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Chapter 1636 - The Recovering Remnant Celestials

Wang Lin continued to search inside the ninth sun. In the end, although he had found a lot of people he was familiar with, he was unable to find Qing Shui, Situ Nan, and the most important woman to him.

When his divine sense returned from the ninth sun, he opened his eyes. The flash of confusion in his eyes made it look like he was stunned.

“Why don’t Situ Nan and Qing Shui’s fates exist here… Do they not belong to this cave…” The confusion in Wang Lin’s eyes became even stronger.

He remembered back in the Seven-Colored Realm in the Brilliant Void, where he saw Qing Shui and the Seven-Colored Daoist. He saw all of Qing Shui’s life and how vivid the strange gaze from the Seven-Colored Daoist was.

“That gaze could vaguely explain why Qing Shui’s fate is not in the ninth sun… As for Situ… I know a lot about Situ… His talent is amazing, and every time I see him, his cultivation level has increased greatly… Could this be the reason why his fate isn’t in the ninth sun?” Wang Lin silently pondered as he looked at the earth below. He vaguely grasped something, but those thoughts were covered by a layer of fog that he couldn’t see through.

“Also, there is the All-Seer. He has always been elusive, and I still can’t figure out what he is thinking. Perhaps only he knows what he is thinking… Even with my mid stage Spirit Void cultivation, I still dread him… He has far too many secrets, and that makes him terrifying!” Wang Lin looked at the ninth sun before him, and there was a flash of coldness in his eyes.

“Wan Er’s fate is different from that of Situ and others. There are traces of it here, indicating it should exist, but I can’t find it. Who is it that took Wan Er’s fate?!”

The coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes became even stronger, until it was monstrous. In the end, he looked up at the sky and the coldness in his eyes turned into killing intent.

“Wan Er is only an ordinary woman, so her fate shouldn’t have been noticed, but now it is taken. No matter who took it, I, Wang Lin, swear here in the Ancient Celestial Realm that I will retrieve it. If someone dares to change her fate, even if it’s the Immortal Astral Continent, I will get my revenge and wash the Immortal Astral Continent in blood like the Teng family!!!”

Wang Lin’s bottom line was Wan Er. Finding out that Wan Er’s fate was taken felt like his heart had been dug out from his chest. Under this pain, Wang Lin would go crazy!

The more one person understood, the more painful they would be. At this moment, Wang Lin was like this. Perhaps if he had a choice, he would choose not to know everything. To become a mortal and live out his life.

However, since he knew, he didn’t have a path of retreat. Wan Er’s fate had been taken, so he had to recover it. Allowing her to escape fate like him was the first step to awakening her!

Wang Lin understood it after he saw the fates inside the ninth sun. What he was going to do was revive Li Muwan and allow her to awaken.

The monstrous killing intent inside his eyes faded and he gradually hid it. His expression was gloomy and he didn’t even look at the ninth sun as he stepped toward the earth.

The statues of the three ancient clans filled the ground. Desolate wind would blow by and kick up the countless grains of dust on the earth. The sand and dust would cover the world.

At a glance, there was no life on this earth, only deep gullies and pits between the statues on the ground.

These gullies were left behind by a great war a long time ago, and these pits were the same. They were like scars that were left on this earth.

The roar of the wind could only take away the dust on the surface of the scars but not take away the aura left by those various spells.

Wang Lin laned on top of an ancient god statue. His white hair fluttered in the wind and his clothes flapped loudly. Wang Lin’s eyes gradually calmed down, and after a long time, he looked at the statue below him.

This ancient god had already died, but a strange power still existed inside. It was this power that allowed the statue to awaken at any moment and become a puppet that had lost its sentience, become the messenger of the heavens.

“The three ancient clans have become guards for this cave. Pathetic, pitiful, hateful!” Wang Lin shook his head and his right foot stomped the statue. The moment he jumped into the air, a thunderous rumble came from the statue. Countless cracks spread from where Wang Lin stomped, and cracks immediately covered the statue.

A thunderous rumble echoed as the statue collapsed into countless pieces that scattered all over the ground.

