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Chapter 1511 - Weak Weak Weak!

The moment Daoist Water waved his hand, the mountain in the image seemed to lose all the power that was holding it up. It began to fall and was about to smash all the Origin Sect members to death!

The cultivators in black that were floating around the mountain remained cold and revealed cruel smiles as if they were looking forward to the tragic deaths of the Origin Sect members.

However, just at this moment, a blood light dyed the entire image red.

Bright red like blood!

A blood sword appeared out of nowhere within this red light and shot toward the giant mountain that was going to smash all of the Origin Sect members to death!

All of this happened in an instant, fast beyond belief. The blood sword collided with the mountain. This wasn’t an ordinary mountain; it was surrounded by countless restrictions. The restrictions flashed in an attempt to resist the blood sword!

However, not even third step cultivators could resist it, not even Tuo Sen’s body could stop it, so how could this mere mountain stop it? The mountain was a treasure of the God Sect and Daoist Water, but so what?

It couldn’t resist the blood sword!

The blood sword immediately penetrated through the mountain. As it pierced through, blood-colored cracks spread across the mountain, and it exploded with a bang!

As it shattered, countless large rocks scattered in all directions, but there were still large chunks falling down. The cultivators in black immediately rushed out toward the blood sword. They wanted to seal the blood sword and stop its destruction!

The blood sword flashed once more. Its speed was unimaginable. Blood light flickered and the falling rocks collapsed once more. There were also waves of miserable screams when the cultivators in black found bloody holes in their chests!

There were several people who had blood lines appear between their eyebrows. The blood sword had sliced through their bodies and heads!

Thunderous rumble echoed and the eyes of the cultivators in black dimmed. They fell to the ground and died! Their origin soul wasn’t able to escape from their body and collapsed!

As they died their bodies quickly withered until they were  like mummies. All their vitality were absorbed by the blood sword!

All of this happened so fast that no one could clearly see everything that had happened. If someone were to slow down time, they would slowly see that after the blood sword had shattered all the rocks, it pierced through the cultivators in black. The moment the blood sword pierced through them, their bodies began to wither and their vitality was sucked away.

When the blood sword pierced through their bodies, their origin souls died. All of their vitality was absorbed in that instant. When their bodies hit the ground, they had already become mummy-like corpses!!

Everything that happened in the illusion between Wang Lin and Daoist Water happened in three breaths of time after Wang Lin spoke!

“Are you qualified…” Wang Lin’s words still echoed across the planet. The blood sword flashed again, and after killing everyone, it charged out from the image!

The moment it charged out, the blood aura went from an illusion to reality. The blood sword caused the image to collapse and the blood aura spread out!

With the blood sword beside him, Wang Lin stepped forward toward the startled Daoist Water with a cold gaze! He raised his right hand and slammed down on Daoist Water!

The world trembled. Although Wang Lin wasn’t a third step cultivator, his body was as powerful as one! When he raised his hand, a giant palm appeared in the world!

This palm covered the sky and suddenly descended from above. It pierced through the mountain and shot toward Daoist Water!

Looking from afar, this scene was something no one could forget! The five mountains around Daoist Water looked like a palm, and they soon collided with the illusory palm Wang Lin had created!

Daoist Water had a hideous expression. As Wang Lin closed in, Daoist Water waved his sleeves. Several seven-colored nails appeared and shot toward Wang Lin!

“Little bastard, since you’re looking for death, I’ll comply with your wish!” At this moment, Daoist Water was still arrogant. He waved his hand and several seven-colored nails shot out and collided with Wang Lin’s palm.

The thunderous rumbles shook the entire planet, and Wang Lin’s illusory palm collapsed. The force from the seven-colored nails forced Wang Lin to retreat three steps!

However, similarly, these seven-colored nails trembled and were swept into the distance!

As the earth trembled, large amounts of gravel fell from the five peaks. Daoist Water coughed out a mouthful of blood and roared with terror in his eyes, “Zhou De!!”

After Daoist Water roared, a laugh echoed across the world. The originally clear sky was suddenly swallowed by darkness. In an instant, it went from day to night!

Under the darkness, an illusory figure condensed and walked toward Wang Lin!

“Take one’s money and eliminate one’s disaster. Daoist Water, don’t forget the thing you promised, I’ll only help once!” The illusory figure quickly condensed and turned into an old man in black!

The old man’s face was filled with bumps and was very hideous. However, he was far from comparing to Great Desolation. At this moment, he took a step forward and was instantly within 1,000 feet of Wang Lin.

“Little friend, I hope you can cooperate to allow me to obtain a rank 6 dao spirit…” Although this old man looked calm, he was extremely vigilant. He was secretly shocked by the power of Wang Lin’s palm.

In truth, he had a deep desire for the rank 6 dao spirit and had long come with his avatar, but Wang Lin’s palm shocked him. Although his words were calm, he attacked at full power!

He instantly closed in, then a boundless swamp appeared in the darkness behind him. It was as if he wanted to devour Wang Lin inside the swamp!

Daoist Water’s eyes were filled with monstrous killing intent. He charged forward at Wang Lin from another direction, and the two pinched Wang Lin!

Two third step cultivators were joining forces to kill one person. This kind of thing was extremely rare in the Outer Realm, much less the Inner Realm!

At this moment, ripples appeared behind the darkness and started closing in on Wang Lin at a rapid pace!

32 abacus beads suddenly appeared inside the ripples. They formed a straight line as they instantly closed in!

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm. He didn’t even look at the old man in black or the abacus beads as he stepped toward Daoist Water!

The moment he moved, Wang Lin’s ancient god stars shined and Esteemed Ling Dong appeared with a purple flash. He didn’t hesitate to charge toward the old man with a grin. He waved his right hand and the world rumbled, then a monstrous, purple sea appeared. Endless Joss Flame souls howled and the statue of a devil god appeared. Its arms opened up!

A heaven-shaking wolf appeared at the same time as Ling Dong. The phantom blood wolf charged out from behind Zhou Jin toward the abacus beads!

“Wolf Worship the Moon!” A cold roar echoed, and the dark sky seemed to be torn apart by the blood moon that shined on the earth!

Thunderous rumbles echoed. The man in black and Esteemed Ling Dong’s spells collided. The old man had come as his avatar, so he couldn’t compare with Esteemed Ling Dong in terms of Joss Flames at all. The old man’s swamp collapsed and he coughed out a mouthful of essence energy. He then quickly retreated with eyes filled with shock.

“Who are you!?”

“I’m slave to my master, Ling Dong!” Esteemed Ling Dong sneered and chased!

The world trembled and the two began fighting again!

On the other side, Zhou Jin’s spell, the red moon, smashed down. The wolf howl echoed across the Cloud Sea as the red moon smashed down against the abacus beads!

The moment they collided, the abacus beads collapsed, revealing a middle-aged man filled with shock and disbelief!

The middle-aged man had come with his original body. Blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth and he quickly retreated!

Zhou Jin also retreated a few steps, but he remained calm. He rushed forward and his right hand formed a seal. The blood wolf let out a roar and pounced at the middle-aged man!

As all of this happened, Wang Lin rapidly approached Daoist Water. Daoist Water was in a frenzy as his sharp voice echoed.

“Yin and yang disciples!” Behind him, endless yin and yang disciples flew out. They condensed into a lance and stabbed toward Wang Lin!

This lance contained Daoist Water’s full cultivation and all his Joss Flames. When the lance appeared, the world trembled. Large amounts of cracks appeared on the planet, seeming as if it was going to be destroyed!


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