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Chapter 1486 - Elder Shen!!

The skinny body was completely rotten. There was no skin, it only had traces of black flesh and blood. This no longer looked like a person but a corpse that had been rotting for countless years!

There were blood vessels buried within the flesh that looked like they were struggling to remain alive. Only in the chest, where the blood vessels crossed, could a fist-sized dark red heart be seen.

This heart was beating; however, what it released wasn't life force but a powerful death aura!

A blood red eye stared at Wang Lin, revealing a hint of anger and fear.

The powerful aura of a fifth Heaven's Blight cultivator came from his body. This aura gathered the powerful death aura here and turned it into the screams of countless souls. It was as if the mournful souls were all roaring at Wang Lin.

Even though the old man had released his fifth Heaven's Blight cultivation, he was far too weak in Wang Lin's eyes!

Ignoring the death vortex formed by the Xiang family ancestor, Wang Lin descended into the gully and stepped into it.

Just as his body entered, the vortex retreated as if it was afraid of getting close to Wang Lin.

Seeing Wang Lin close in, the fear within the Xiang family ancestor became even stronger. He placed his right hand on his beating heart and bursts of roars quickly came from his mouth.

With his right hand on his chest, all his death aura reversed and he used the great Qi Xi Spell!

The Qi Xi spell turned the death aura into life force by force! His rotten body started recovering rapidly.

However, before he could use his Qi Xi spell, Wang Lin was less than 30 feet from the Xiang family ancestor. When Wang Lin got close, he casually pointed forward.

Popping sounds echoed and the Xiang family ancestor's arms collapsed into rotting flesh. Intense pain washed over him and he quickly retreated out from the coffin. However, before he could escape far, Wang Lin pointed a second time.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the Xiang family ancestor's rotting legs collapsed. His body was dragged toward Wang Lin by a powerful suction force.

All of this happened in an instant. A moment later, Wang Lin grabbed the head of the Xiang family ancestor.

Wang Lin didn't waste time talking at all. His origin energy activated inside his body and he began using soul search to find the answer he was looking for!

"You dare to kill me!? My Xiang family is a branch of the ancient Dong Ling family. This old man is from the branch family of the Dong Ling family, this old man is named Dong Lingtai! You dare to kill me!?"

There was madness under the fear in his eyes. He screamed loudly as Wang Lin began soul searching.

"You've destroyed planet Dong Ling and slaughtered tens of thousands of people on planet Dong Ling. You have offended the Dong Ling family, so you will die!!! Not only you, but all your friends and relatives will be destroyed!! You dare to kill me!?"

"Noisy!" Wang Lin's expression was calm, and the moment he spoke, a powerful force rushed into the Xiang family ancestor's body. Everything below the Xiang family ancestor's body collapsed.

Wang Lin's hand held up the Xiang family ancestor's head and he continued his soul search!

However, just at this moment, Wang Lin's eyes lit up. As he continued to soul search, he looked up and looked at the sky outside the gully.

Rays of golden light appeared from thin air and spread in all directions. Soon, a golden gate appeared in the world!

There were two ancient words on this golden gate. These two words were a name!

The name of a family that had existed in Allheaven and in the Inner Realm for far too long!

Dong Ling!

The moment the door appeared, a powerful might spread out from the gate. The gate slowly opened before Wang Lin's gaze and golden light shined out. A giant, golden shadow 10,000 feet tall walked out from inside the gate!

This golden shadow was shining brightly. At a glance, it looked like a golden-armored giant. Its body was extremely solid, as if it was real!

"Sir, you've destroyed planet Dong Ling. That is a crime punishable by death of a thousand cuts. You've slaughtered the people of planet Dong Ling, commiting a crime punishable by the destruction of your soul. You've harmed a member of my Dong Ling clan, which a heinous crime. With these three crimes combined, nine generations of your family will be wiped out!" the golden giant roared, then it raised its right hand. There was a flash of light and a ten thousand foot golden sword appeared and shot toward Wang Lin!

"Killing is killing, what's the point of all this nonsense? Today I'll kill. Anyone who dares to resist will die!" Wang Lin squeezed his right hand and crushed the head of the Xiang family ancestor. He then jumped into the air and pointed at the descending golden sword with his right hand!

