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Chapter 1542 - Shocked!

“I have already seen through it, it’s not the same.” Wang Lin’s words were firm as he coldly looked at the madman. There was a hint of regret shown within this contempt.

It was this hint of regret that made the water inside the madman’s eyes become even more intense, and in the end he actually cried.

When he started crying, Wang Lin felt sorry in his heart. He felt like an uncle trying to cheat the toy out of a child’s hand...

“Forget it, karma, karma. I’ve met this person inside the Nether Beast. He gave me the celestial bloodline, and now I’m obtaining his spells with this method. I’ll have to repay him eventually… Cultivators rarely go crazy, so there must be a great story behind him. I, Wang Lin, remember my benefactors!! I vow that in the future, all his business will be mine as well!!” Wang Lin looked at the madman again, but now there was a hint of softness hidden in his gaze.

“This king didn’t lie, this king used the same spell as before. This spell is called the War Spirit Print. My big brother stole it from the Twin Celestial Sovereign and then passed it to me…” It seemed the madman hadn’t washed his face in a long time. As his tears flowed down, two lines of black mud appeared on his face. He wiped his tears as he looked at Wang Lin with a gaze filled with grievance and roared,

“If you don’t believe me, I’ll tell you the secret chant. This king has never lied since I was little, because my big brother said he would hit me if I lied…” The madman felt extremely wronged, and without thinking, he recited the chant for the War Spirit Print.

“See, see, this is the secret chant. You go cultivate it yourself and go see it yourself. Then you will see that I didn’t lie to you. I clearly won through my hard work, but you won’t believe me!! I’m not going to play with you!” The madman became angry again and walked to the side. He was still filled with grievance as he sat down and deliberately didn’t look at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s heart pounded. He memorized the chant. He then secretly muttered in his mind, and the part he didn’t understand suddenly became clear. He pointed at the sky and an authentic War Spirit Print appeared. Although it didn’t descend, a powerful pressure spread out.

As he looked at the War Spirit Print, Wang Lin’s pupils shrank and excitement filled his heart. With his cultivation level, he could tell that this War Spirit Print was not just a spell but a dao spell!

An extremely powerful dao spell that could destroy the heavens and earth!

This spell could instantly multiply Wang Lin’s strength through some mysterious method. Most importantly, there were three sources of power inside this palm. If all three were used, three palms would descend to kill the body, origin soul, and soul at the same time!

“The one Daoist Water used could only kill the body. The dao spell I learned now is the real War Spirit Print!” Wang Lin took a deep breath. After firmly memorizing the War Spirit Print, he looked at the madman.

In his eyes, this lunatic was like a huge treasure chest that could burst at any moment...

“OK, don’t cry. I admit your spell is really powerful, and I was wrong to blame you.” Wang Lin got up and apologized. There was a hint of softness in his gaze as he clasped his hands.

The madman let out a snort and turned his face so he didn’t look at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin let out a wry smile and his right hand reached out as he pondered. He opened his storage space and took out some pills. He picked pills that had very strong fragrance the moment they were taken out.  

The madman’s nose suddenly moved and subconsciously sniffed. He licked his lips but forced himself to not look. However, he kept glancing over.

“Hmph, what do these pill count as? The worst pills this king fed Little Red were much better than these…”

Wang Lin revealed a smile that wasn’t a smile as he held a pill and squeezed. It immediately broke and the fragrance quickly spread.

The madman suppressed the impulse, but his belly rumbled. It had been a very, very, very long time since he had devoured any pills, and now he felt like it was a bit unbearable.

“I’ll give these pills as compensation for blaming you, OK?” Wang Lin’s voice was gentle as he waved his hands. These several pills flew toward the madman and floated there.

The madman swallowed hard. He turned around and stared at the pill. He said with disdain, “This king wouldn’t even look at them in the past, they’re just trash! However, since you seem to be flattering me, this king will reluctantly take them!”

As he spoke, his right hand quickly reached out and grabbed the pills. His eyes lit up when he put them in his mouth. He crushed them in a few bites and quickly swallowed them.

Wang Lin revealed a smile and clasped his hands. “Your spell is indeed amazing, but is that the only one, I wonder?”

The madman was proud, but he suddenly looked at Wang Lin and became on guard.

“I remember someone saying that to me before. Who was it… Little Red, who was it? Uh, forget it… But this king remembers that that person said those words to cheat me of my spells. Hmph, hmph, this king is wise, how can I be fooled? Don’t even try to cheat me out of my dao spells.

