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Chapter 1481 - Yesterday and Today Will Have Clouds and Rain

The raindrops fell and landed on the rock. However, the rain was a bit rush and was disorderly. Instead of joyous, it sounded annoyed.

Fortunately, there was wind that blew away the rain and diluted this hint of annoyance. The mighty sound of the rain echoed.

A person in white unknowingly appeared in the wind and rain. He silently looked at the excited old man on the stone platform.

He didn't stop the rain from drenching his clothes and didn't purposely stop the rain from falling on him like he had done during his enlightenment. Wang Lin just stood silently in the rain.

He allowed the rain to soak his clothes, and a sliver of coldness entered his body. His white hair was wet, but Wang Lin didn't look like he was in a sorry state. Everything felt natural, as if Wang Lin was the mountain, grass, and trees.

Wang Lin smiled at the old man on the stone platform.

"Teacher!!" The old man got up and knelt down in excitement. The rain flowed down his face and mixed with the tears.

It has been 800 years since Wang Lin had come to planet Qing Ling, where he came to seek enlightenment and met the named disciple he had accepted back then.

Xie Qing was merely a flash through Wang Lin's life, but it was because of him that Wang Lin's domain was able to reach completion.

As a result, karma was created between them and he had accepted Xie Qing as his disciple.

Even Wang Lin didn't think that the disciple he had accepted due to the karma would sit on planet Qing Ling for 800 years.

Xie Qing had comprehended the domain Wang Lin had left him for 800 years. With his wisdom as a scholar, his cultivation level had increased by leaps and bounds!

However, Xie Qing had never cultivated any spells or cultivation methods. His path of cultivation was completely different from that of all other cultivators, and even Wang Lin!

Wang Lin had cultivated a fusion of dao and spells. He had used spells to slowly comprehend the grand dao and domain.

Xie Qing had completely given up spells and only cultivated domain!

At this moment, Xie Qing's body was extremely weak, so weak that one flying sword was enough to kill him. His body was like a dried up oil lamp, but he was filled with vitality, so he remained alive!

Although his body was fragile, the 800 years of comprehension had allowed Xie Qing's comprehension of domain to far exceed what an ordinary cultivator could comprehend!

In a competition of domains, not even Nirvana Scryer cultivators could match Xie Qing! His domain had reached the level of Nirvana Cleanser and he had caught a glimpse of laws!

This was a cultivation method that didn't exist in this world. It was similar to how the ancient gods only cultivated their bodies, but Xie Qing only cultivated his domain!

There was no origin soul or nascent soul inside his body. He didn't have of the souls a cultivator should have. He only had that soul filled with vitality!

Even Xie Qing didn't know the reason. He doesn't know any cultivation method and had silently comprehended what Wang Lin had given him for 800 years.

"Soul cultivation…" Wang Lin looked at Xie Qing and pondered.

Wang Lin looked at the rain that fell from the sky. The rain was a bit cold as it hit his face, and he slowly said, "Immortal cultivators seek to become immortal and live forever... Truth cultivators cultivate to seek the truth… Dao cultivators seek to find their own dao… And soul cultivators will refine their soul so that the world becomes their teacher!"

As Xie Qing knelt on the platform, his eyes were filled with confusion and ignorance. The rain became even stronger and his wet clothes clinged to his body, making him feel uncomfortable. Xie Qing was still confused as he subsciously lifted his right hand and formed a spell he had invented himself.

As his right hand formed the seal, the world trembled. The rain that fell from the sky seemed to change directions and fell to the side.

Wang Lin shook his head and whispered, "You still haven't completely given up all spells…

"Xie Qing, look at this mountain. Did it ever stop the rain from falling on it… Look at the river and the ocean. Did they reject the rainfall… Look at the trees and everything else. Aside from us humans, what other beings stop the rain from landing on their bodies?

"Since you are a soul cultivator, why do you still cherish that skin? Return to the origin. Too few people can truly comprehend it… Even Teacher thought that I had comprehended these four words… But only after many things passed and I returned to Allheaven did I gain enlightenment… Returning to the origin is to make oneself become one with the trees, mountains, and rivers. To free oneself of all limitation and become one with the world…. That is truly returning to the origin!"

