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Chapter 1497 - Royal Demon Blade

The devil shadow was blurry at the start, but it soon condensed into the shape of an ancient demon. Six stars flashed in the ancient demon's left eye.

His thousands of feet tall body gave off a demonic light, and it let out a roar along with Blood God!

Wang Lin's expression was calm as his gaze pierced through Blood God and coldly looked at the ancient demon.

"You dare to resist before me?"

The ancient god stars between Wang Lin's eyebrows rotated and the aura of the Ancient Order spread out. The Ancient Order head appeared behind him and looked at the ancient demon like it was looking a junior of its clan.

Blood God's mind rumbled. Wang Lin's gaze and the gaze of the head fused together. Blood God felt like a child, and the gaze pierced through his eyes, penetrating his origin soul.

His ears buzzed and he let out a miserable scream as he coughed blood. His body trembled and his foot suddenly stopped mid retreat. He unexpectedly didn't dare to move an inch under his gaze!

He clearly felt like his skin had been peeled off, revealing his flesh and blood. He felt that before Wang Lin's gaze, his flesh and blood were about to be pulled, revealing his white bones!

Even his bones started making cracking sounds under this gaze and collapsed inch by inch, revealing the origin soul inside this body!

"I will kill you to complete two of my karmas!" The first was naturally the Blood God hunting Wang Lin! The second was Wang Lin's promise to the girl from the Yao family in the dream!

"Let me help you…" A simple sentence seemed to echo from 800 years ago.

As Blood God let out a miserable scream, a line of blood appeared between his origin soul's eyebrows. This line extended until it crossed over his face, his neck, his chest, and his abdomen!

In an instant, the blood line flashed and Blood God's origin soul was split in half!

The moment his origin soul was split in half, his body shattered inside the vortex!

Blood God's death didn't end this matter!

The moment his origin soul and flesh were torn, a surge of demonic energy rushed out. This demonic energy soon merged with the demon shadow.

A thousand-foot-tall ancient demon appeared inside the vortex. There were six stars rapidly rotating in its left eye. The smell of blood and decay accompanied its large body.

A sharp roar echoed as the ancient demon's thousand foot body anxiously retreated with a panicked look on his face. He had fused with Blood God a long time ago to use him to heal. That year, he clearly noticed the ancient god energy inside Wang Lin's body.

Although Wang Lin was only here as an avatar and his original body was in the Alliance, it still caught the ancient demon's attention. He had used Blood God to order the Yao family to capture Wang Lin so he could absorb the ancient god energy from Wang Lin's soul!

Although the aura between the three Ancient Order clans were different and very difficult to convert, this would've still been beneficial as it could shorten the time he needed to heal.

However, he could have never imagined that an action of the past could have resulted in his demise today!

As he retreated, he started to wave his hands and began chanting in the language of the Ancient Order. A five-colored spell appeared filled with demonic energy and shot toward Wang Lin.

Nine demonic dragon phantoms appeared and charged at Wang Lin! After the dragons, 99 demonic flags appeared and released powerful demonic energy. There was a demon inside every single flag, and the large demons charged at Wang Lin!

Behind the demonic flags, 999 drops of dark red blood appeared out of nowhere and rained down on Wang Lin! Each drop of blood contained the screams of endless souls. These were the souls of the Yao family members that had been gathered for tens of thousands of years.

After the blood rain, 9,999 black needles appeared. They contained powerful demonic energy and powerful toxins. They all rushed toward Wang Lin!

This ancient demon had gone all out. He knew he was going to die, but he wasn't willing to give up!

"Too weak!" Wang Lin didn't allow Ling Dong or Zhou Jin to attack. He coldly looked at the retreating ancient demon and threw a punch!

This was the first punch he had thrown before Master Lu Fu and the tens of thousands of cultivators around!

An Ancient Order punch that would pierce the heavens!

As this punch flew out, the Ancient Order head behind Wang Lin distorted and charged out to fuse with Wang Lin's punch.

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the stars. The entire star domain stopped moving. The mighty punch charged forward under the gaze of tens of thousands of cultivators, under the gaze of Master Lu Fu, and under the gazes of Master Flamespark and Li Yunzi!

