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Chapter 1540 - Spell!

Time slowly passed. In the blink of an eye, three days went by. During these three days, Wang Lin continued to move the rejection force into the six ancient devil stars to help withstand the rejection force.

The six ancient devil stars gradually became golden and were hidden under the golden thunder, making them very difficult for outsiders to see them.

This slowly suppressed the intense rejection force in his body and caused the speed of its growth to slow down a bit.

However, this method would only delay the danger and not resolve the problem at the root. This rejection force was like a shadow that hovered over Wang Lin’s mind.

Wang Lin opened his eyes. His expression was very gloomy. He didn’t even look at the madman but looked at the sky.

“I remember that after I obtained the Li Guang bow, the Nether Beast appeared and spat out the golden storm. I sent out a message for the Nether Beast to devour me… so right now I should be inside world within the Nether Beast… If I wanted to leave, it would be very easy…” While he was pondering, the madman saw that Wang Lin had woken up. He suddenly began to point at Wang Lin and shout.

“Tell me who taught you the immortal celestial body. This king wants to see which bastard dared to do this!” The madman was filled with anger.

Wang Lin was startled for a moment and looked at the madman. As he looked, he carefully recalled everything he had seen. He was certain that this person was indeed a madman, and a madman with very poor memory.

This person had great origin. He called himself “king” and his words were shocking… Who the hell was he...

Seeing Wang Lin’s gaze, his expression became excited. He seemed to forget why he was so angry and revealed a mischievous smile. “Ah, little girl, smile for this king. This king will give you a reward, I will definitely give you a reward.”

Wang Lin frowned and his expression became indifferent. Ignoring this madman, he waved his hand and a bow appeared.

However, the string on it had broken, making the bow unusable. Looking at the bow with a complicated gaze, Wang Lin let out a sigh and began to ponder.

“What method can I use to deal with the issue of this rejection force…”

After seeing Wang Lin ignoring him, the madman let out a cold snort and muttered, “If you’re not going to smile, then don’t smile; this king won’t reward you. This king’s blood is very precious. I’m not going to give you a single drop, not a single drop!”

Although he was saying this, he rolled his eyes and revealed a proud smile. He smiled at Wang Lin and said, “Forget it, forget it, this king is generous. Since you’re shy, you can smile later. So, little girl, tell this king your name, this king will reward you!

“You won’t even say your name!? You’re going to anger me to death, you, you,  you… You should at least tell me your family name!

“You’re still not going to say it?! Good, this king likes stubborn little girls like you. The more you act like this, the more excited this king will be…”

The madman laughed and began to speak again. As he spoke, he began to walk around Wang Lin.

Wang Lin gradually grew irritated from listening. He looked up at the madman and said, “Noisy!”

The madman was startled and his eyes widened. He stared at Wang Lin and roared, “No one dares to speak to this king like this. You got a big…”

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes and he waved his right right. A gust of golden wind that even the planet shook appeared. The madman let out a miserable scream and was blown far away.

There was finally some peace and quiet...

Wang Lin lowered his arm and began to ponder once more.

However, Wang Lin had underestimated the determination of the madman. He didn’t think for long before a roar came from the distance and the madman quickly ran back. He was very fast and arrived before Wang Lin in a flash. He let out a roar and was about to speak.


Wang Lin waved his hand and the storm appeared again. The madman let out a miserable and was blown away again.

Once, twice, three times… Until seven or eight times. The madman would always quickly rush back and roar as if he wanted to finish that sentence...

However, he never had the opportunity and would be swept away every time he came back. That miserable scream was extremely clear on this abandoned planet.

It wasn’t until the 15th time that the coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes became even stronger. He faintly heard a hint of cheerfulness in the madman’s miserable scream… After the madman came back, Wang Lin didn’t wave his hand but waited for him to finish speaking.

“So exciting!!” The madman was filled with excitement. After he roared at Wang Lin, he immediately closed his eyes. He looked intoxicated, as if he was waiting for something.

After a moment, there was a hint of doubt on his face and he opened his eyes to look at Wang Lin. Wang Lin also looked at him, and the coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes became even stronger.