Xie Qing's body trembled and he vaguely understood something.

Wang Lin waved his right hand and Xie Qing's small spell dissipated. Without the spell, the rain fell down once more.

"If you see yourself as part of this world, if you become the heavens and earth, then this rain is your blood. Why stop them… wind, rain, snow, thunder, and all of nature. You are them, they are  you, how can they hinder you… 800 years and you still haven't seen through the enlightenment I gave you… When you can abandon the flesh, forget all your spells, and become a dao soul, you can come and find me…"

Wang Lin looked at the pondering Xie Qing. His right hand reached into the air and reached at the void. The sky changed colors and the clouds scattered. The rain that covered half the planet seemed to cheer and gathered from all directions.

In a flash, the endless rain gathered like an ocean and fused into a giant rain sword more than 100,000 feet tall!

With a wave of his hand, the rain sword descended from the sky and stabbed into the top of the mountain until 30% of the sword was inside the mountain. More than 60,000 to 70,000 feet of the sword was sticking out, and one could clearly see this giant rain sword from far away!

A powerful might came from this rain sword, and it shrouded the world. It spread out from planet Qing Ling and into space!

The moment the rain sword took shape, Wang Lin's right hand touched the spot between his eyebrows. Ancient god power came from his ancient god stars and flew into the rain sword. Then his thunder and fire essences flew out from his eyes and entered the rain sword!

This simple rain sword now contained two complete essences and Wang Lin's ancient battle aura. This aura didn't spread out too far, but it was enough to shock the entire Allheaven Star System!

"With this sword here, few people would dare to offend this planet!" Wang Lin's voice was calm, but it was filled with an indisputable tone. Even Spirit Void cultivators would hesitate when they felt the aura from this sword. It wasn't worth fighting someone who had almost completed two essences for a cultivation planet… Also, the Ancient Order pressure was enough to shock anyeone!

"This sword, once you completely comprehend it, will be Teacher's gift to you!"

Wang Lin looked at Xie Qing once more before he turned around and left the mountain. His figure gradually became blurry and he disappeared into the distance. 

Xie Qing silently looked at where Wang Lin disappeared. He then knelt down and kowtowed three times.

The past and present had clouds and rain. The drops of rain were like words. Old friends drift away. There was rain, there was a child kneeling… There was kindness owed.

On planet Qing Ling, the Chosen Immortal Clan had long left. They left no trace, as if they had never come here.

Wang Lin left.

He had to go to four places and do four things in Allheaven! Now he had gone to the first place and had completed the first task. As he walked through the bright stars, Wang Lin's eyes gradually turned cold and became filled with killing intent.

"Xiang family ancestor… It is time to deal with the matter of the past…" Wang Lin waved his sleeve and he charged at the Xian family's planet, where he had lost almost all his life force!

Several hours after Wang Lin left a team of a few dozen cultivators were flying toward planet Qing Lin. They were being led by a middle-aged man with a thunder robe!

They were people from the Thunder Celestial Temple. They were ordered to find planets that fit the ancestor's requirement to form the legendary Seven Calamity Star Formation!

Qing Ling met the requirements. After obtaining the order to relocate the planet by force, they were ready to move the planet! However, when they got within 30 million kilometers of planet Qing Ling, they felt the monstrous sword energy.

This sword energy was strong enough to collapse space itself. The middle-aged man in front was hit by this sword energy first and his expression changed. He coughed out blood and was knocked back.

The many cultivators behind him all coughed out blood as well. Their eyes were filled with terror and they all retreated.

It was just as they felt terrified by the sword energy on planet Qing Lin, a distortion appeared above where Xie Qing was cultivating and a person walked out.

This person was an old man wearing a daoist robe. It was Master Lu Fu!

He didn't want to face Wang Lin immediately. When he felt this sword energy, he quietly came here after Wang Lin left. He floated in the air, frowning, and pondered for a moment. Then he pointed at the huge rain sword that had stabbed into the mountain.

There was no sound when Master Lu Fu touched the rain sword. But his body trembled and he looked up with terror in his eyes.

"This is the aura!! Similar to an ancient god but completely different. This aura makes this old man's skin scrawl! Also… Inside this sword… There are two essences!!!"

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