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Chapter 1498 - A Chance Meeting

Wang Lin clasped his hands at Master Lu Fu and smiled.

"When the battle against the Outer Realm begins, I'll repay you for the matter today. I hope Fellow Cultivator Lu Fu won't mind."

Wang Lin's attitude remained consistent and he didn't take advantage of the situation to humiliate Master Lu Fu. Master Lu Fu silently pondered for a bit and then let out a sign. He forced out a smile and clasped his hands at Wang Lin.

"For Fellow Cultivator Wang to have such powerful cultivation is a blessing for the Inner Realm. This old man is just puzzled about one thing. These two… these two third step cultivators are from…" Master Lu Fu didn't finish speaking and just pointed at the edge of the horizon.

Wang smiled and nodded.

Esteemed Ling Dong's gaze fell on Master Lu Fu. He clasped his hands and said, "This old man is named Ling Dong, ancestor of the Ling Dong clan of the Outer Realm!"

Although Master Lu Fu had some speculations, after hearing what Ling Dong said, he was still moved.

"The Ling Dong clan's ancestor!"

Esteemed Ling Dong withdrew his gaze and slowly said, "The Ling Dong clan isn't a large clan in the Ancient Star System, we only have 10,000 clan members."

Master Lu Fu clasped his hands at Esteemed Ling Dong. Although Ling Dong was Wang Lin's slave, in his eyes, he was still a third step cultivator on equal level as himself. After clasping his hands, he looked at the silent Zhou Jin. "This is…" 

"Zhou Jin, Outer Realm's Heavenly Wolf Clan's ancestor!"

After Master Lu Fu heard this, he sucked in a breath of cold air. When he saw the blood wolf behind Zhou Jin, he had his guesses. He had heard that there was a clan in the Outer Realm that served the Heavenly Wolf! This was the continuation of that clan from ancient times.

The people of this clan were related to the wolf, and because of their long heritage, they had rich Joss Flames, allowing third step cultivators to appear! When Master Lu Fu heard Zhou Jin, he was certain of Zhou Jin's identity!

"This Wang Lin actually went out to the Outer Realm!! He collected two ancestors as his slaves. This…" Master Lu Fu looked at Wang Lin and his gaze changed. He was a third step cultivator himself and knew how difficult it was to make someone like him a slave!

This was different from killing the general in an army of tens of thousands, this was refining the general into a slave instead!

Thanks to his cultivation level, Master Lu Fu could see the same slave mark on Ling Dong and Zhou Jin. It was obvious they had been refined into slaves by force by Wang Lin!

After all, Wang Lin hadn't become a real third step cultivator yet, which made it even more difficult!

"I haven't heard of the Ling Dong Clan, but this Heavenly Wolf Clan is a big clan in the Outer Realm. This Wang Lin is not simple! What he did in the Outer Realm must be heaven-shattering!" Master Lu Fu rarely admired anyone in his life, but at this moment, he felt admiration for Wang Lin!

All the gloominess from before disappeared from Master Lu Fu and he clasped his hands. "Did Fellow Cultivator Wang go to the Outer Realm?"

"I've just returned from the Outer Realm." Wang Lin noticed the change in Master Lu Fu. He was not an unreasonable person and there was no grudge between them. Although he was stronger and had two third step servants, he wouldn't act arrogantly; he would rather treat each other politely.

"Good, good! Earlier, the Demon Sect from the Cloud Sea sent out an order. Under the agreement with the Lord of the Sealed Realm, a message was passed to all four star systems that the Outer Realm began to show signs of invading our world once more! The several third step cultivators in the Inner Realm worked together to open barrier between the four great star systems, so they are no longer separated!

"The four great star systems have begun preparing for the battle against the Outer Realm! This old man hates the Outer Realm to the bones. When the Outer Realm first invaded, this old man was a little celestial lord and personally saw the tragic battle… Since Fellow Cultivator has just returned from the Outer Realm, you must have a great understanding of the Outer Realm. Just this information will allow us to know the changes that occurred to the Outer Realm over the past tens of thousands of years!"

Most of the cultivators in the Inner Realm were kept in the dark about the existence of the Realm Sealing Formation. Only a small portion of people knew about it, but they didn't dare to go outside. Over the tens of thousands of years, all information had been blocked, and it would be deadly for the upcoming war!

Master Lu Fu's words wiped away all the tension from before and Wang Lin laughed.

Wang Lin smiled and said, "I do have some information about the Outer Realm."

"Does Fellow Cultivator Wang have anything to do? If not, we can talk for a while. This old man still has some good wine from the Celestial Realm that I'm not willing to drink by myself. How about you and I drink a bit?" Master Lu Fu laughed and waved his hand at Wang Lin.

He seemed to have forgotten that he wouldn't be sending Wang Lin off.

Wang Lin put away the ancient demon in his hand and then pondered for a bit.

This comical change caused the surrounding tens of thousands of cultivators to become gobsmacked. Even Master Flamespark and Li Yunzi were stunned and couldn't react to the change. However, they were powerful people and could tell that Master Lu Fu was really happy. They could also guess a bit of Master Lu Fu's thoughts.