“Dust to dust, earth to earth. Since you are long dead, don’t try to hold on. Dying on the battleground is the best destination for people like us!” Wang Lin waved his sleeves and stepped forward. Everywhere he passed, whether the statue was ancient god, ancient devil, or ancient demon, they all collapsed.

“If I don’t destroy you all today, you will wake up in the future and disturb the world as puppets….” Wang Lin let out a sigh and waved his right hand. An ancient devil statue collapsed and the fragments scattered.

As the statues of the three ancient clans collapsed, the auras of the ancient gods, ancient devils, and ancient demons appeared like smoke. They formed vague shadows across this earth.

These shadows were their appearances when they were still alive; they even showed their injuries. There was a moment of confusion in their eyes, but soon they understood everything. They revealed bitter smiles before bowing to Wang Lin and turning into smoke. The smoke rushed toward Wang Lin and fused with him.

As Wang Lin walked forward, all the statues collapsed. The endless rumbles and the countless shadows clasping their hands at him were shocking. Yet, at the same time, there was a deep sense of sadness.

Wang Lin didn’t speak anymore and silently walked forward. The thunderous rumbles continued, the countless shadows bowed to him, and the endless aura of the three ancient clans entered the stars between eyehis brows, his left eye, and his right eye.

The earth was vast. As the rumbles from the statues collapsing echoed, the wind continued to howl. It seemed to be filled with sorrow, and the howling was like a murmur that kept talking about the past.

After an unknown amount of time, a giant statue more than ten thousand feet tall appeared before him. This statue had nine stars between its eyebrows. Although the ninth star was still blurry, it had taken shape. This was an ancient god statue that was infinitely close to obtaining the ninth star.

It stood there with its right hand forming a fist, and it was swung half way through the air. Its expression contained pain and reluctance as a force turned it into a statue.

He wore a simple armor, but even that armor had become part of the statue.

This was the highest level ancient god Wang Lin had seen. As Wang Lin stood before the ancient god statue, he could vaguely feel the shocking might of this ancient god. Its half-thrown punch seemed to be able to break open the world and kill countless cultivators.

Its opened eyes revealed its reluctance. As long as you looked at its eyes, it was as if you could hear its angry roar from countless years ago.

Standing before the statue, Wang Lin pondered for a moment. He clasped his hands and then waved them at the statue. Countless cracks silently appeared and quickly covered the entire statue. A thunderous rumble echoed as the statue began to collapse.

However, just as it collapsed, a vortex appeared and rapidly rotated at the center of the nine stars between the statue’s eyebrows.

As it rotated, the area between the eyebrows seemed to melt, and a sharp roar came from inside the vortex. Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed. The moment the vortex appeared, he noticed something. He looked over with a cold gaze.

A dried-up hand covered in mucus struggled to stretch out from the vortex. As the hand stretched out, a sinister aura spread out from inside the vortex. 

This aura came completely from this dried-up right hand. This hand seemed to represent death and contained endless might. Bursts of golden light came from this hand.

The sharp roar became even more intense, and the dried-up hand grabbed the edge of the vortex as if it was trying to climb out. The roar became even more clear and earth-shattering.

“You disturbed the slumber of a celestial, you destroyed the embryo used for my healing, you have committed a capital offense… No matter where you came from, you are going to die, die, die… Not only are you going to die, but all your family members will die! You have destroy my embryo for healing, so you will become my embryo… You…”

“Noisy!” Before that voice could finish speaking. Wang Lin let out a cold snort and interrupted. Wang Lin stepped forward and his right hand move like lightning to grab the dried-up hand. There was a flash of coldness as Wang Lin pulled the person out.

“You’re struggling so painfully, let me help you come out! Get the hell out here!” Wang Lin let out a roar and pulled hard. The statue collapsed completely and a thin, naked figure was pulled out. He mercilessly threw the person toward the ground.

The earth trembled and a shock wave spread out. A giant hole appeared in the ground. Wang Lin charged into the hole!

“As long as there someone alive, it is fine. I don’t care if you’re a celestial or a cultivator. I’ll take your memory.”

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