“Fly, fly, fly…” The madman blinked and jumped a few times before he stretched his arms out to fly. Seeing how Wang Lin wasn’t reacting, he became annoyed and looked at Wang Lin. After jumping a few more times, he angrily said, “This king is playing happily, you better continue right now!”

Wang Lin felt like he was going to collapse. He clenched his teeth but didn’t wave his sleeve. Instead, he stood up and directly kicked the madman in the buttocks. He used 70% of the physical power he could use without causing the rejection force to appear!

This force was enough to fight a mid stage Nirvana Void cultivator.

A  powerful wind swept by and Wang Lin’s kick landed on the madman. The madman let out a excited, miserable scream as his body was kicked into the air. He stretched open his arms and his body flew off into the distance, drawing an arc.

A moment later, the madman ran back for the 17th time. His excitement had reached a limit. He didn’t speak but roared at Wang Lin and then immediately turned around. He lifted his buttocks, closed his eyes, and opened his arms.

Wang Lin clenched his fist, and after taking a deep breath, he calmed down.

“Do you like roars? Good.” Wang Lin raised his hand and reached at the void. A rift to his storage space appeared and he pulled out a large, black ape.

This black ape was the one Wang Lin had found on a continent in the Cloud Sea. It was weak but liked to roar.

When the black ape appeared, it let out a roar. Its powerful arms hit its chest, creating drum-like sounds.

The madman was startled and turned to look at the black ape. He had a look of excitement when he arrived before the black ape and roared. He also learned from the ape and hit his chest.

The black ape’s eyes were filled with doubt as it stared at the person before him. It felt like this person was provoking it. Although this person gave off a terrifying aura, thanks to Wang Lin’s will, that fear dissipated and was replaced by anger, so it began to roar in anger.

Just like this, the person and ape faced each other and roared at each other. Both wanted to suppress the other. The roars became even more intense.

Wang Lin let out a sigh of relief and no longer bothered with the madman. He closed his eyes and pondered a solution to deal with the rejection force. He gradually thought of some ideas.

“The most difficult of my five essences are life and death, karma, and true and false… If these three essences can be completed, I will be able to control this rejection force...

“I could use the life and death essence to split the rejection force into life and death...

“Then I could use the karma essence to form a world and allow the rejection life and death force to from a cycle...

“Finally, I could use the true and false essence to deceive the rejection force like the dao of deception so that the celestial and Ancient Order powers would completely fuse into one.” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he carefully thought about this, and determination filled his eyes.

“If all of that happens, the completion of the five essences would allow my five fingers to be complete, then I could open the Void Gate to become a real third step cultivator! How strong will I be then…” Wang Lin clenched his fist.

“Life and death, karma, and true and false… How could I cause these three essences to reach completion? From my analysis from before, I was lacking something that could increase my chances!

“Dao Fruit, I need a few more Dao Fruit. The more the better!”

While pondering, the roars gradually got lower and lower. The black ape seemed to not be able to keep up the continuous roaring, and its voice had gotten hoarse. It looked at the madman with fear in its eyes.

It retreated a few steps. The black ape didn’t dare to roar anymore and looked pleadingly at Wang Lin.

The madman became even more proud even though he was also tried and his voice was also hoarse. The excitement on his face became even more intense and he hit his chest with a big smile. “This king has been roaring at my big brother ever since I was growing up. Little Red is always after of my roars. Everyone on the Celestial Immortal Continent knows that my voice is the loudest and the most beautiful! You little monkey, you dare to roar against this king?

“Come, come, come, after we finish competing with roars, we can compete spells. See how pretty this king’s spells are!” The madman grasped with his right hand and raised into the sky, then a flash of light appeared in the sky. A giant palm appeared in the sky, giving off a powerful pressure. The palmprint was clearly visible and it descended from the sky.

War Spirit Print!! Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and his expression changed. He remembered now that when he couldn’t move, the madman had used various spells on him, and each of them were extremely authentic!

Staring the descending War Spirit Print, Wang Lin was moved!

This was the other great fortune this madman had given him after the celestial bloodline!

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