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Chapter 1510 - Glory of the Cloud Sea!

His voice swept into the God Sect and into the ears of the thousands of cultivators inside the Nine Heaven Destruction Formation.

These cultivators hadn't finished placing the formation yet. They had rushed here after receiving the order, but Wang Lin was too fast. The formation was only 30% complete!

"He is colluding with the Outer Realm!! Rebel against your lord!" Wang Lin's voice was filled with a pressure that caused those cultivators to ponder.

As the voice echoed across the stars, it was clearly heard by all the powerful cultivators that were observing this fight!

"I came here on the order of the Lord of the Sealed Realm to kill his slave on his behalf!!" When the various powerful cultivators heard this, their expressions changed.

"You're full of nonsense. Nine Heaven Destruction Formation, destroy this pawn of the Sovereign!" Daoist Water's voice broke through like an arrow toward Wang Lin's mind.

There was a flash of coldness in his eyes and he let out a cold snort. The snort dissipated the invisible sword sent by Daoist Water, and Wang Lin pointed to the spot between his eyebrows at the same time. There was a flash of blood light that no one detected, then Wang Lin stepped toward the God Sect!

He was walking toward the peak of the Cloud Sea to battle the third step cultivator Daoist Water!

Behind him, the crackling sounds of the monstrous ice blocks surrounded the area. The frozen fog looked very shocking from afar! The frozen fog gave off a monstrous killing intent!

This killing intent came out of the frozen fog and fused with Wang Lin's body to create a sliver of slaughter essence. It was this slaughter essence that made Wang Lin look like a slaughter god!

The moment this sliver of slaughter essence appeared, it shocked all the powerful cultivators in the four star systems! This was especially true for Daoist Water. When he felt that sliver of slaughter essence, his face became extremely gloomy and his eyes filled with disbelief.

"Another essence!! He already had quite a few essences, but now he has even more!! And this is the slaughter essence. This is the slaughter essence that not even the Lord of the Sealed Realm could comprehend!

"But so what?!" Daoist Water's expression was hideous and there was madness in his eyes. He clenched the golden bell in his hand and looked up with a sneer.

Wang Lin took a step forward. The tens of thousands of cultivators preparing the Nine Heaven Destruction Formation were affected by the pressure of this battle intent. Their expressions changed and they were forced to retreat! They had to retreat, as Wang Lin's step seemed to stomp on their minds in sync with their heartbeats!

As a result, one step caused these cultivators to tremble. Their chests felt stuffy and their origin energy cycled uncontrollably. It was as if their flesh and origin souls would be shattered if they didn't do this!

It was as if Wang Lin was no longer a cultivator but a demon god who had come back from ancient times!

A demon god that slaughtered gods!

Everything Daoist Water had prepared reminded Wang Lin of the past. Back then, in the Cloud Sea, Wang Lin had used the All-Seer's soul to carry out a series of predictions and preparations in order to struggle to survive the heavens' might that was Daoist Water!

However, today the situation had completely reversed. At this moment, Wang Lin was the heavens' might and Daoist Water was the one struggling to survive!

"My enmity with Daoist Water has nothing to do with you all. Leave!" Wang Lin stepped forward. Every step he took, the tens of thousands of cultivators were forced to retreat several steps. The power of one person using endless layers of frozen fog and the slaughter essence was able to force tens of thousands of people back!


"We can't let this person enter the God Sect!!"

"The God Sect's order is to defend to the death!! Cultivators like us aren't afraid of death!!" The pale-faced cultivators were forced to retreat. The God Sect was behind them, it was their lives and their reason for cultivating!

Over the past tens of thousands of years, the position of the God Sect was something the cultivators of the Cloud Sea respected and were willing to fight to the death for!

Daoist Water's intent was to allow them to die! To allow them to die by Wang Lin hand, which would arouse the anger of all the Cloud Sea cultivators and the sorrow of the other three star systems!

To use their deaths to give earn himself another merit for the Outer Realm!!

Under the force of fear and glory, these tens of thousands cultivators showed the dignity of the Inner Realm. They suppressed their fear and chose glory!

"Glory to the Cloud Sea!"

"Glory to the Cloud Sea!"

"Glory to the Cloud Sea!"

These roars spread out in waves as these tens of thousand of cultivators issued the loudest cry in their lives. This was their determination to protect the Cloud Sea and the God Sect till death!

This sound was able to shake the mind of anyone who heard it and cause their soul to tremble!

