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Chapter 1487 - Beautiful Dream of the Past

This woman was even more beautiful than Mu Bingmei. Although she didn't smile, she could cause the hearts of cultivators to beat faster with just one gaze.

Yin energy was gathering between her eyebrows, making her very different from other women. She had her own charm!

When she opened her eyes, they looked like they contained the stars. People couldn't help but lose themselves in her gaze.

Cracking sounds echoed across the frozen continent and soon covered the entire continent. All the ice collapsed and scattered in all directions.

The woman took a deep breath and her ancient stars began to rotate faster. Powerful ancient god energy filled her body.

After a long time, her eyes shined and her delicate-looking hand formed a fist. A powerful rumble echoed from her palm and shook the surroundings.

As she gripped her fist, the stars between her eyebrows stopped, revealing seven purple stars!

7-star ancient god!

7-star female ancient god!

When her identity as an ancient god was revealed, it all made sense. Why Master Yi Mu had gone after the Moongazer Serpent!

Why Wang Lin would have all his life force taken by the Xiang family ancestor! The life force that was taken was ancient god life force!

Although Wang Lin didn't know all of this, he understood most of it as he moved through Allheaven!

After looking through the Xiang family ancestor's memories, Wang Lin had learned that the vitality the ancestor had absorbed was to satisfy his own greed due to his cultivation method. He also didn't intend to let Wang Lin leave alive. In truth, the moment Wang Lin entered planet Dong Ling, the Xiang family ancestor saw the resentment of someone from the Xiang family on Wang Lin… After savoring the resentment, he knew which family member it was.

Even without this resentment, the Xiang family ancestor would've still absorbed Wang Lin's vitality. Although Wang Lin wasn't fused with his original body at the time, the powerful vitality revealed through the connection with his original body made the Xiang family ancestor thirst for it.

However, just as he was absorbing the Wang Lin's vitality and was about to kill Wang Lin, an order came from the ancient Dong Ling family. The ancestor didn't dare to disobey, so he gave up the idea of killing Wang Lin. He absorbed a large amount of ancient god life force from Wang Lin's original body.

Wang Lin had learned all of this from searching the Xiang family ancestor's soul. Along with Master Yi Mu's action back then, he speculated a few matters.

"Ancient Dong Ling family…" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he looked back into the distance.

"Inside that family… There is an ancient god!! I just don't know if this ancient god was originally an ancient god or someone who obtained an inheritance like me…" Wang Lin silently pondered for a long time before he withdrew his gaze and walked forward.

"I have already conveyed my warning, so don't mess with me!

"Out of the four matters, two of them are resolved. Now for the third matter… The Yao family's Blood God!" Wang Lin looked calm, but the killing intent in his eyes hadn't faded yet.

"Blood God chased after me back in the day. If not for Brother Qing Shui, my avatar would have died. How can I forget? Also, Blood God has an ancient demon inside him… My ancient demon avatar needs ancient demon power right now… In addition, although I didn't make a promise to that girl from the Yao family, I did make a promise in her dream, which left behind karma… Right now it's time I take care of that." Wang Lin disappeared into the distance.

Planet Dong Ling was broken and all the families on the planet had collapsed. The sounds from the battle on planet Dong Ling spread and this was quickly known by the cultivators in Allheaven.

Planet Dong Ling was the most fierce planet in Allheaven. Its collapse and destruction was enough to shock all of Allheaven.

At this moment, in the southern part of Allheaven, there was a group of 100 cultivators silently moving forward. There was a female cultivator among them.

This woman was no longer young; she looked like a middle-aged woman. Her face contained the traces of time as she silently moved with this group of cultivators.

Although her face was middle-aged, one can vaguely see that she was beautiful in her youth. There was still some residual charm remaining.

All of this was on the pretense that she didn't have so many shocking scars on her face!!

These scars covered up everything. Dark red scars were criss-crossed across this originally beautiful face. The deep gullies of flesh left behind only a hideous and terrifying face. It made people not want to get too close to her.

