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Chapter 1485 - The Ancient Imperial Order

The entire planet was covered in rain of sea water. The rain fell on the earth, slowly spreading and forming rivers.

The power of one punch had shattered all the mountains on planet Dong Ling. The cracks that had appeared had become paths for sea water to form rivers.

The sinkhole and the collapse of the northern land made the rain seem like it was the tears of planet Dong Ling.

The Ancient Order God Tremble not only cause the earth to tremble but also the people's hearts!

The Xu family in the south were all shocked. Panic and despair appeared in their eyes.

Even the Xu family's head and various elders were all shocked.

"This is… What kind of power is this…"

"The ancient formation couldn't stop it at all. All the cultivation planets collapsed, and even planet Dong Ling, which has existed since ancient times, trembled…"

This punch had exceeded their imaginations. It was something that shouldn't exist. It was already in the realm of third step cultivators.

The Liu family in the eastern part of the planet had also witnessed the punch fall from the sky, the planet trembling, and the Lu family being wiped out.

All of them became silent… "Can planet Dong Ling withstand another punch like this…"

In the western part of planet Dong Ling, the people of the Xiang family surrounded the area their ancestor was in. They stared at the sky as the rain fell on their bodies. Their hearts were shocked from fear.

Xiang Yundong was filled with bitterness as he stared dumbfoundedly at all of this, unable to speak a word.

The scene just now was too shocking; it was beyond anyone's imagination. Facing this kind of power, how could they fight it, how can they resist it?

The Liu family's family head, elders, and nearly ten thousand cultivators all looked to the west.

The Xu family in the south was the same, their gazes were all gathered on the west… Even in the west, the Xiang family members were the same. It was unknown who had looked toward where the ancestor was in closed door cultivation first, but soon the entire Xiang family was looking over!

They were waiting for the ancestor's word… To battle or to retreat… Before they could hear the words from the ancestor, they saw a snow white figure in the rain.

Planet Dong Ling had lost all of its defenses before Wang Lin. He had appeared in the sky and his gaze was like lightning as he looked to the west!

"Still not coming out of the coffin yet?" Wang Lin's voice was calm and contained no thunder, but it clearly entered the ears of every cultivator here. It created an invisible pressure on all the cultivators.

"Battle until death!!" A hoarse roar came from the west where the Xiang family ancestor was in closed door cultivation! This roar was filled with endless terror and madness.

After he spoke, all the eyes of the Xiang family members became bloodshot and they charged at Wang Lin! They looked crazy, as if their consciousness had been erased and replaced with endless killing intent!

There was also the Xu family in the south. The nearly ten thousand cultivators all went crazy. They lost their senses and flew into the air!

As for the Liu family in the east, all the cultivators used those large treasures. Monstrous lights shot into the sky like silver snakes, all of them directed at Wang Lin!

The Liu family members all sat down after using the treasures. They began forming seals, and the sounds of spells being chanted echoed.

"Blood Puppet Spell!" The chanting of nearly 10,000 cultivators fused into one voice that shot into the sky. Then a strange, flowery fragrance came from their bodies!

When the flower fragrance appeared, a giant, yellow sunflower appeared on the ground. The edges were golden but the center was black. Numerous seed-like grains could be seen!

However, Wang Lin could clearly see that these grains were the heads of these ten of thousands of cultivators!

Just at this moment, a line of blood appeared on their necks as their chanting became more violent. Soon, there was a flash of red and their heads disconnected from their bodies. Large amounts of blood poured out and fused with the spell to form a powerful force!

The giant sunflower released a golden light mixed with blood red light. It flew off the ground and charged at Wang Lin!

From afar, it looked like a giant pillar of light was shooting toward Wang Lin!

A destructive force quickly spread out from inside the pillar of light. Then a headless shadow vaguely appeared inside the light. This shadow wore armor and held a lance as it charged inside the pillar of light!

This power surpassed the limit of fifth Heaven's Blight cultivators through some unknown method and was infinitely close the Joss Flame spells of third step cultivators!