This finger contained Wang Lin's Ancient Order power, his cultivation, and even his thunder and fire essences. A thunderous rumble echoed when it collided with the sword.

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes. After he pointed, there was a flash of blood light and the blood sword flew out.

The golden sword trembled violently and suddenly collapsed after colliding with Wang Lin's finger. Even the golden giant trembled and quickly retreated.

Just at this moment, the blood sword closed in and pierced through the retreating golden giant!

Thunderous rumbles echoed, and the golden light seemed to explode from the giant before it collapsed. Golden light seemed to fill the world, and when the giant collapsed, an old man wearing a golden robe appeared below the gate!

The old man's face was pale and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. His eyes were filled with shock. Wang Lin's one finger and sword had broken his god illusion and forced his original body to appear!

Wang Lin's expression was calm as he flew out from the gully and looked at the golden-robed old man!

The golden-robed old man had surpassed the fifth Heaven's Blight and was half a step into the third step, like Esteemed Ling Dong in the past!

Wang Lin waved his sleeves and his white hair fluttered. The aura of a master spread out from him as he slowly said, "I have killed enough today. I'm going to leave. Are you going to stop me?"

The golden-robed old man revealed a complicated expression as he looked at Wang Lin. After a long time, he clasped his hands and said, "Your Excellency is powerful and this old man doesn't have the ability to stop you. However, you have destroyed planet Dong Lin and broken the law of the clan. I must report this to the clan, and what happens after will be decided by the elders!"

Wang Lin's expression was calm. If the cultivators of planet Dong Ling hadn't tried to stop him, he wouldn't have killed them. Should he have just allow them to attack him without fighting back? 

"If others don't offend me, I won't offend them. Behave!" Wang Lin's cold gaze swept over the old man. His words weren't directed at the old man, he was looking at the half-opened golden gate behind the old man.

Then Wang Lin turned around and stepped toward the stars. Ripples echoed and Wang Lin disappeared.

Only after Wang Lin left did the golden-robed old man cough out blood as he could no longer suppress his injuries. There was a bloody mark on his chest where blood flowed out.

The old man's face was extremely pale as he was seriously injured. He was on the edge of death after Wang Lin's one finger and sword. Thinking back now, he still felt lingering fear.

A sigh came from behind the old man. As the light distorted, a person walked out from the gate. This person also wore a golden robe, but he was a middle-aged man.

"Why didn't you attack?" The old man in the golden robe pressed his hand against his chest and looked back at the middle-aged man.

"The ancestor said that once planet Dong Ling is destroyed, my Dong Ling clan will appear once more… It will be a calamity for the Dong Ling clan… That person was not only able to notice me, he also gave a warning. He is not simple!"

The middle-aged man shook his head and looked at the direction where Wang Lin departed.

"Our cultivation levels aren't very different; neither of us have truly entered the third step. Even if I had attacked, I'm afraid I wouldn't have kept him here… My cultivation is a bit strange, so I can feel something you can't… In his body, I felt the aura of two third step cultivators… I fear he only used a small portion of his strength in that short battle against you… How could I fight him?"

"Let's go, there are very few people left in our clan. Only the two of us have awakened…" With that, the middle-aged man was suddenly shocked. He looked back along with the old man in the golden robe.

A shocking aura came out from the half-open gate!

Joy appeared in their eyes and they entered the gate without hesitation.

Only the golden gate remained motionless in the world.

It was a world of ice inside the gate… There was a world in here, but everything was frozen, even the clouds… A number of continents floated around, forming giant glaciers in the world. The sharp icicles were like sharp swords.

A woman was sitting on a frozen continent in the center of the area. The woman was beautiful, but her face was filled with coldness. Her body had been frozen along with the continent, but at this moment, her eyes suddenly opened!

The moment her eyes opened, stars began to appear between her eyebrows and began to rotate. A powerful ancient god aura spread out!

The two cultivators in golden robes entered the frozen world and rushed here. They respectfully floated above the continent the woman was on.

The two of them suppressed the excitement in their hearts and said in unison, "Welcome back from your closed door cultivation, Elder Shen!"

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