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Chapter 1512 - Golden Bell!

Wang Lin shook his head. His eyes were very calm. Daoist Water was still the same as before, still at the early stage of Nirvana Void. But his spell was even weaker than before; it was apparent he hadn’t recovered from his injuries.

“Killing you now is no effort!” Wang Lin shook his head. The moment the lance closed in, Wang Lin formed a fist and threw a punch!

“This punch is on the behalf of the Lord of the Sealed Realm for your betrayal!”

A very simple punch but a powerful sense of self-confidence appeared. This self-confidence followed the punch and made Wang Lin seem like a god that controlled life and death!

The punch flew out and collided with Daoist Water’s Joss Flame lance. The world changed colors and the tip of the lance began to crack. Countless pieces fell off and the body of the lance rumbled!

It was pierced through!

The entire lance shattered, and waves of miserable roars echoed. A majority of the Joss Flame souls died miserably under the force of this punch. Blood flew out from Daoist Water’s mouth and he was forced back in shock. Every step he retreated caused the world to rumble.

Daoist Water was instantly forced back nine steps, and he coughed out nine mouthfuls of blood. A force rushed into his body and popping sounds echoed as a crazed destruction began taking place inside his body!

His childlike appearance instantly began to age!

“Impossible!! Impossible!! What kind of fortune did you obtain to… To obtain such terrifying power!?”

After nine steps, Daoist Water could no longer withstand the monstrous force from Wang Lin’s 7-star ancient god body. He was thrown back and he smashed into the mountain in the middle!

The mountain trembled and spider web-like cracks surrounded it. Then the mountain collapsed!

Dust flew into the air and then a ring of dust spread out. Wang Lin floated in the air and looked down on Daoist Water as if he was looking at an ant. He slowly walked down.

On the other side, the old man in black that was fighting against Esteemed Ling Dong was forced back. At this moment, his face was pale and he was secretly complaining in his heart. He felt fear toward Wang Lin, who hadn’t even looked at him.

“Who is this person to have third step cultivators as slaves!? How can I offend such a person? It’s all Daoist Water’s fault!!”

There was also the middle-aged man who was battling against Zhou Jin, he was terrified. Zhou Jin was as powerful as him but had far more Joss Flames. As a result, he was no match and was forced to retreat. He even had to take out treasures to resist.

“It’s not worth it, not worth it to offend someone who can have third step cultivators as slaves for the Stop spell. I, Master Wind Edge, will have to pay for a loss in this deal!”

There was a flash of killing intent in Wang Lin’s calm gaze. He stepped toward Daoist Water and was about to throw his second punch!

Just at this instant, Daoist Water wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth and gave up on using the Heaven Breaking Sect’s sect master to destroy Wang Lin’s dao heart. The Ghost Sect also didn’t seem to care about his offer of Yin and Yang disciples and showed no sign of appearing. Daoist Water looked up and roared.

“Tai Aluo!!” As Daoist Water roared, a sigh echoed across this world. A person slowly walked out from the world that had already begun to distort from the slaughter.

This person’s body was blurry and his feet were bare as he walked over.

There were no origin energy fluctuations coming from his body and his appearance was extremely bizarre; it was as if he had always existed. The barefoot man didn’t look at Daoist Water but clasped his hands at Wang Lin.

“Metamorphosis cultivator Tai Aluo greets this generation’s Lord of the Sealed Realm.”

Wang Lin’s body paused for a moment and looked over. What he saw made his pupils shrink. The appearance of the barefoot man was too bizarre. Wang Lin had already noticed Zhou De and Master Cloud Edge, but he hadn’t noticed this person.

“Metamorphosis cultivator…” Wang Lin didn’t speak as he calmly looked at the barefoot man.

“I have no intention of making an enemy out of you. If you release my seal, I can make all the beasts inside the crack fight for the Inner Realm! I can even kill this person for you…” The barefoot man’s voice was soft as he spoke.

Daoist Water’s expression changed.

“We’ll talk about your matter later.” Wang Lin turned around and didn’t pay any more attention to this person. Instead, he closed in on Daoist Water and threw another punch!

“This punch, on the behalf of the Lord of the Sealed Realm, will destroy the body of this slave!” Wang Lin’s aura was like a flood as he waved his hand. The world rumbled and a powerful wind swept the world. The phantom head behind Wang Lin became a fist and descended from the sky!

