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Chapter 1480 - The most difficult trial and old friend return

Wang Lin's expression remained calm and withdrew his eyes. With his cultivation level, he clearly felt the fluctuations. Someone had used a dao spell to lock on to him.

"It looks like my return has attracted the attention of a lot of people… That's good too!" Wang Lin revealed a smile. Right now he had the strength to face everything.

Even if others knew of his return, it didn't matter to him!

Wang Lin confidently walked forward. He wasn't fast or slow, but every step he took he crossed immeasurable distances as he walked through this familiar star system.

There was a group of almost 100 cultivators flying through the star system in the distance before Wang Lin. They were holding silk-like threads that were wrapped around a cultivation planet.

There was a middle-aged man among these cultivators. His eyes were like lightning and he had peak Nirvana Cleanser cultivation. He gave off a sense of majesty, especially his eyes that shined brightly. Lighting arched around him, making him look even more dignified.

"All of you, pay attention and apply force at once to not damage the cultivation planet. Otherwise, the blame from the Thunder Celestial Temple will be the least of our worries. If the battle preparations are affected, we can all go home into closed door cultivation!"

This middle-aged man's voice was like thunder, spreading out into the ears of these cultivators. When they heard this, they all smiled.

"Zhan Konglie, it's fine if we go into closed door cultivation, but you're the leader of this generation of the Zhan family. How can your ancestor let you go into closed door cultivation?"

"Normally, it's fine to be sent into closed door cultivation as a punishment, but now the battle preparations have begun. I don't want to be sent into closed door cultivation as a punishment when the war is about to begin!"

"Brother Zhan, I heard that all four major star systems are preparing for battle, but the Cloud Sea is leading. Many of us are confused as to why the Cloud Sea is leading, have you heard anything?"

Laughter echoed. Everyone was using their origin energy to slowly pull this planet off its orbit. The planet was slowly being dragged forward.

The middle-aged man was Zhan Konglie. He also had a thin line in his hand and was pulling the planet. He laughed. "This matter was set by our Allheaven's ancestor, Master Lu Fu, and the people from the three other star systems. I also don't know much. If there is any news, I'll tell you all. What's the rush?"

When Master Lu Fu was mentioned, these cultivators' eyes became filled with fervor. They had only learned about Master Lu Fu in recent years. In their eyes, Master Lu Fu was the strongest existence in Allheaven. As long as Master Lu Fu existed, Allheaven would exist forever!

Looking at the people around him, Zhan Konglie let out a sigh in his heart. Although there was respect in his eyes, there was no fervor. It was as if all his fervor had been taken away by someone a long time ago.

He once had that fervent gaze that all these people had. As long as that person said it, he would do this best to achieve it!

The fervor for that person hadn't dissipated with the passage of time. Instead, the more he understood, the stronger that fervor became.

"But where is he now…" There was a well-hidden trace of reminiscence in his eyes. He often thought of the past.

That person that had passed through Allheaven affected not only him, but also Shengong Hu. Thinking about Shengong Hu, he let out a cold snort. Over the years, Shengong Hu had always been against him, and the two had confronted each other a lot.

These 100 cultivators slowly flew forward and flew faster and faster. They were charging ahead through the star system.

A moment later, a white figure slowly walked over from the distance before these cultivators. After seeing them, the figure stopped and silently looked at them.

The appearance of the man in white caught the attention of these cultivators, especially Zhan Konglie. His eyes narrowed, but with his cultivation level, he couldn't clearly see what this person in white looked like.

"A bit strange. Everyone, be careful!" Zhan Konglie arrived at the front and spread out his divine sense.

The two sides got closer and closer, but the man in white didn't do anything. He only watched as they passed by him.

No one could clearly see his appearance. It was as if all gazes would distort when they looked toward him. It was as if he was standing on a black vortex that could devour everything.

It wasn't until the 100 cultivators had pulled the planet past the person in white that they all relaxed.

"That person's cultivation isn't simple. From how he looked, he shouldn't be someone from Allheaven…"

"Right now the barrier between the four star systems is open. As long as they know the path, they can travel as they wish. That person should be from another star system."