“Even if i die, I won’t tell you any secret chants or spells!”

The madman raised his head and let out a cold snort, giving off a feeling like he was high above. He shook his head and let out a sigh. “Learning too many dao spells is a very annoying thing. Ah, this king’s talent is simply too high. Since you’re so respectful, I’ll show you, but there is no way I’ll teach you!”

After the madman spoke, he stood up and stretched his arms. He proudly raised his right hand and then the sky suddenly turned dark. Bright red light appeared and a huge umbrella suddenly appeared!

This umbrella used the sky as the umbrella canopy, and the pole formed from the endless sea of fire! A destructive fire suddenly spread out in all directions, forming nine umbrelllike fire seeds. These fire seeds gave off an extremely terrifying aura.

Wang Lin’s pupils shrank. He recognized that this spell was similar to the Realm Burning Umbrella he knew, but the difference was that he had to open the umbrella when he used his own spell. However, the umbrella was already open when the madman used it!

It looked similar, but the difference was like heaven and earth!

“How is it? This king is strong. If the umbrella closes, the power is very strong!” The madman waved his right hand and the umbrella disappeared from the sky.

“Hmph, I just won’t teach you. I’ll let you see it, but you can’t learn it! Let this king show you more!” The madman proudly raised his hand and formed a pose as if he was going to shoot a bow. If he had a bow in his hand, Wang Lin would recognize it looked almost exactly the same as the pose Li Guang had made!

A shocking arrow energy came from the madman like crazy. It was as if the world would be torn apart by this arrow energy if he let go!

“This king knows a lot more, what does this count as?” The madman’s mood seemed to change, especially after seeing Wang Lin become so serious. He became smug once more and let out another roar. He loosened his hand and the shocking arrow energy dissipated. At the same time, his hands formed a seal and he waved his hand.

The world trembled and the seven colors of red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, blue, and purple appeared. These seven lights quickly gathered to form a seven-colored lance!

This lance was heaven-shaking and occupied the entire sky. The sky rippled as if it was going to be shattered by the lance. Wang Lin felt his skin crawl, and cold sweat covered his body.

The seven-colored light contained the power of emotions. When it appeared, it seemed to be able to affect the emotions of anyone who saw it. It was similar to Ethereal Fire, but Wang Lin felt that it was far stronger than Ethereal Fire!

The madman laughed and loosened his hand. The sky returned to normal. His face was filled with exhilaration and smiles. “How is it, how is it? Isn’t this king strong? Do you want to learn? Do you want to?

“This king will tell you, there are too many people that want to learn my dao spells. Hmph, hmph, what has this king not seen? No one can deceive me; even if you beat me to death, I won’t teach you!

“Even if you want to learn, it is useless, this king can’t help it. A real a pity…” The madman shook his head and became even more proud.

“Let me guess how you will respond… I remember someone’s answer was that they didn’t want to learn and pretended to be indifferent to evoke this king’s interest. The result was haha, haha. I’ll let you guess the result, haha… haha… I’m going to laugh to death…” The madman immediately began laughing and holding his stomach.

“If you answer yes, then this king will severely reject you. Little girl, this king is very strict; even if you try to seduce me, it is useless, ah!” The madman began chattering again and became more and more excited as he talked.

Looking at the madman, Wang Lin slowly smiled.

“I remember that in the Nether Beast’s memory, this person didn’t know about the Nether Beast and was very afraid of it…” Wang Lin’s smile became even stronger.

The madman felt like something bad was going to happen when he saw Wang Lin staring at him with a smile. He seemed to vaguely remember that it was after that smile that he spent hours using the War Spirit Print until he was breathless.

Just at this moment, the cultivation planet trembled and the sky darkened as if a storm was going to appear. A thunderous rumble echoed and a huge phantom slowly appeared.

The phantom was very large and looked like a whale. It had two long whiskers that danced in the wind.

It was the Nether Beast! After hearing Wang Lin’s call, a phantom of it appeared inside its own world!

The moment it appeared, the pride on the madman’s face suddenly collapsed. His pupils shrank, his body trembled violently, and he let out a miserable scream!

“Ah, you, you, you… You chased me to this place!! Damn it to hell, you still won’t let me go!!! I don’t taste good, I really don’t taste good, ah!”

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