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Chapter 1650 - Kill Third Step!

Through the dense death aura, you could see a bald man sitting in the depths of the rift. The man wore a purple robe, and sometimes you could see the faces of miserable souls stick out of his bald head, letting out a silent screams.

As he waved his hand, the 300 bubbles rushed toward him.

The bald man suddenly opened his eyes, revealing a strange light. He stared at the 300 Inner Realm cultivators with cruelty in his gaze.

“Only in the Inner Realm is there a chance for my Underworld Clan to rise! The more people die, the stronger the death aura, and there are also these living spirits… If it was in the Ancient Star System, killing this many people would result in punishment by the Sovereign Council.” The man revealed a satisfied smile as he waved his sleeve and the 300 bubbles exploded one by one.

The collapse of the bubbles caused the 300 female Summoned River cultivators to be exposed to the death aura. Their expressions became twisted from pain, and after the bubbles popped, their bodies began to slowly wither.

Strands of life force came out of the orifices and gathered around their bodies to form shadows. These shadows were like origin souls; they were exactly the same as their bodies.

Zhou Zi Hong’s expression became twisted and her body trembled. Her vitality quickly escaped her body and formed shadow shaped like her body. Zhou Zi Hong’s vitality shadow and the other vitality shadows all flew toward the bald man.

“Underworld Devour Bliss!” The bald man let out a roar and waved his hand. The 300 origin souls shadow moved even faster and closed in on him.

Just as he opened his mouth and was about to cruelly devour them, a cold snort echoed across the world.

This cold snort was like a thunderous rumble and formed a sound wave. The bald man trembled and his extended arms collapsed into flesh and blood. He coughed out blood and quickly retreated with a terrified expression.

Those 300 origin soul shadows slowly opened their eyes. They looked around in confusion.

“Who is it? Which third step cultivator came to the Underworld Clan? This old man is the patriarch of the Underworld Clan; I don’t know what I have done to offend Senior. Please…” The bald man was pale and terrified. His heart was pounding and he was scared out of his wits.

The other party had only let out a snort, but that was enough to cause his arms, which were using a spell, to shatter. His mind had also taken a serious blow. The energy and blood inside his body was a mess and his origin soul almost collapsed.

He was at the fifth Heaven’s Blight, so he immediately recognized that the other party as a third step cultivator he couldn’t offend. However, he didn’t understand what he had done to offend this third step cultivator and provoke his punishment.

He didn’t even guess that this third step cultivator was not from the Ancient Star System but from the Inner Realm. He knew that all the Inner Realm cultivators had gathered in Allheaven for their final struggle and that it was impossible for them to come here.

While panicking, before he could even finish speaking, his vision was covered in white light. He looked up at the rift and saw a white-haired young man in white walk through the death aura.

The young man’s expression was gloomy and there were thousands of heads behind him that were letting out miserable screams. The screams caused the bald man’s mind to tremble and his pupils to shrink. He looked at the man in white and felt that this man was very familiar.

“You… You are…” The bald man’s mind rumbled, and after he froze for a moment, the familiar aura from the young man made him remember a name. The moment he remembered the name, the bald man let out an uncontrollable scream. He frantically retreated while screaming.

“Underworld Clan members, quickly escape from this planet, quick, quick…”

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes and his right hand reached out at the void. A large, illusionary hand appeared and rushed toward the bald man.

As the bald man was speaking, the hand grabbed him and squeezed. The bald man let out a tragic scream and his body collapsed.  

However, his head remained intact with his soul and origin soul sealed inside. As Wang Lin withdrew his hand, the head joined the thousands of heads behind him.

At the same time, all over the planet, the auras of the Underworld Clan members flew out. Each aura contained a member of the Underworld Clan. They were confused, but they didn’t hesitate to attempt to escape the planet.

Although they didn’t know what had happened, the patriarch’s order was the heavens. They would follow that order to the death!

Wang Lin turned around, and his gaze was cold. He waved his right hand and thunder flashed in his right eye. A giant bolt of thunder appeared and split in countless directions with Wang Lin as the center.

