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Chapter 1484 - Master Lu Fu's mistake!

Just as Wang Lin stepped forward, orders came out within the Lu family on planet Dong Ling!

"Formation, become the sky!"

"Restrict the Devil Celestial!"

"Suppress all directions!"

When the orders were given, the thousands of cultivators on the smaller planets all formed seals. A light curtain appeared and wrapped around plant Dong Ling!

In a flash, the light curtain increased to one thousand layers, ten thousand layers, one hundred thousand layers, one million layers, ten million layers… Until it was ninety nine million layers! 

The light from the light curtain pierced through space and spread in all directions. It filled the eastern part of Allheaven. Even the other three domains could see a powerful light in the east!

All of Allheaven was shocked by this. The groups of cultivators pulling planets, all the cultivation planets, and the army of cultivators moving all saw this light coming from the east!

In an area far from planet Dong Ling, at the place where the main preparations of Allheaven were taking place, more than 600 planets had gathered to form the formation. Deep within the vortex, Master Lu Fu looked into the distance.

Beside him, Master Flamespark, Blood God, and Li Yunzi were pale. They felt the endless light coming from planet Dong Ling.

"Planet Dong Ling came from ancient times. There are rumors saying that the Lu family has raised a formation spirit for tens of thousands of years. Once it is activated and the spirits enter, its power would be shocking. I wonder if Wang Lin can break it open…"

"I don't know how his cultivation has reached such a terrifying level. However, it will take some time to break open planet Dong Ling's formation…"

"How long would it take for me to break this formation…" Master Lu Fu looked into the distance, and an answer already appeared in his heart.

"20 breaths is enough! I want to see how long it will take this Wang Lin to break it!"

More than 90 million layers of light formed thisa formation that even Master Lu Fu would need 20 breaths to open. This formation had reached the limit of second step cultivators. Even a fifth heaven's blight cultivator would find it impossible to break this formation alone!

Wang Lin's eyes were calm and coldly watched the light curtain reach a terrifying degree of power. He revealed a sneer.

"This is a bit more interesting… However, this level isn't enough!"

Wang Lin raised his right hand and pointed at the sky. The seven ancient god stars between his eyebrows rotated. A powerful ancient god energy, or to be more accurate, Ancient Order energy, erupted from Wang Lin's body!

The moment this aura appeared, it caused space itself to distort, and countless spatial rifts appeared. It was as if space itself couldn't withstand the Ancient Order aura!

Ancient Order was an existence stronger than ancient gods!

Because ancient gods branched off from the Ancient Order! As this aura spread out, a giant phantom appeared behind Wang Lin!

This phantom was blurry, and it was just a head. A head without a left eye!

This head was large and covered the entire sky! A powerful pressure spread out across the entire eastern domain of Allheaven!

The moment this aura appeared, all the cultivators who felt it were shocked. It was as if they were sensing something outside of their comprehension!

When Master Lu Fu saw this giant head, his pupils shrank and disbelief filled his eyes!

"This… This… What is this!?! Ancient God? Ancient Demon? Ancient Devil?"

Not many people knew of the existence of the Ancient Order. This was the first time Master Lu Fu had seen it!

Wang Lin's expression remained calm as he raised his right hand and slowly formed a fist. As he lowered his hand, he gently threw a punch at the light curtain!

"God Tremble!"

Space trembled. As Wang Lin threw that punch, an illusory fist appeared and flew forward. This fist was hundreds of thousands of feet large!

In a flash, the giant fist touched the 99 million layers of light.

The light curtain rumbled and flashed brightly when the punch landed. The thunderous rumbles echoed across the entire star domain!

With no resistance at all, the layers of light curtain collapsed! More than 30 million layers, 60 million layers, 80 million layers, 90 million layers… It was as if the fist had hit the surface of the water and slammed into it. The formation collapsed and disintegrated rapidly!

