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Chapter 1541 - A Bit Shameless

Wang Lin’s eyes became serious as he stared at the giant palm in the sky. It seemed to appear out of thin air, and ripples spread out from it.

Every single line on the palm was extremely clear. It looks like a real palm and not a fake one!

This print was very similar to the War Spirit Print Wang Lin knew, but there were some subtle differences. The War Spirit Print he knew was a giant palm with no clear palmprint. After appearing, it would absorb a large amount of origin energy, making it extremely large. It contained shocking power but was not easy to control.

As the War Spirit Print grew larger and absorbed more power, he would eventually lose control.

Wang Lin knew that this was because he hadn’t obtained the inheritance and had only learned it from watching. The real War Spirit Print used by Daoist Water didn’t have that flaw.

However, even the War Spirit Print used by Daoist Water didn’t have a palmprint as clear as the one used by this madman. There were also no strange ripples along its edges.

These ripples looked like the most powerful technique from the Black Tortoise!

The power of vibration!

As Wang Lin observed, his expression became very serious. He watched the War Spirit Print directly fall on the ground, and the earth trembled. A shockwave caused the area to be surrounded in dust.

Wang Lin was also inside the palm and felt the palm land on him. He was pondering the changes in the inner workings of this palm.

“What a powerful War Spirit Print. The vibration shakes the heavens and earth as if it were enslaving the world. To enslave the origin energy of the world to form a palm… Or to enslave the origin energy of the world to form a spirit. This spirit is then surrounded by celestial spiritual energy before it forms this print… There are still some details that aren’t clear… I would need the inheritance to find the secret!” Wang Lin licked his lips and his eyes lit up. 

After the dust settled, the madman laughed with a smug smile.

“How is it, how is it? Is this king’s spell powerful?” The madman seemed to be showing off before the black ape but was, in fact, looking at Wang Lin with a proud smile.

Wang Lin smiled.

He looked at the madman, and his smile became even brighter. After the madman saw Wang Lin’s smile, he became confused. He lowered his head and looked at his body before scratching his head. He didn’t know why Wang Lin was smiling.

Wang Lin calmly said, “This spell is OK, but I know this spell as well, and mine is more powerful than yours.”

The madman revealed disdain as he pointed at Wang Lin and bared his teeth. “This king’s spell is the most powerful. Except for my big brother, no one is better than me! Hehe, do you want to secretly learn from me? Let this king tell you, my big brother said I can’t teach anyone my spells. Even if you beat me to death, I won’t teach you!

“Back then, who, who, who wanted to steal from me, but I saw through him. Hmph, this king is very clever, you don’t even want to cheat me.”

Without a word, Wang Lin raised his right hand up at the sky and pressed down. The sky rumbled and a vague palmprint appeared. As soon as it appeared, it began to frantically absorb origin energy. The palmprint gradually became clearer and smashed down toward the ground.

As the palmprint descended, a powerful pressure descended and wind began to howl. The earth trembled and a giant rift opened on the surface of the planet.

The madman’s messy hair and eyes were filled with dullness as he stared at the palmprint. At the moment it was going to land, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He took a deep breath and pointed forward. “Gather, gather, gather!”

After saying “gather” three times, the palmprint shrank rapidly, and as it shrank, it showed signs of instability, as if it was going out of control. Finally, it landed on the planet. The whole planet shook, causing the madman to jump into the air.

A giant palmprint was clearly imprinted in the earth in the distance. It was tens of thousands of feet wide and looked like a giant sinkhole!

“If you can create a sinkhole this big with this spell, then I’ll admit your spell is good,” Wang Lin said slowly, purposely revealing a hint of contempt.

It was this hint of contempt that made the madman’s eyes turn red. He continued to wave his arms and hit his chest like a drum as he roared. He had just learned this from the black ape and felt that doing so was very domineering.

“This king is the strongest, just you wait.” The madman was filled with anger. He stepped forward and pointed up at the sky with his right hand. He roared and a giant palmprint appeared, and with a wave of his hand, the palmprint fell. The palmprint landed on the ground, kicking up a large amount of dust and leaving a shallow imprint.