At this moment, lightning scattered across the dark planet and thunderous rumbles echoed. Each bolt of thunder was like a death sentence that had locked onto each member of the Underworld Clan. Their bodies exploded and the thunder brought their heads back.

The screams of death echoed across the planet. Wang Lin ignored all of this and looked at the confused 300 origin souls. He gently waved his hand and the origins souls returned to their bodies.

Wang Lin stepped out with one step. The moment he stepped out, the bolts of thunder returned with heads. There were now almost ten thousand heads behind Wang Lin, and the thunder returned to Wang Lin’s right eye. 

In just a few short breaths, all the Underworld Clan members died; no one was left alive!

Floating in the air, Wang Lin raised his right hand and pressed down on the earth. The endless death aura around the planet surged like the sea and flew toward him.

In the end, the endless death aura condensed in Wang Lin’s right hand, which represented death. It formed a ball of gas and rotated rapidly.

As the death aura was taken away by Wang Lin, life returned to the planet. The many bubbles all broke, allowing the Summoned River cultivators inside to regain their freedom.

Wang Lin withdrew this gaze from the planet and then stepped into the sky with the ball of death aura in his hand. He mercilessly crushed the ball, and monstrous amounts of death aura charged into the sky.

“Since you came, then don’t leave!” Wang Lin’s voice was cold as he looked at the edge of the horizon, where the death aura was flying toward. The space distorted and a middle-aged man walked out.

This middle-aged man wore a daoist robe and his expression was extremely serious. His hands formed a seal and a tortoise shield appeared around him. The vortex of death aura landed on the tortoise sell.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and cracks appeared on the trembling tortoise shield. However, it didn’t break but was pushed back along with the middle-aged man.

“Lord of the Sealed Realm Wang Lin, you’re not dead!” The middle-aged man’s eyes were shocked as he retreated. He had locked onto Wang Lin’s divine sense but couldn’t see Wang Lin. When he saw Wang Lin destroy thousands of Outer Realm cultivators, he immediately wanted to withdraw. However, he was forced out of hiding by Wang Lin before he could retreat.

Wang Lin didn’t say a word and killing intent filled his eyes. He instantly closed in on the middle-aged man and mercilessly hit the shield.

There was a thunderous bang and even more cracks appeared on the shield. The middle-aged man turned pale and blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth. He retreated in terror.

“You deliberately lured me here, you hid your cultivation!!” The power of the hand allowed the middle-aged man to clearly feel the terrifying aura coming from Wang Lin’s body. His heart pounded wildly and all thoughts of killing disappeared from his mind. He wanted to escape immediately.

However, since he had been lured here, Wang Lin wouldn’t give him the chance to escape. Wang Lin let out a cold snort and raised his hand. His hand smashed down once more, and this hand contained karma. It landed on the shield and the shield directly collapsed. An aura was extracted from the shield and the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man’s face was pale. After the shield collapsed, he retreated once more. His eyes became grim. This was a life and death calamity for him, and he feared he would not be able to escape. At this moment, he clenched his teeth and gave up on escaping. His hands formed a seal and pointed to the spot between his eyebrows, causing a rift to appear. This was the Joss Flame world that was fused with his body!

Just as he opened his Joss Flame world, Wang Lin pointed forward with his right hand.


With one word, the middle-aged man’s body stopped. Just at this moment, Wang Lin closed in and his palm hit the middle-aged man’s body. A rumble echoed inside the middle-aged man’s body and then Wang Lin’s hand moved to his forehead.

With a bang, the middle-aged man trembled and bled out of his orifices. His eyes were filled with struggle and fear as he tried to break free from the Stop spell.

However, before Wang Lin, he didn’t have the chance. There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes. He collapsed the man’s mind and sealed with with two palms. Then his right hand swept past the middle-aged man’s neck.

Blood sprayed everywhere as the middle-aged man’s head separated from his body. His body collapsed into a pile of flesh and blood, and Wang Lin grabbed his head.

“No one below the Arcane Void stage is a match for me!” Wang Lin turned around and went off into the stars holding the head that was dripping blood.

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