread out, and along with the coldness in his eyes, there was a monstrous killing intent.

He was going to kill, he was going to kill every invading cultivator. He was going to create a bloodbath, he was going to kill until the world changed colors! This killing intent erupted from his body; it had been a long time since he had killing intent this strong.

He still remembered the peak of killing intent in his life. It was when he slaughtered the entire Teng family on planet Suzaku more than 2,000 years ago. Today, more than 2,000 years later, this killing intent appeared once more.

This time he was doing it for himself, but even more so for the Inner Realm. He wasn’t a hero, and he didn’t want to be a hero. He was just an ordinary cultivator; he just happened to be a cultivator who got caught up in this time of war!

He understood what responsibility meant, he understood he had responsibilities, he understood the meaning of the title “Lord of the Sealed Realm.” He didn’t want to be the Lord of the Sealed Realm, he wanted to be himself. He wanted to break open this world and walk out of this cave!

Anyone who stopped him would have to bear his monstrous slaughter and anger.

If the heavens stopped him, he would destroy the heavens. If the earth blocked him, he would destroy the earth. If people blocked him, he would kill them all!

He had to have the determination to break out of this cave. Resolving the war between the two realms was merely the first step, but if he couldn’t get past the first step, there was no need to talk about walking out of this cave.

As Wang Lin flew forward, thousands of cultivators followed. As the group of people flew through space, they created a shocking sound wave that rumbled loudly and shook the star system.

Large amounts of Outer Realm cultivators had died to Wang Lin’s arrow before, but some still remained. At this moment, Wang Lin’s divine sense covered the entire Brilliant Void.

Those remaining Outer Realm cultivators had no place to hide in Wang Lin’s eyes.

As monstrous rumbles echoed, there were dozens of Outer Realm cultivators several million kilometers ahead. They each had a mark between their eyebrows, and they were moving in panic.

They were going to Allheaven because most of the Outer Realm cultivator who had entered the Inner Realm were at Allheaven. The other star systems only had a few people present.

Before those dozens of cultivators could fly far, they heard the howling from behind them. Feeling shocked, they escaped even faster.

One of the young cultivators subconsciously looked back. He saw a white shadow closing in, and in a flash, the white shadow was in his vision.

The young man only saw the white shadow flash by before his vision blurred and fell into darkness.  When he could see again, he saw the world spinning and then saw his group flying away. He saw that the last person in the group had no head...

He was very familiar with the body without a head. In an instant, his eyes were filled with disbelief and his vision collapsed. The spinning world turned dark.

The moment it all went dark, he saw one last thing: a young man wearing a white robe and with white hair withdrawing his blade-like hand before charging forward.

Those dozens of cultivator hadn’t noticed at all that someone from their group was already dead. Wang Lin walked forward and waved his right hand. A thunderous rumble echoed as four Outer Realm cultivators screamed miserably and their heads flew off. Their blood splattered on the bodies and faces of the remaining Outer Realm cultivators.

It wasn’t until now that the remaining Outer Realm cultivators noticed and looked back in terror.

Wang Lin turned into a ray of white light and moved past those cultivators. In less than three seconds, he walked away from this group of cultivators that had already collapsed into piles of flesh and blood.

Not a drop of blood had landed on his white robe, and his expression didn’t change as he moved forward. What followed him were several dozen heads that still contained the horror they felt before they died.

“These heads are far from enough!” Wang Lin remained calm and rushed forward. Shortly after, the thousands of cultivators arrived. They saw the bloody remains of the corpses floating there and sensed the lingering killing intent.

Wang Lin didn’t stop moving. No Outer Realm cultivator he found in the Brilliant Void could escape death.

A lot of people only realized they were dead after their heads had been cut off and landed in Wang Lin’s hand. Out of everyone in this world, although Wang Lin couldn’t be considered the person that had killed the most, he had killed quite a bit.

Not even he could clearly remember how many he had killed. To live in such a troubled world, in a cruel cultivation world that followed the law of the jungle, if he didn’t want to be killed, he had to kill!

Deep inside the Brilliant Void, two Outer Realm cultivator were anxiously escaping. They looked very similar; they were twin cultivators, something rarely seen in the cultivation world.

These two had a bit of fame in the Ancient Star System. The two always attacked at the same time and knew each other very well. Although they were only at the second Heaven’s Blight, even third Heaven’s Blight cultivators would have to retreat in a sorry state after facing against them.

These two brothers were very cruel, and after entering the Inner Realm, they killed a lot of Inner Realm cultivators. These two brothers had a hobby: they liked to abuse and kill people with lower cultivation level than them.

However, at this moment, these two brothers were escaping like homeless dogs. They felt a terrifying aura locked onto them from the distance. No matter how they tired to hide, they weren’t able to escape from this pressure.

The pressure gradually became a blade of death that hung above their heads and could fall at any moment to take their life.

Under this pressure, the two almost went crazy. Their eyes were bloodshot as they escaped like crazy.

However, just as they started to use their full force to escape, a white figure that represented death appeared behind them. This figure slowly walked toward them.

His pace wasn’t fast, but in truth, he was faster than lightning. With one step, he arrived next to one person. This figure was Wang Lin, and his eyes were filled with killing intent. He raised his right hand and swept toward one person who was filled with despair.

“Big Brother!!” The other person let out a miserable roar. He actually gave up escaping and charged at Wang Lin. These two brothers had lost their parents back when they were still children and theb were raised by wolves. They were always thinking the same thing and almost never left each other’s side.

Later, they were taken in by a family of wolf cultivators and were granted their marks. In the past, only they could cruelly abuse and kill others, but today they became Wang Lin’s pray.

Just as the roar echoed, a head flew off and blood sprayed everything. After the blood sprayed out, a head flew into the air.

“Your brotherly love is respectable, but since you killed my Inner Realm cultivators, you must die!” Wang Lin walked forward and two more fierce heads were added to the hundreds of heads behind him.

Wang Lin swept across the Brilliant Void. When he finished, none of the remaining Outer Realm cultivators were left alive! The places he went were bloody, the places he passed meant slaughter.

The hundreds of heads behind him had their origin souls sealed. It was as if they had sunk into hell and were unable to break free. They could only follow Wang Lin forward.

After walking out from the Brilliant Void and entering the edge of the Summoned River, Wang Lin slowly said, “Too quiet…” 

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