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Chapter 1638 - The Seal Appears

When Wang Lin’s right hand landed, his powerful divine sense rushed into the old man’s head like a flood. His divine sense silently howled as it rushed into the old man’s divine sense and body.

Popping sounds came from the old man’s body and his expression became distorted as if he was suffering unimaginable pain. He began bleeding from his orifices and his body trembled violently.

After a moment of intense pain, the Stop spell on the old man dissipated slightly. The old man let out a miserable scream.

He wanted to break free from Wang Lin, but no matter how much he struggled, Wang Lin’s right hand was as stable as a mountain and clutched the old man’s head. He had no chance to escape at all.

The miserable roar caused the old man’s body to become covered in sweat. Despair appeared in his eyes and his face was deathly pale.

“You have committed the crime of killing a celestial, you will die!! I’m Lord Sovereign’s Soldier Celestial, I have the blood of a celestial. You kill me today, he will deliver retribution on you!!”

“That’s a load of crap!” Wang Lin’s expression was calm and his right hand tightened, his divine sense rushing into the old man’s mind. Wang Lin wanted to take his memories.

Deep within the Ancient Celestial Realm, at the center of all these statues, there were four huge statues of the three ancient clans.

The surroundings were completely silent, as if it was always like this since ancient times. At this moment, a hoarse voice echoed from one of the statues.

“Vermillion Bird, your descendant’s cultivation is not weak, but it’s a bit arrogant to want to search the memory of a Soldier Celestial. Although they aren’t as powerful as us, they still have the celestial bloodline. How could a mere ant search their memory?” A voice filled with mockery echoed.

“He has entered the third step and broken the divine retribution to get here. He even shattered the ninth sun and taken his own fate back. This feat is incredible, and he did it. White Tiger, you mock him, but if you were the lower realm cultivator, could you do this…” A cold and ancient voice came from another statue.

“If it was me, it doesn’t mean I couldn’t do it! Us celestials have seals on our memory placed by the Celestial Sovereign. It is a great fortune that the core of my Seven Dao Sect can enjoy. I’m not surprised that this little ant can seriously injure a recovering Soldier Celestial, but I’m confident he will find his own death if he tries to break open the Celestial Sovereign’s seal!”

“Enough, why are you guys quarreling? Vermillion Bird, your descend is indeed a bit too arrogant. What if he dies to the Celestial Sovereign’s seal? Will that have an impact on your plan?” Another voice came from the third statue.

After pondering for a bit, the Vermillion Bird’s voice echoed. “He was originally not part of my plan. I’m a bit surprised he is the first one to come here…” 

“This child is not ordinary; he is the first heaven-defying cultivator to reach the third step. Unfortunately, he is a lower realm cultivator. If he was from the Immortal Astral Continent, he would be famous! However, he should not try to soul search that Soldier Celestial. The seal from the Celestial Sovereign is something not even we can break if we join forces. I fear he would die in less than 15 minutes… Unfortunate, it is a pity…” A fourth voice filled with regret came from the last statue.

Their voices gradually dissipated and silence returned. Even the Vermillion Bird let out a sigh in his heart. He knew Wang Lin, but he didn’t think Wang Lin could  break the Celestial Sovereign’s seal.

The old man’s divine sense had already formed its own realm, and there was a thick layer of fog around it that prevented Wang Lin’s divine sense from entering.

This wasn’t the first time Wang Lin had encountered this situation. When he had searched the woman in silver’s memory, he encountered the same thing. The seven-colored figure had appeared in her sealed memory.

Today, Wang Lin found this thick fog once more in this old man’s divine sense. He paused for a moment, and his divine sense began to gather outside the fog. Soon, Wang Lin’s figure appeared outside the fog.

This was a bizarre scene. Outside in the Ancient Celestial Realm, Wang Lin had his eyes closed and his right hand was pressed down on the trembling old man’s forehead.

However, inside Wang Lin’s divine sense, his origin soul was inside the old man’s mind. He looked just like how he did on the outside. Wang Lin’s origin soul wore a white robe and had white hair.

He stood there, looking at the churning fog before him. This fog contained an powerful pressure that was like a seal. This seal could stop all soul searching spells.

