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Chapter 1482 - Planet Dong Ling's Xiang Family!

Master Lu Fu took a deep breath, and the shock in his eyes became even stronger. He already had some idea, but now that he personally saw it, he was still shocked!

However, this shock quickly disappeared and Master Lu Fu's eyes lit up. He then slowly revealed a sneer.

"Fortunately, he hasn't reached the third step! As long as he hasn't reached the third step, I don't believe he would dare to fight this old man!! So what if he has two essences? Mere weed. If he doesn't provoke me, then it doesn't matter, but if he dares then this old man will teach him what kind of an existence a third step cultivator at the early stage of Nirvana Void is!"

Planet Dong Ling, the most mysterious place in Allheaven! Wang Lin had heard rumors of this place in the past.

This planet had no fixed position but slowly floated in the eastern part of Allheaven. Even if you were at the Nirvana Shatterer stage, it was an extremely difficult task to find planet Dong Ling.

Even if you used your divine sense, you won't find it due to the unique structure of the planet. The vast majority of cultivators relied on their naked eye to find the planet.

However, this didn't include Wang Lin!

At this moment, in the vast eastern part of Allheaven, there was a shocking cultivation planet slowly floating. Potholes were just barely visible all over the planet. The planet gave off a dark yellow glow and emitted a powerful pressure.

Planet Dong Ling!

This planet was not by itself; there were dozens of smaller cultivation planets orbiting it. They moved along with planet Dong Ling.

Flashes of formation light connected the small planets with planet Dong Ling. From afar, it looked like a giant net!

At this moment, the formations on planet Dong Ling were completely active, causing popping sounds to echo across the star system.

One could vaguely see that there were flashes of sword light on those dozens of small planets. There were many cultivators rapidly adding formations on to them to increase planet Dong Ling's defensive power.

The tense atmosphere could be clearly felt from the gloomy expressions of these thousands of cultivators.

None of the cultivators spoke; all of them were busy placing down formations. Then they activated all the formations placed down on these dozens of planets.

There were three old men sitting in the eyes of the formations inside each of these planets. There were nearly 100 of them, and each of them gave off an ancient aura. They were people who had lived for far too long and wouldn't casually come out.

However, they had no choice but to come out now! However, the Xiang family representative, Xiang Yundong, had returned with a terrifying news!

Wang Lin, who had his vitality stolen by the ancestor, had returned with enough power to make even Master Lu Fu worried!

This news shook the entire Xiang family. After pondering for a moment, the current head of the family and the head elder immediately issued the Dong Ling Blood Order!

The Xiang family was the secret ruler of planet Dong Ling, but they rarely showed their faces. Even the cultivators of Allheaven didn't know this, they only knew that there were three big families on planet Dong Ling!

Xu, Lu, Liu!

The Xu family produced a lot of slaughter gods and was very famous. Just mentioning their name was enough to make one tremble!

There was also the Lu family. Although not as famous as the Xu family, they were very good at restrictions. However, they didn't have the inheritance of one of the four great ancient restrictions, like Li Yuan's family, but they had many genius who were well versed in restrictions!

All the formations on planet Dong Ling had been placed by the Lu family!

Lastly, the Liu family had become famous from developing magic treasures. Their Nine Blood Puppet Spell was a shocking fusion of spells and magic treasures. Rumor had it that ever since it was created, it was only used once. 

However, the one time it was used it extinguished almost all life in the eastern part of Allheaven as if the end of the world had arrived!

These three great families were constantly fighting with each other, using this cruel method to maintain the vitality of their families! However, only a few old monsters knew that in truth, the Xu, Lu, and Liu were all just branches of the Xiang family!

The Xiang family was the strongest family in the Allheaven star system! They could even match the Thunder Celestial Temple, and the Thunder Celestial Temple would be at a disadvantage! Of course, this was under the premise of not counting Master Lu Fu.

The Xiang family was like a sleeping behemoth. The moment they awakened, they would shake the entire Allheaven star system!