The madman was startled for a moment. After looking at the shallow imprint and then at the sinkhole Wang Lin had made, madness appeared in his eyes. He let out an even more intense roar and began to bombard the ground.

Wang Lin was completely focused on the side, his eyes flashing like crazy; he began deducing the spell. At this moment, he had forgotten about everything beside the madman using the War Spirit Print over and over again!

There would never be another opportunity like this for someone to use the same spell before him over and over again; it was very unlikely even between teacher and student.

After half an hour, the madman had used dozens of consecutive War Spirit Prints, causing the mark on the ground to be a bit deeper. However, it was far from being a deep as the sinkhole Wang Lin had created.

The madman was running out of breath and felt very tired from using the spell. He thought about giving up when he secretly looked at Wang Lin and saw the scorn and ridicule on Wang Lin’s face.

This made him angry!

“Damn it, this king refuses to believe it!” He let out a roar as if he had forgotten how tired he was and bombarded the ground with War Spirit Prints!

One hour, two hours, three hours… Every time he was about to give up, he would see the contempt on Wang Lin’s face. He couldn’t stand this look from Wang Lin!

Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with blood. He was carefully observing while his right hand was waving before his body. He was using his shocking comprehension to figure out this spell.

After six hours, the madman had launched hundreds of War Spirit Prints. He was covered in sweat and his tongue was sticking out. It was as if he couldn’t gasp fast enough.

“Damn it, too tired. This old man won’t play! If I can’t win, I can’t win, so what? This king is going to sleep,” he muttered. Just as he was about to give up, he looked at Wang Lin. He was startled for a moment.

He saw a hint of shock on Wang Lin’s face!

It was this hint of shock that made the madman that was about to give up excited. He let out a roar and his hands hit his chest.

If Wang Lin still had that look of disdain, he would have chosen to ignore Wang Lin because he was too tired. However, the shock on Wang Lin’s face gave him confidence.

“Haha, this little girl finally stopped underestimating me. Hmph, hmph, this king has to put more strength into it to show you how strong this king is!” The madman became excited and began bombarding again.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he quickly began to comprehend the spell. As time passed, the palmprint became more and more clear until it was engraved in his mind. This palmprint became more and more profound.

Seven hours, eight hours…. Until nine hours later, the red-eyed madman let out a roar and let out a final War Spirit Print. The earth rumbled, and after nine hours, the imprint was finally almost as deep as the one Wang Lin had made.

After doing all of this, the madman started crawling on the ground with a tired expression, but he still looked at Wang Lin and shouted with a hoarse voice, “How is it? How is it? Isn’t this king’s spell the most powerful!?”

Wang Lin revealed a hint of shock and slowly said, “I’ll have to personally examine it.”

“Go check it, this king will wait!” the madman said with disdain, but he couldn’t conceal the joy in his eyes. Wang Lin’s shock made him feel content, as if all the exhaustion he felt was nothing.

Wang Lin got up and made his way to the pit the madman had made. He began to carefully observe. Although the madman was resting, he was constantly staring at Wang Lin’s expression. He wanted to see how shocked Wang Lin would get.

However, the madman felt like something was wrong. Wang Lin’s expression was originally filled with shock, but that shock gradually disappeared. A calmness replaced it, and the hint of contempt that he couldn’t bear reappeared!

After seeing the contempt on Wang Lin’s face, the madman became angry. He stared at Wang Lin and raored,

“I didn’t expect you to be so sinister. Your spell clearly can’t compare to mine, and you secretly cheated…” Wang Lin shook his head and the contempt on his face became even stronger. He turned around and sat down without even looking at the madman.

The madman was frozen for a moment. His face turned completely red and he rushed to Wang Lin. “I didn’t, this king didn’t!” he roared.

Wang Lin’s eyes widened and he coldly said, “The spell you’ve been using this whole time is not the same as the one from the start. Don’t try to deceive me!”

“You’re falsely accusing me, this king used the same spell. I can’t be wrong! You go take a closer look, take a closer look. This king didn’t lie to you…” The madman was getting anxious, and there was even hint of water in his eyes. He felt very wronged, very, very wronged. He had toiled for several hours to reach this point and then was unexpectedly called a liar.

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