These scars couldn't be removed by ordinary spells. She had slowly drawn these scar on her face time and time again after they healed. It was as if these scars had been slowly engraved into her soul.

Her cultivation level wasn't very high, only Corporeal Yang. But her body gave off a deep sense of exhaustion and confusion.

Her family members had almost all died in the battle against the Alliance. Even the ancestor that loved her the most was seriously injured in the war and then died to the ancient god around planet Suzaku to save her. Her entire family had collapsed.

After the war ended, she returned to Allheaven tired and injured, but her family no longer existed. She shed tears at her collapsed family's home and then silently left. She silently cultivated alone and became a homeless person.

It was very difficult for a woman to survive in the somewhat chaotic Allheaven after the war. Although she still had some friends, once her family collapsed, what was the use… At that time, she was still young and had beautiful face.

There were many people who wanted her beauty, and many promised she could continue her cultivation. It was difficult for a weak woman to survive without humiliation, and her beauty was lusted after by many.

She was just like the Lu Feiyan in the Origin Sect, but she was even more decisive; she had personally destroyed her beautiful face, thus stopping people from lusting after her!

A beauty was born unlucky, and maybe after destroying her beauty the bad luck would leave. 

She didn't forget her desire from her past. She wanted to become like the ancestor, to become a powerful female cultivator. To have her own world in Allheaven.

However, this wish became further and further away from her… If not for that figure in her heart, she would have long become someone else's furnace, giving up her body in exchange for the protection and the right to continue her cultivation.

However, that figure prevented her from humiliating herself. She refused to let herself sink that low. Although that person may have forgotten about her and didn't even remember her name, she still remembered… She couldn't forget that figure leading the cultivators out of the collapsing Thunder Celestial Realm… She couldn't forget the figure fighting the messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple.

Even more so, she couldn't forget that figure that shocked Allheaven and became the Thunder Celestial! Even though that person didn't know she was among the surrounding bystanders. That person might not know the joy she felt in her heart… In the past 800 years, every time she felt sad, she would think of that figure and give herself the courage to continue to struggle.

The past was like smoke, and it quickly flashed through her mind. Soon, a cultivation planet filled with spiritual energy appeared before them.

The group of cultivators stopped outside the cultivation planet. The leader was a middle-aged man who looked allof. His looked at the cultivators behind him and revealed a hint of loathing when he saw the woman.

Cultivators often cherished the flesh. The flesh was the root of cultivation. Many found methods to keep themselves looking young. Although they couldn't live forever, they continued to look for methods to stay young.

There were many people as ugly as her. Also, she was only a Corporeal Yang cultivator with no family backing, so she could be bullied without consequence.

"Xi Zifeng, use your origin soul to shake the trajectory of this planet." This middle-aged man was at the mid stage of Nirvana Scryer, and his words contained a sense of indisputable majesty.

He had known this woman for a long time, and he was someone who once seeked her beauty. However, it was because of this that every time he saw her ugly appearance, the more discomfort he felt.

To move a cultivation planet, one needed to first use their origin soul to shake it off its trajectory. When the trajectory was changed, the rebound force would injure one's origin soul greatly.

Xi Zifeng silently pondered and her face turned pale. A moment later, she respectfully clasped her hands and said in a hoarse voice, "Lord Messenger, I have shaken the last three planets off trajectory with my origin soul and my injuries haven't recovered. Can I…"

Before Xi Zifeng finished speaking, the middle-aged man frowned and snorted.

Xi Zifeng's body trembled and bit her lower lip. She no longer spoke and turned toward the cultivation planet.

Some of the nearly 100 cultivators behind her couldn't bear it and could only let out a sigh.

"Almost 1,000 years ago, the Xi family was very large, even if it wasn't a top family. The direct descendant of the Xi family, the beautiful and charming Xi Zifeng, ended up like… Fate is cruel…"

"This Xi Zifeng is a rare firm and persistent woman… Unfortunate… Unfortunate…"

"There is nothing to feel pity about. After the war, many people ended up more miserable than her!"

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