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Chapter 1499 - Hidden Danger of the Seven-Colored Realm

Wang Lin pondered a bit and said, "Third step cultivator Zhan Xingye has already fallen…"

After he spoke, Li Yunzi's body trembled. His face turned pale and he subconsciously retreated a few steps. Soon, his face was filled with sorrow and his eyes became dim.

"Ancestor… has fallen…" Generations of the Zhan family's mission and pride came from the ancestor. For countless years, every generation was waiting for the return of their ancestor.

Zhan Xingye was the glory of their Zhan family, but that glory collapsed with the news Wang Lin had brought back!

Master Flamespark's expression also changed. Although he wasn't native to Allheaven, he had been here for a long time and had become part of Allheaven. He had also heard of the brilliance of the Zhan family's ancestor! It could be said that the Zhan family's current position in Allheaven came from their ancestor!

Zhan Xingye!

Master Lu Fu put down the cup in his hand. There were shock in his eyes. He had met Zhan Xingye in the past. Back then, that person had already reached the peak of Nirvana Void and was like the heavens!

Master Lu Fu had even received Zhan Xingye's blessing, and that was why he included Li Yunzi as one of the four people he taught the dao spell to. Aside from repaying the blessing of the past, he also intended to build a good relationship with the missing Zhan Xingye.

After hearing Wang Lin's words, he took a deep breath and silently pondered.

Li Yunzi's mind was seriously injured by this news and blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth. He bowed at Wang Lin, and when he looked up, his eyes were bloodshot.

"Senior, please tell me how Ancestor fell!" Although his words were calm, they were filled with a monstrous coldness. He firmly believed that the ancestor didn't die normally. Although their Zhan family couldn't get revenge for their ancestor, they at least had to know who the enemy was!

As long as they knew who had killed the ancestor, they would have the determination to pass down the need for revenge for generations!

Master Lu Fu also looked at Wang Lin while pondering.

"You all might have heard that in the Inner Realm, there is a place called the Seven-Colored Realm… In the Seven-Colored Realm, there is the dao fruit… To absorb the dao intent of billions of living beings and capture the dao of countless cultivators to produce seven dao fruits… The remains of the third step cultivator Zhan Kongye were found by me in the Seven-Colored Realm in the Cloud Sea Star System… He was killed by the Sovereign of the Outer Realm!" Wang Lin said slowly as he recalled the past.

As Wang Lin spoke about the Seven-Colored Realm and mentioned his guess about the Sovereign planting the dao fruit, Li Yunzi sucked in a breath of cold air. However, his killing intent didn't dissipate, and his battle intent became even stronger! This battle intent was something the Zhan family had to carry on!

Master Flamespark felt his mind tremble. What Wang Lin said about the Seven-Colored Realm made him think of something terrifying from the past.

Master Lu Fu was moved and suddenly stood up. He clasped his hands at Wang Lin and said, "Fellow Cultivator Wang, this matter is too important. The existence of the Seven-Colored Realm is like a hidden danger to the Inner Realm. Once the Outer Realm invades, this old man worries that the Seven-Colored Realm will bring unimaginable disaster to our world!

"To absorb all the dao intent of my Inner Realm cultivators, what a powerful method! This old man must immediately go to the Demon Sect in the Cloud Sea and let them gather all forces to clear out the remaining six Seven-Colored Realms!" Master Lu Fu's expression was extremely serious. He clearly saw the great danger behind this matter. If not for Wang Lin's report, this would have caused a great disaster when the Outer Realm invaded!

In particular, he thought about the chance that a large amount of cultivators would suddenly die due to their their dao collapsing. That image shocked Master Lu Fu greatly.

It wasn't impossible!

Wang Lin nodded. He had come back to inform the Inner Realm about the things he had learned. He was going to contribute what he could for the war that was to come.

After Master Flamespark heard about the Seven-Colored Realm, he remained silent. His face was gloomy and uncertain as the matter of the past became even more clear in his mind.

Wang Lin noticed something. He looked at Master Flamespark and asked, "Does Fellow Cultivator Flamespark know where the rest of the Seven-Colored Realms are at?"

After he spoke, Master Lu Fu immediately looked over. He had also noticed the change in Master Flamespark. He looked over, waiting for Master Flamespark to reply.

Master Flamepspark clasped his hands at Master Lu Fu and Wang Lin and said, "In the early days, I was being hunted by the Alliance and escaped to Allheaven…" As he spoke, he looked at Wang Lin.

"There were many reasons that relate to my private matter, so I won't say too much. Back then, I was still an elder of the Alliance and inadvertently saw a strange world at the Alliance headquarters… Senior Wang Lin, I wonder if the Seven-Colored Realm you speak of has the the Enlightened Ones… Lost Ones…"

Wang Lin's expression became serious and he nodded.

Master Flamespark said, "Then there should be a Seven-Colored Realm in the Alliance headquarters!"