That's why Xian Yundong, who was the representative of the Xiang family, was chosen as one of the four people who learned a dao spell from Master Lu Fu even though he was clearly lacking in cultivation!

The four people Master Lu Fu had picked all had a deeper meaning, whether it was Blood God, Li Yunzi, or Master Flamespark!

There was a rumor circulating among some of the old monsters. This rumor was related to the Xiang family, but no one knew if it was true or false. Perhaps only Master Lu Fu could authenticate this rumor!

It stated that the most mysterious family with an inheritance from ancient times had a connection with the Xiang family. The implication of this rumor was that the Xiang family was a branch of this extremely mysterious family that people didn't even know the name of!

The Xiang family existed only to guard the gate of this extremely mysterious family!

The ancient cultivation family had existed since before the Celestial Realm collapsed. The amount of power they had accumulated was unimaginable!

They were also extremely mysterious, and people from that family rarely appeared in the past few tens of thousands of years. Even though Wang Lin was in Allheaven when Master Lu Fu started the war against Allheaven, this mysterious family had only sent out one order and one person.

The order was to bestow the celestial titles. It was the old man who tried to seal the essence from the Moongazer Serpent, Master Yi Mu.

All three families on planet Dong Ling were mobilized under the blood order from the Xiang family. At this moment, the entire planet was ready for battle.

The earth was dark red as if it had been soaked in blood since ancient times. The smell of blood had lingered here for a long time.

Perhaps because the smell of blood was too strong, the entire area emitted a tyrannical aura.

The eastern part of the planet was a endless grave. The countless limbs, white bones, and the rotten flesh on the bones attracted vultures. They circled in the sky, and some of them were pecking at the rotten flesh. 

The entire eastern area was filled with a monstrous death aura. The death aura formed a large, invisible vortex that could cause a cultivator's mind to tremble.

Countless mournful souls were letting out silent cries filled with resentment.

Wang Lin had come here once before. This was where the only surviving ancestor of the Xiang family stayed in closed door cultivation!

The deeper under the ground, the darker the ground became. No life could survive here. Even the Xiang family members wouldn't casually come here unless there was something important.

Every time they came, their vitality would be absorbed by the earth. Then they would be extremely weak after leaving and would need to cultivate immediately.

Right now there were two old men in black slowly walking over with gloomy expressions. They had walked deep into this area.

One of the old men respectfully clasped his hands at the earth and said, "Ancestor, everything has been set up as you commanded. We only need to wait for that Wang Lin to arrive."

The old man's voice penetrated the ground and echoed deep within the earth. It finally arrived in a vast, hollowed out area underground.

At a glance, there was no end to this hollowed out area, only an endless sea of heads! The death aura here was countless times stronger than outside.

At the center of this sea of human heads, there was a tower of heads. There was an earth yellow coffin on the tower of aheads. Some parts of the coffin were festering, and thick, yellow water was flowing down from the coffin. The water kept dripping on the human heads, creating sizzling sounds.

When the voice of the old man in black entered here, it became a lot weaker upon hitting the death aura. The voice entered the coffin, and after a brief moment of silence, a hoarse voice slowly came out.

"That child's vitality back then was very good, very good… I was able to savor it for a long time… He was fortunate that he lost his vitality but didn't die…

"All of you, retreat. Master Lu Fu was exaggerating. That child has not reached that level. Master Lu Fu said it because he wants Wang Lin to test the guess he has in his heart… This matter will not be an issue!"

The earth trembled and the voice of the person in the coffin echoed. After hearing the ancestor's words, they felt relieved. After hearing the news Xiang Yundong had brought back, they were shocked, but the ancestor was heaven to them.

Since the ancestor had said that there would be problem, then nothing could go wrong!

However, none of them, including the Xiang family ancestor, had noticed that a figure in white had appeared in this region and was heading toward planet Dong Ling!

Wang Lin had arrived!

Wang Lin looked at planet Dong Ling, which was covered in formations, and the dozens of smaller planets surrounding it. He recalled back when he came here with Qing Shui and Xiang Yundong, all the hope he had back then.

Wang Lin's eyes gradually became extremely cold!

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