It could even be said that the aura from this pillar of light was infinitely close to the aura of an early stage Nirvana Void third step cultivator! All of this was because of the headless shadow inside the light!

Wang Lin suddenly turned around and his lightning like gaze swept by. He saw the headless shadow. The pillar of light was too fast, and now it was less than 30 feet from Wang Lin!

It was as if it was giving Wang Lin no chance to dodge!

But Wang Lin had no intention of dodging. His eyes lit up and he raised his right hand. As the pillar of light closed in, his hand pressed forward!

Thunderous rumbles echoed across planet Dong Ling and spread out in all directions as a roar. The pillar of light collided with Wang Lin's right palm. The headless figure inside the light thrusted the lance at Wang Lin's palm!

Thunderous rumbles echoed. Wang Lin's white hair was swept by as if hit by a powerful wind. His clothes flapped violently as if they were going to be torn off his body!

However, Wang Lin's body didn't move at all. Not even his expression changed at all. He withstood an attack that was close to the attack of a Nirvana Void cultivator with just one palm!

Under the thunderous rumbles, the world seemed to be torn apart. A large gully appeared on the earth below Wang Lin. The gully extended deep into the planet, and at this instant, the eastern part of planet Dong Lin separated from the planet!

If one looked from afar, they would clearly see part of planet Dong Ling crack and separate from the planet. The huge fragment of the planet filled with the dead cultivators that had used the Blood Puppet Spell flew off into the vast space.

Planet Dong Ling became crippled and began to collapse on a large scale!

The pillar of light disappeared and the headless figure dissipated with it… Wang Lin didn't retreat a single step until the pillar of light disappeared, then he slowly withdrew his right hand.

"There is such a spell…. To destroy it… is a bit of a pity."

The moment the pillar of light dissipated and planet Dong Lin began to collapse, the remaining cultivators all went crazy because the Xiang family ancestor had shouted to fight to the death.

They all charged at Wang Lin! Their eyes were red as if they wouldn't give up until they killed Wang Lin!

"I, Wang Lin, have killed a lot of people. I don't mind killing people… I don't know why you're sending them to death, but… I can fulfill your wish!" Wang Lin was calm as he watched the tens of thousands of cultivators charging at him. He raised his right hand and gently waved!

The moment he waved, nine-colored fire appeared in Wang Lin's left eye. As his right hand waved, the fire spread across the world!

Ethereal Fire cultivators excelled in group battles!

With this wave, Ethereal Fire began to burn inside these cultivators' bodies. Miserable screams echoed as they were all burnt to ashes.

There was no exception. In a flash, Wang Lin was like a burning candle, and these crazed cultivators were like moths that continued to die to the fire.

As the sea of fire spread, the entire sky became covered with white gas. Wang Lin slowly walked toward the western part of the planet, where the Xiang family ancestor had stolen his vitality!

As Wang Lin marched forward, miserable screams continued to echo. All the cultivators that got close to him burned to ashes.

No one could stop Wang Lin's advance. Soon, Wang Lin arrived in the western part of the planet, where the earth was dark red. Before him was the deep gully that led to the cave the Xiang family ancestor was in!

Wang Lin took a step forward and entered the gully. Just as he entered, a roar came from the earth yellow coffin. Large amounts of viscous, yellow liquid flew out and formed a wave that shot toward Wang Lin!

The smell of rotting flesh and the death aura combined with this liquid and formed a storm that shot toward Wang Lin. Wang Lin remained calm, and the moment the storm closed in, he waved his hand. The storm collapsed, and the yellow liquid emitted sizzling sounds when it fell on the surrounding rocks.

At the same time, the dried-up right hand that held the edge of the coffin gripped hard. A gasping, hoarse voice came out from the coffin.

"The Ancient Imperial Order states that those that destroy planet Dong Ling will have nine generations of their family killed!" As the sound of his voice echoed, the Xiang family ancestor struggled to stand up with his terrifying body.

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