There was a flash of coldness in Master Lu Fu's eyes and he clasped his hands at Wang Lin. "Fellow Cultivator Wang, I can't stay to entertain you today. I must head to the Demon Sect as soon as possible…"

Wang Lin got up and calmly said, "I'll take care of the Seven-Colored Realm in the Alliance headquarters!"

"Good. Since Fellow Cultivator Wang Lin is acting, then the Seven-Colored Realm in the Alliance headquarters will definitely collapse!" Master Lu Fu nodded

The banquet was short, but the shock Master Lu Fu and company felt after this conversation wasn't any weaker than what they felt during the battle before. After saying their goodbyes, Master Lu Fu waved his sleeve and disappeared into the stars.

Zhou Jin and Ling Dong were put back into the Emperor Furnace by Wang Lin. He was about to leave to deal with the last matter in Allheaven when Master Flamespark hesitated before clenching his teeth and clasping his hands at Wang Lin.

"Senior, I'm very familiar with the Alliance and have a great grudge with Master Zhong Xuan. If senior heads to the Alliance, can I follow?"

Wang Lin pondered a bit and said, "That's good, but my movements are uncertain. Although I'll go, I don't know the specific time…"

"No problem, I can go there and wait there. Once Senior heads to the Alliance, just spread out your divine sense to find me. I hope Senior can look on our past relations and not reject me." Master Flamespark looked sincerely at Wang Lin.

Master Flamespark rarely begged anyone in his life, and saying such pleading words to someone who was a junior in the past made his expression turn complicated.

Wang Lin looked at Master Flamespark. He clearly remembered that in the Thunder Celestial Realm, Master Flamespark had battled the injured Qing Shui. Master Flamespark had also borrowed Wang Lin's thunder beast and used a powerful method to refind the Thunder Celestial Realm.

Wang Lin pondered a bit and then slowly said, "OK!"

After he finished speaking, he waved his sleeve and disappeared from the formation in the blink of eye. Master Flamespark and Li Yunzi looked at where Wang Lin disappeared, and their expressions became complicated.

"Getting old… Really getting old…" Master Flamespark sighed.

"The future of the Inner Realm is his world…" Li Yunzi shook his head. Memories of when he met Wang Lin replayed in his mind.

Wang Lin quickly moved through Allheaven. With every step he took, he crossed immeasurable distances. Out of the four matters he had to take care of in Allheaven, three were complete, so only one left!

The last matter was not revenge or finishing a karma but something to strength himself to prepare for the battle against the Outer Realm! He had taken fancy to something in Allheaven!

This thing had brought him great deal of shock, and even thinking about it now, he was still shaken. Back then, he wasn't qualified to obtain it, but now he had the strength to find and capture it!

He was going to refine it into his life essence ancient god beast!

In truth, when he was still a 6-star ancient god, he could have refined a beast to become his life essence beast, but he had never found one that matched. He really liked the Ji Qiong, but due to his lack of strength, he wasn't able to obtain it.

But even the Ji Qiong paled in comparison to what Wang Lin was aiming for. As for the many fierce beasts in the Cloud Sea, not even the rank 13 beasts could enter Wang Lin's eyes!

"Although I haven't battled with it, from what I saw back then, it should be at the third step!! Even the Moongazer Serpent won't be able to resist against it! I must obtain this beast!"

As he moved forward, there was a hint of battle intent in Wang Lin's eyes. As he moved forward, he was about to charge through to the star domain where he saw it, but at this moment, he suddenly stopped.

"I unknowingly passed this place…" Wang Lin felt a little melancholy. There were two planets before him.

Planet Thousand Illusions, Plant Ran Yun! [1]

Over 1,000 years ago, when Wang Lin came to Allheaven from the rift in the Demon Spirit Land, he arrived on planet Ran Yun… Here, he accompanied Wang Ping for a lifetime… He accompanied Wang Ping as they tread the mountains, cross the rivers, and sailed the seas!

He had given Wang Ping a heart that could tolerate the world. He had given Wang Ping a lifetime of glory and riches, the pinnacle position of power… However, what Wang Lin couldn't give him was a complete body…  The century of feelings between father and son slowly reemerged in Wang Lin's heart when he saw planet Ran Yun. The feeling of an already-faded pain came with this sentiment.

Wang Lin's gaze fell on planet Thousand Illusions… The past with the Hua family appeared in his mind, and Liu Mei, who made Wang Lin feel complicated… A sigh echoed among the stars. He no longer looked at planet Thousand Illusions but looked at planet Ran Yun… It wasn't much different from before, it was as if one thousand years was just a flash for the planet. Although the planet was there, the people were not… Most of the old friends from the past could no longer be found.

A portion of planet Ran Yun was now in autumn. A hint of chilliness swept the world and the dead leaves flew across the lonely night under the moonlight...

On planet Ran Yun, there was a courtyard in a mortal capital city. This courtyard was dark, and at the door of the courtyard hung two faint lanterns, swaying in the wind. The flickering lights from the lanterns seemed to keep away the cold, autumn wind.

1. Chapter 661

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