Under the sound of glory, these tens of thousands of cultivators seemed to have gone crazy and charged forward. They began to activate the incomplete Nine Heaven Destruction Formation. They were using their flesh and blood to defend the glory of the God Sect!

Pitiful yet respectable!!

Wang Lin was moved as he looked at the Cloud Sea cultivators charging at him. There were some he had met in the past, but most of them were strangers!

These cultivators were at various cultivation levels, had different domains, and came from different sects. However, they had the blood of the Cloud Sea and the same faith. They were true Cloud Sea cultivators in life and death!!

What they were guarding wasn't Daoist Water, but the God Sect!

They didn't know how insidious Daoist Water was. They only knew that the God Sect had sent an order to not allow Wang Lin to enter!

Glory to the Cloud Sea!

This was the glory of all the cultivators in the Cloud Sea!!

Under this glory, even third step cultivators, even Wang Lin, had to retreat! He could wave his hand and kill them all with Ethereal Fire, but how could he attack now?

Under this glory, these tens of thousands cultivators became even more crazy as they rushed at Wang Lin, forcing him to retreat once more! When he saw them, he was reminded of what he saw in the Seven-Colored Realm. The celestials of the past that charged at the Realm Sealing Formation, struggling like indomitable souls!!!

At this moment, the powerful cultivators from all four star systems and the few third step cultivators all saw this. They heard the voice of the Cloud Sea Star System!

This voice was enough to inspire one's heart, enough to made the cultivators of the remaining three star systems feel the same sense of glory!

Was Daoist Water really attempting to destroy the dao heart of the Inner Realm and disrupt the war preparations? This had ignited their fighting spirit and brought about the glory of protecting their homeland!!

Even Daoist Water was gobsmacked by this. He could have never expected such a shocking change to occur! He had underestimated the cultivators of the Cloud Sea, their… glory!

"Daoist Water, you deserve death!!" Wang Lin retreated with killing intent in his eyes. His right foot stepped back and then he took a step forward. He raised his right hand and pointed forward. Not wanting to overexert and hurt himself, he let out a roar.

This roar wasn't toward these tens of cultivators, but the person who was behind it all, Daoist Water!

"Stop spell, STOP!!"

The world trembled. The movement of the cultivators, the movement of the stars, the movement of the world, and the movement of the formations all stopped at this moment!

It didn't stop only their bodies but also their souls. Facing the glory of the Cloud Sea, a mysterious change happened to Wang Lin's Stop spell!

This change appeared because of these tens of thousands of cultivators and Wang Lin's desire to not kill them. Wang Lin didn't fully understand this, but his Stop spell had changed from stopping the body to stopping the soul!!

Only by having a deity could one stop the world!

This deity was not god or a soul but a type of will. This will could only be described by the word "deity!"

Before, Wang Lin didn't have this deity, or more like he didn't have much of it. However, after watching these tens of thousands of cultivators erupt with power, he gained enlightenment!

One word to stop the body, one word to stop the soul! The world itself stopped! Only the glory continued to exist across the boundless stars!

The moment these tens of thousands were frozen, Wang Lin stepped forward and waved his hand. He moved them away by force, but he didn't hurt them at all!

They were respectable!

The world trembled. Wang Lin had removed tens of thousands of cultivators, but he couldn't remove the glory. He charged through it toward the God Sect planet, where Daoist Water was!

"Daoist Water, do you dare to fight with me fair and square?" The God Sect planet trembled and the earth collapsed. Countless cracks appeared when Wang Lin stepped into the planet!

His appearance caused the frozen fog to howl, and the cracking sounds continued. The ice spread in all directions and surrounded the entire area!

Under this ice, Wang Lin's gaze landed on Daoist Water, who was sitting on one of the five peaks!

"Little kid Wang Lin!" Daoist Water's voice pierced through the world!

"Look at where they are!!" Daoist Water pointed at the sky and roared. The world rumbled and the void between distorted until an image appeared!

In this image, the people of the Origin Sect were surrounded by several cultivators in black in a basin. Above the basin was a huge mountain emitting waves of light. It looked as if it could smash down and kill everyone at any moment!

"They will die because of you. I want to see if a flaw will appear in your dao heart!" Daoist Water laughed wildly and waved his hand.

"Are you qualified…" Wang Lin remained calm as if he had expected all of this.

Daoist Water was startled for a moment, and a sudden change occurred!

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