The various spells the ancient demon had released all collapsed, and he let out a miserable scream!

The first to collapse were the demonic dragons. It was as if a powerful gust of wind had swept by the nine dragons and immediately disintegrated them, leaving only their roars echoing. However, as the punch swept by, even the echoes dissipated!

After the nine demonic dragons came the demonic shadows that had charged out from the 99 flags. Their roars suddenly stopped when the punch swept by. From afar, it seemed as if Wang Lin had only waved his hand, and his body remained motionless. But a giant phantom fist flew out before him.

After the punch broke past the demonic dragons, it collided with the 99 demonic shadows, and the demonic shadows all collapsed!

Closely after the demonic shadows, the 999 blood drops rained down like arrows. However, they all collapsed when they collided with the fist, unable to stop it at all!

As the thunderous rumbles echoed, Wang Lin's punch crushed everything and pierced through. The 9,999 black needles didn't even touch the fist before they all collapsed, and then the punch launched at the ancient demon!

All of this happened in an instant. The ancient demon screamed as he retreated and folded his arms. His head jerked up, and his mournful voice was heaven-shaking!

"Royal clan weapon, Demon Blade. Earth Burial!"

As his voice echoed, a ray of purple light appeared between the ancient demon's hands. This purple light gave off a powerful demonic aura and turned into a giant blade!

This blade was completely purple and gave off a sharp aura along with the demonic energy. There was an ancient demon star flashing on the blade.

This ancient demon could exist inside this blade; this revealed how extraordinary this blade was!

As the ancient demon slashed the blade down, the demonic blade created a monstrous arc that shot toward Wang Lin's phantom fist!

Wang Lin's eyes became bright!

He didn't expect the little ancient demon to have a royal ancient demon weapon!

Wang Lin laughed as his fist opened up and he grabbed the blade!

In a flash, the purple blade collided with Wang Lin's palm and a powerful shockwave spread in all directions.

Wang Lin's phantom palm grabbed the blade. No matter how much it struggled, it couldn't break free. After it was caught, bursts of roars came from within it.

The ancient demon let out a miserable scream and coughed out a mouthful of life energy. His eyes were filled with despair! The vortex trembled under this shockwave, but Wang Lin remained motionless and his expression didn't even change. Only his clothes and hair fluttered in the wind!

Esteemed Ling Dong and Zhou Jin silently stood behind him. Ling Dong had been personally refined by Wang Lin, so there would be no chance of him rebelling.

Zhou Jin had been forced to submit with the help of the Ancient Order aura. At this moment, he was looking at Wang Lin with a complicated expression. The more powerful Wang Lin became, the more complicated he felt. However, the ancient salve mark suppressed his origin soul, making it impossible for him to resist. It was like a mountain that made him feel like an ant.

"This is a good blade… However, the demon that is using it is a bit weak." Wang Lin waved his right hand and the phantom palm brought the blade to him.

At the same time, the 6-star ancient demon trembled as Wang Lin waved his hand. It was as if Wang Lin was giving off a powerful suction force, and the ancient demon could no longer resist it. Soon, he quickly flew toward Wang Lin. Right after Wang Lin put away the blade, he grabbed the ancient demon's neck!

Although this ancient demon was thousands of feet tall, his body rapidly shrank as he flew toward Wang Lin, and Wang Lin's hand grasped the ancient demon's neck.

The ancient demon began to scream in fear, "Don't kill me! I know a secret!! A shocking secret!! It is related to the Yao family. If you can go there, you can recieve a spell, a three-life spell!!" 

Wang Lin's eyes lit up, but he didn't pay attention to the ancient demon. Instead, he looked at Master Lu Fu, whose face had turned pale from watching Wang Lin's punch.

"So this is the reason why you stopped me from completing his karma."

Master Lu Fu pondered and said, "Indeed. Fellow Cultivator has captured this demon, but this old man still has to prepare for battle, so I won't send you off!"

Although Wang Lin had two third step cultivators as slaves, Master Lu Fu was still a third step cultivator. He had his own price, and although shocked, it was impossible for him to lower himself!

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