There was no vendetta between Wang Lin and Master Lu Fu. Wang Lin had just come back from the Outer Realm and would soon be famous in the Inner Realm. He naturally wanted to have a good relationship with someone like this. Wang Lin was also very polite and had given Master Lu Fu a way to step down. If he still didn't do the sensible thing, he would have lived for nothing for these past tens of thousands of years.

Therefore, he was going to resolve the tension from before. Wang Lin naturally saw through this and nodded with a smile.

Old monsters that had cultivated for tens of thousands of years were all very cunning. Although not all of them were like demons, they were not childish.

Master Lu Fu smiled and waved his hand. Golden light appeared from his sleeve, forming a road. There were also beautiful sounds that came out from thin air.

There were even countless shadows of celestials dancing around the golden road. There were nine golden dragons above, howling and giving off a powerful aura.

Countless celestials' shadows appeared and bowed at Wang Lin.

All these illusions where very grand and it was difficult to describe in words. This revealed Master Lu Fu's intention, and the bow from those countless celestials was his way of apologizing to Wang Lin for trying to stop him.

"Fellow Cultivator Wang Lin, this way!' Master Lu Fu's laugh echoed and Wang Lin clasped his hands in return. The two of them walked into the vortex together.

Celestials mountains appeared and soon filled the vortex. Then, at the center of the vortex, a phantom lake appeared. There were many female celestials playing inside the lake. The water mist rose and their figures loomed inside the water mist, making them very charming.

A pavilion appeared beside the lake with two female celestials holding two jade pots. Bursts of celestial spiritual energy were coming out from the two pots, and just smelling it made one feel refreshed.

Master Flamespark and Li Yunzi respectfully stood on the side and looked at everyone with complicated expressions.

The surrounding tens of thousands of cultivators slowly approached, but they scattered after an order from Master Flamespark. They went back to setting the formation.

The two of them sat inside the pavilion. Zhou Jin and Ling Dong were also invited to sit by Master Lu Fu, and the celestials poured wine for them. Master Lu Fu picked up a cup and laughed. "Let us forget the unpleasantness from before with this drink!" He drank the entire cup.

Wang Lin picked up the cup and scanned it with his divine sense before drinking it. His eyes lit up. This wine wasn't spicy, but when it entered his throat, it was like fire. Warmth filled his body and his mouth was filled with a fragrance.

Wang Lin lamented, "Good wine!"

"Fellow Cultivator Wang, this old man wants to know what kind of experiences you had in the Outer Realm. Can you tell this old man?" Master Lu Fu put down the cup and smiled.

Wang Lin smiled as he briefly spoke of a few matters that occurred in the Outer Realm.

Wang Lin's calm words caused Master Lu Fu's eyes to light up. This was especially true when Wang Lin spoke about the destruction of the Scatter Thunder Clan, the 7 million worlds, and Wang Lin's encounter with Daoist Scattered Spirit.

Master Lu Fu drank a cup of wine and his eyes became serious.

"7 million worlds… What an admirable person, Daoist Scattered Spirit! Although he hasn't reached the third step, his behavior is heaven-defying!"

Ling Dong and Zhou Jin only knew that the destruction of the Scatter Thunder Clan was related to Wang Lin, but not the details. After hearing it, they were both moved.

From a different perspective, one saw the problem from a completely different angle. Zhou Jin and Ling Dong looked at each other and silently pondered.

Master Flamespark and Li Yunzi also heard Wang Lin's words. They gasped and were shocked. They were shocked by Wang Lin's actions in the Outer Realm and also felt admiration for Daoist Scattered Spirit.

Master Flamespark hesitated a bit and clasped his hands. "Senior Wang Lin, did you meet with Daoist Scattered Spirit afterwards?"

Wang Lin shook his head. After the Scatter Thunder Clan was destroyed, he was being hunted and had to leave in a hurry, so he didn't have any more contact with Daoist Scattered Spirit.

Then Wang Lin spoke of the pursuit from the Sovereign Council in the Outer Realm. These thrilling scenes caused Master Lu Fu's eyes to light up. He could tell that all of Wang Lin's experiences were real, and he knew that it would be very difficult for him to survive such an ordeal.

Wang Lin didn't mention the Fallen Land and other important matters. However, it was still enough to shock Master Lu Fu, especially when he heard about the matter relating to the Sovereign.

If he was like this, there was no need to mention Master Flamespark and Li Yunzi. After hearing about all the dangers, they finally understood how Wang Lin had obtained his cultivation!

Their gazes toward Wang Lin were filled with admiration. Li Yunzi felt this even more as he recalled the past. He felt complicated, but he also knew that Wang Lin hadn't obtained everything through luck!

Wang Lin's gaze fell on Li Yunzi. After pondering a bit, he slowly said, "Li Yunzi, I met your ancestor, Zhan Xingye!"

After he spoke, Li Yunzi's body trembled. He looked up at Wang Lin with excitement in his eyes.

"Senior, please tell me where Ancestor is!"

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