As they gradually left, Zhan Konglie turned around and looked at the man in white, who was still looking at him. He frowned.

"This person… Feels vaguely familiar…"

Wang Lin looked at the group of cultivators before him and looked at Zhan Konglie. He recalled the past. Zhan Konglie looked a bit older than before. Back then, in the thunder pool, Zhan Konglie clearly had a higher cultivation level. However, after being shocked from when he comprehended a sliver of thunder origin, Zhan Konglie wanted to become his servant. Wang Lin smiled as he thought about this.

"To be able to see an old friend is a great blessing in life…" Wang Lin smiled as he walked into the distance.

He was very happy.

Wang Lin moved further and further away. The distance between them was almost endless. Zhan Konglie frowned and couldn't even hear the words of the cultivators around him. He looked at the person in white disappear before his eyes. That sense of familiarity lingered in his heart.

"Very familiar…" Zhan Konglie turn around and flew off with the other cultivators. However, he continued to search his heart. Where did that familiar feeling come from?

The person in white continued to appear in his mind. The white hair appeared again and again in his mind.

"I must have met that person before!" Zhan Konglie rubbed his brow, but his hand suddenly stopped. At this moment, the figure in white gradually became one with the person in his memory. The two figures slowly overlapped, and at that moment, it was as if 100,000 bolts of thunder exploded in his mind. His body trembled!

There was disbelief in his eyes and he subconsciously turned around. His face turned red and his eyes widened. After a moment of trance, he could hear his heart beating loudly!

"It's… him!!"

Without hesitation, Zhan Konglie charged forward like a bolt of thunder toward where Wang Lin went.

His sudden action shocked the nearly 100 cultivators around him.

Zhan Konglie used almost his full speed to cross the star system. However, the stars was vast before him and Wang Lin's figure was gone.

Zhan Konglie only stopped after a long time. He revealed a bitter expression.

"Why didn't you call out to me…" He stood there for a long time… Zhan Konglie bowed slightly and then left.

Allheaven Star System. In its depths, there was an almost empty star domain. It was very desolate here, and the cultivation planets here didn't have much spiritual energy. There was a small cultivation planet that gave off a soft glow.

Oceans covered 70% of this planet and the landmasses were scattered. From a distance, it was a blue sphere.

Planet Qing Ling!

There were cultivators on this planet, but their cultivation levels were not high. There were only three Soul Transformation cultivators here.  Right now, on the highest peak of planet Qing Ling, the Soul Transformation cultivators were standing respectfully before an old man.

The old man was wearing a scholar's robe. He didn't look like a cultivator but rather a mortal scholar. He was calmly sitting at the top of the mountain.

He had been sitting here for more than 800 years.

All of this was because of his teacher's words.

"In my entire life, I've never had any disciples. Since your enlightenment was a karmic cause I created, I can accept you as an honorary disciple! I'll gift you this mountain for a while to cultivate. I won't teach you any spells and will instead only gift you a chance at comprehension!"

The old man slowly opened his eyes. He didn't look at the three Soul Transformation cultivators before him but silently looked at the clouds in the horizon.

"The three of you can leave… This place belongs to Teacher… Until Teacher returns, no one can take a single blade of grass, a log of wood, or a single drop of water from this planet."

"However, due to the war preparations, the Thunder Celestial Temple has sent down an order. They will come to pick up the planet in three days. We…" One of the Soul Transformation elders was anxious, and the old man looked back at him.

Just one gaze caused the Soul Transformation cultivator to tremble, and he didn't dare to continue speaking. The three of them respectfully left.

The old man silently pondered and looked at the layer of fog in the sky for a long time. Then a faint sound of thunder echoed across the sky and the wind blew the clouds over to cover up the sun.

The sounds of rain echoed as it closed in from the distance and shrouded the earth.

The raindrops falling on the top of the mountain were large and continued to pour. The world became blurry and the wind was powerful. The old man's clothes were soaked, but the rain couldn't block his gaze toward the sky.

A sigh seemed to echo across the world and landed in the old man's ears. The old man trembled and his eyes were filled with excitement.

"I remember… Your name is Xie Qing!"

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