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Chapter 1637 - Void Stop Spell

A thunderous rumble echoed as Wang Lin turned into a bolt of thunder and charged at the figure that had smashed into the ground. As Wang Lin closed in. a muffled and angry roar came from the hole.

What appeared with the roar were rays of golden light. This golden light was dim and contained a hint of purple, as if it wasn’t pure. The moment the light appeared, a powerful force followed.

It was as if a storm had collapsed inside the hole, and the force erupted inside it. Just as Wang Lin closed in, the dark golden light erupted and caused his hair and clothes to flutter. It was as if the golden light was trying to blow Wang Lin out of existence.

“You dare to attack me? You have offend the might of the celestials, so you must die!!” The roar was filled with endless anger as a ray of golden light flew out. The thin figure was blurry, and one could only see the glaring, dark golden light around him.

Wang Lin let out a cold snort. He had broken the Void Gate to reach the mid stage of Spirit Void. Even celestials, ordinary ones, were not his match.

The moment the thin figure charged out, Wang Lin stepped forward and casually reached ahead. The world changed colors and countless laws were grasped by Wang Lin and became distorted. It was as if his hand held the laws of the world and all of them had to obey him.

The thin figure wanted to struggle, but no matter how badly he wanted to, it was useless. In the end, he let out a scream of terror, and Wang Lin grabbed the thin figure by the neck.

Wang Lin mercilessly squeezed. A thunderous rumble came from the thin figure, making it seem like he was going to collapse. However, in the end, only blood mist erupted, but the body didn’t collapse.

Wang Lin was surprised. In his eyes, the thin figure was an old man who looked like nothing special. If there was anything special, it was that his body contained a mass of celestial blood. He looked very weak, but the strength of his body surprised Wang Lin.

“You, a lower realm cultivator, dare to attack a celestial? Why haven’t you let this celestial go yet?! Don’t think you are powerful; if not for the fact that I was injured in the past, I could kill you with a pinch…” the old man quickly roared. The haughtiness on his face revealed that he had often yelled at the so-called lower realm cultivators.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm, but after hearing the old man’s words, there was a flash of coldness in his eyes. Wang Lin threw the old man into the air. Then he formed a seal and his palm pressed toward the old man.

The world rumbled and the sky changed colors when this palm pressed toward the old man. A giant palmprint appeared and began to absorb the power of the world. It descended from the sky with a thunderous rumble.

It looked like as if it was going to destroy the sky and break a hole in the sky. The expression of the old man changed and his eyes were filled with disbelief. He let out a miserable scream as he tried to dodge, but the giant palmprint instantly swept through the old man’s body.

The old man coughed out blood and popping sounds came from his body. His left hand trembled and collapsed into a pile of flesh and blood. The old man was terrified. He was still a little confused. In his memory, he was seriously injured during that war. In the end, he chose to enter an eight and half star ancient god and used its power to heal and survive until now. Over the countless years, his injuries were becoming for the better, only to realize that the ancient god he was using to heal had been destroyed. He awaken in anger and immediately recognized that Wang Lin wasn’t a celestial but an ant born in cave realm.

As one of the Celestial Sovereign’s Immortal Guards, he could dispose of these lower realm ants as he wished to vent his anger. It was due to this deep-rooted bias that he wanted to vent his anger and kill Wang Lin like before. However, before he could attack, Wang Lin used a shockingly powerful spell to grab him and pull him to the ground.

This throw caused the old man to be filled with pain, but he didn’t awaken, he just became even more angry.  It wasn’t until Wang Lin squeezed his neck and crushed his left arm that he become afraid. Only now did he awaken and realized that this person was different from the lower realm ants that always knelt before the celestials!

“Heaven-defying cultivator, you’re a lower realm heaven-defying cultivator!!” The old man’s voice was filled with disbelief. His body trembled and he rapidly retreated.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm and waved his sleeve as he walked forward. He arrived directly before the old man, then his palm slammed down.

There was a thunderous bang and the old man let out a miserable scream before coughing out blood. He was seriously injured again. His body stumbled backwards and his eyes were filled with monstrous fear.

“Impossible. Back then, Master set up the divine retribution to prevent the appearance of heaven-defying cultivators. With the divine retribution, third step heaven-defying cultivators can’t appear. This is impossible!!

“Forget Master, even in all of the Immortal Astral Continent, there have never been any ants of the lower realm who reached the third step as a heaven-defying cultivator. This…”

The old man wiped away the blood and suddenly turned around with a miserable smile, there was madness in his eyes. He was a celestial, so of course had method to save himself in a desperate situation. He was someone who had experienced that great war back then. Anyone who survived that battle was not weak!

His hands formed a seal and he bit the tip of his tongue to spit out golden blood. However, just as he spat out the blood, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. Wang Lin calmly raised his right hand and pointed at the old man.


The old man trembled and the blood froze in the air before him. His body lost all movement; even the flow of time had stopped inside his body.

However, this old man was a celestial. The moment he was frozen, there was a monstrous shock from his mind that shook his soul.

“Void Stop Spell!!! This is the Celestial Sovereign’s great spell, Void Stop Spell!! How does he know this spell, how did he learn it, who passed it to him?” 

His thoughts stopped when he was hit by the Stop spell. Wang Lin calmly arrived before the old man and looked at his horrified expression. He raised his hand and placed it on the old man’s forehead.

“Let me see what happened back then!”

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