Looking from afar, the entire world was covered by the shadow of this fist. Daoist Water’s eyes were filled with madness. With his cultivation level, he could clearly feel the killing intent and the powerful aura that made his heart tremble.

“Essence power, Yin and Yang Celestial Dragon!” Daoist Water roared. His face was pale and his hands quickly formed seals. At this moment, a strand of black essence energy and a strand of white essence energy appeared. They rushed out and formed to giant dragons coiled together!

These two dragons roared and shot toward Wang Lin’s fist! At this moment, Daoist Water’s eyes were bloodshot and he spat out a mouthful of blood. He then waved his sleeves and countless threads appeared around his body!

These threads were black and white and formed a net. This net was filled with a destructive aura, and it flew toward Wang Lin’s punch.

Shortly after, Daoist Water ripped open his storage space and large amounts of treasures flew out. Colorful light filled the sky and shot toward the fist!

All of these things charged into the sky and collided with Wang Lin’s fist. A thunderous rumble spread across the entire Cloud Sea.

The two giant dragons let out mournful screams and suddenly collapsed when they collided with Wang Lin’s fist. Along with them came the giant net. It trembled and was ripped apart layer by layer!

Then the storm formed by the countless treasures collided with the fist and collapsed! Not even all of the treasures inside could withstand the punch of a 7-star ancient god, so the storm collapsed!

All of this happened in an instant. After destroying everything, Wang Lin’s fist smashed into Daoist Water! Daoist Water’s chest burst open and blood mist sprayed everywhere. His body was pushed down into the earth by the punch!

The entire planet trembled. Daoist Water’s feet pushed against the earth and his hands held the first up. Blood flowed down from the corner of his mouth and dyed his clothes red.

His eyes were filled with madness. As he roared, a golden light came from his mouth and a bell appeared from this golden light!

Daoist Water spat this bell toward Wang Lin’s fist!

An extremely pure celestial spiritual energy spread throughout the world. The golden bell emitted a crisp sound, and the moment it encountered Wang Lin’s fist, a golden ripple erupted!

This golden wave contained a dao spell from the Ancient Celestial Realm. When it appeared, it spread in an unimaginable speed with the God Sect as the center… Cloud Sea, Alliance, Summoned River, and Allheaven were swept by this ripple. It was as if everything hidden in these star systems was revealed.

The giant Realm Sealing Formation that sealed the Inner Realm appeared for the first time!

In the Cloud Sea Star System, groups of cultivators were traveling through the fog. When the golden ripple spread out, it wiped away the fog, revealing the giant formation beneath the star system!

In the Summoned Rivered Star System, there were countless cultivators moving through the star system, preparing for the war. At this moment, the golden ripple spread out, and it was as if a mysterious veil had been stripped off. The Realm Sealing Formation appeared before the star system!

In the Allheaven Star System, groups of cultivators were moving the cultivation planets. However, at this moment, they were all stunned as they stared at the Realm Sealing Formation below them!

The Alliance Star System was the same. All the small forces in the Alliance were terrified and stopped what they were doing. They all looked at the golden net that had appeared after the golden ripple passed!!

This was the same everywhere in the Inner Realm!

At this moment, almost all the cultivators in the Inner Realm saw the Realm Sealing Formation that covered the Inner Realm!

The endless Realm Sealing Formation that covered the entire Inner Realm was simply too shocking! For far too many people, it was the first time they had seen this. They all seemed to have lost their breath as they stared at the formation in shock!

“Realm Sealing Formation!!”

“This is the Realm Sealing Formation!!”

“It has been sealing the Inner Realm for countless years. The Realm Sealing Formation that has existed for countless years! This… This…”

“So the star system we live in was sealed just like what the Cloud Sea had said!!”

“So it was all true!! The people of the Ancient Star System are outside the Realm Sealing Formation!!”

In the rank 1 region of the Cloud Sea, Master Hong Shan’s expression changed greatly. He took a step forward, broke through the void, and charged at the God Sect!

“Damn it, this is the aura of the Ancient Celestial Realm. That Daoist Water actually has something like that!!”

In the Alliance Star System, a shocking roar came from where the Corpse Sect was.

“An item from the Ancient Celestial Realm!! This object was very weak before it fused with the Realm Sealing Formation. It must not be destroyed!!“ The phantom of an old man quickly appeared and charged at the God Sect!

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