“The woman in silver has a seal like this, and this old man has this seal as well. Interesting, it seems every celestial under the Celestial Sovereign has this seal.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and gradually shined brightly. Back then, his cultivation was lacking and had to give up outside the fog. Aside from his cultivation level, there was another reason. It didn’t matter if he was successful in breaking the fog or not, but it would cause the woman in silver a great deal of harm.

However, Wang Lin wouldn’t feel even a hint of guilt toward the old man. There was no hatred between them, and the old man’s sins didn’t warrant death. If Wang Lin hadn’t found out that the Inner and Outer Realms were just a cave, Wang Lin wouldn’t kill him!

However, now Wang Lin had understood everything. There was a difficult-to-explain hatred that Wang Lin felt toward the Celestial Sovereign and all the celestials under him!

In particular, the disappearance of Li Muwan’s fate caused this hatred to reach a peak.

With a cold snort, Wang Lin stepped toward the fog inside the old man’s mind. His figure moved like a meteor and closed in on the fog. He waved his right hand and a storm shot toward the fog.

The storm pushed the fog apart and, in the blink of an eye, an opening appeared before Wang Lin. The moment the opening appeared, Wang Lin stepped forward and disappeared inside the fog.

Inside the fog, Wang Lin quickly moved forward, and the fog before him moved apart on its own, forming a passage. Wang Lin gradually entered the depths of the fog.

Just as he entered the depths of the fog, seven-colored light appeared in the fog before him. The seven-colored light was extremely glaring in the dark fog, and Wang Lin couldn’t help but squint.

As Wang Lin looked over, he saw a middle-aged man kneeing in the depths of the fog that was being penetrated by the seven-colored light.

The middle-aged man had his eyes closed and his body was surrounded by seven-colored light. He gave off a monstrous pressure that would make all living beings tremble before him and prevent them from taking half a step.

This seven-colored man was not the seven-colored person he met in the Seven-Colored Realm in the Brilliant Void but the real body of the seven-colored statue in his storage space!

This was the second time Wang Lin had seen this person. He pondered a bit and there was a flash of coldness in his eyes as he stepped forward without hesitation. His right hand formed a seal and the inside of the old man’s mind rumbled. A huge palmprint appeared before Wang Lin and penetrated the fog, flying toward the middle-aged man.

This man was a seal, a seal that prevented anyone from searching the memory of the celestials under him!

The large palmprint instantly closed in on the kneeling middle-aged man and penetrated him. However, the moment the palmprint penetrated the middle-aged man, it silently collapsed. This scene was extremely bizarre. If you looked closely, you would see that the palmprint didn’t even hit the middle-aged man but collapsed three inches away from him.

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed. The moment the palmprint collapsed, he pointed forward. A blast of air shot out from Wang Lin’s finger toward the middle-aged man. This time, Wang Lin looked carefully and he saw the blast silently disappear three inches before the middle-aged man.

Wang Lin stared at the middle-aged man and stepped forward. He personally arrived before the middle-aged man and his two fingers formed a sword. His ancient god stars rotated and large amounts of ancient god power entered his two fingers. Right now, his two fingers contained enough power to shatter the earth or even destroy a cultivation planet.

His two fingers gave off a thunderous rumble as they closed in on the middle-aged man. In a flash, his fingers was three inches away.

When Wang Lin entered the three-inch barrier, his eyes shined and he saw his fingers rapidly collapse. There was no pain, but he could clearly see his fingers disintegrate.

In just an instant, a small portion of his two fingers had disintegrated. That three-inch area was like a boundary, and anything that passed it would be disintegrated.

If he had tried to reach in by force, his right hand would have disappeared without a trace before even touching the middle-aged man. Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and he pulled back his right hand.

He retreated a few steps and calmly looked at the middle-aged man. Then he looked at his two fingers that didn’t have any wounds but were missing a portion.

“What a strange power…” Wang Lin murmured as his ancient god power filled his body and entered his fingers. The flesh around his fingers slowly moved and re-grew a section.

After pondering a bit, Wang Lin hesitated. With the seal from the middle-aged man there, obtaining the memories of the old man would be difficult but not impossible.

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