The layers of light curtain continued to collapse, unable to stop the fist at all. In just one breath, the fist penetrated all 99 million layers!

The formation was torn apart, revealing the vortex formed by the dozens of rotating planets. The vortex was hit by the fragments of the formation, causing thunderous rumbles to echo. Large cracks appeared on these planets, making it look as if they could collapse at any moment.

However, this didn't end here. Wang Lin's God Tremble was a powerful blow created with his new 7-star ancient god power that he had obtained from the Ancient Order inheritance!

The light curtain formation was like a piece of paper that was blown apart by one punch. It couldn't even offset 10% of the punch's power!

Just the physical strength of a 7-star ancient god could match third step cultivators, so how could the tiny planet Dong Ling resist?

As the thunderous rumbles echoed, the illusory fist collided with the vortex around planet Dong Ling!

It exploded!

The dozens of cultivation planets that formed the vortex trembled. On more than 10 planets, large gullies appeared on their surfaces and they showed signs of breaking. A moment later, they were all torn apart!

Many cultivators were torn apart as the planets collapsed. All those powerful elders that had been maintaining the formation were unable to escape. They were erased from existence along with the planet!

Wang Lin's punch charged into the vortex and shot toward planet Dong Ling!

As his fist moved forward, the remaining dozen planets smashed toward his punch, but they all collapsed one by one!

Seeing that Wang Lin's fist was about to land on planet Dong Ling, a mournful scream came from the Lu family on the northern part of the planet. The nearly ten thousand cultivators all coughed out blood on the dozen or so old men in the center. The old men's bodies immediately began to swell.

A moment later, the bodies of these elders looked like balls of blood. Their clothes were ripped open and large amounts of blood vessels could be see under their skin!

"Blood sacrifice. Formation spirit, condense!"

As these words echoed, the dozen old men exploded into large amounts of blood mist that gathered in the middle. A roar came from the blood mist and then a blood shadow shot out into the sky!

The blood shadow was blurry, making it impossible to see its appearance. However, there was a powerful restriction aura coming from its body!

At this moment, the northern part of planet Dong Ling was dark. All light was replaced by the giant fist. Wang Lin's punch had descended upon planet Dong Ling!

The blood shadow charged at the fist!

It let out a heaven-shaking roar and collided with Wang Lin's Ancient Order punch!

A violent rumble echoed across planet Dong Ling. It spread out in all directions, passing by Wang Lin and making its way across the eastern domain!

However, before this rumble dissipated, the blood shadow exploded into a rain of blood that descended from the sky!

Before the blood rain hit the ground, Wang Lin's Ancient Order punch flew past it and landed on the northern part of planet Dong Ling!

The entire planet trembled and the earth in the north collapsed layer by layer. The nearly ten thousand cultivators all died. A giant sinkhole hundreds of thousands of feet wide appeared!

The hole reached down to 60% of planet Dong Ling's circumference. The sinkhole was completely black and gave off the smell of blood. Planet Dong Ling trembled. Although it didn't explode, even more powerful tsunamis were triggered. The ocean flew into the air, half falling into the sinkhole, while the other half fell like rain over planet Dong Ling!

Soon, the bottom of the sinkhole formed by Wang Lin's punch became an ocean, and it was slowly being filled up… From above, the fist print was very obvious; it looked exactly like a mortal punching into mud!

Eight breaths!

From when Wang Lin threw the punch, it had only taken eight breaths for the light curtain to collapse, all the smaller planets to crumble, the Lu family to get wiped out, and for the giant sinkhole to appear!!

Master Lu Fu suddenly stood up inside the vortex, shock filling his eyes. He found that he had made a huge mistake when analyzing Wang Lin!!

"He hasn't even reached the third step, yet the power of his punch is already terrifying… Eight breaths… Eight breaths…" Master Lu Fu sucked in a breath of cold air. The thought he had when he saw the rain sword was gone. Wang Lin's status in his mind raised greatly. He had already reached the level of his peers!

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