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Chapter 1477 - Ancient Order Inheritance!

One punch and one finger erupted when Wang Lin opened his eyes. The God Tremble punch created countless ripples with Wang Lin as the center. The earth around him trembled and shattered!

Countless fragments were scattered in all directions. Each ripple contained vibrations that erupted with this punch!

The earth of the palace collapsed and the sky was torn apart. Thunderous rumbles echoed and the remaining corpses were all destroyed. A large storm formed with Wang Lin as the center.

This storm rumbled and shot at Tuo Sen!

Tuo Sen let out a roar and popping sounds echoed. He struggled to move forward inside this storm!

Wang Lin withdrew his finger and the devil dao finger collided with the God Slaying Spear. A powerful roar that overpowered the sound of the storm echoed.

The God Slaying Spear trembled when the power of Wang Lin’s God Tremble and Devil Dao collided with it, forcing it to stop!

It was as if Wang Lin’s finger had become the hardest object in the world, hard enough to stop the God Slaying Spear!

The God Slaying Spear was trembling violently. Aside from fighting the devil dao, the trembling was mostly caused by the ripples.

The ripples spread in all directions and charged at the God Slaying Spear. Layers of runes appeared on the God Slaying Spear. The runes flashed violently; it seemed like they were going to separate from the God Slaying Spear due to this vibration.

The God Slaying Spear was the strongest royal ancient god treasure Tu Si had. Tuo Sen was closest to matching Tu Si, so the power he could display with it was only weaker than Tu Si’s!

When Wang Lin’s finger touched the God Slaying Spear, he felt an indescribable force rush into his finger. His finger felt like it was going to break, and the powerful force raged inside his body.

Blood flowed out from Wang Lin’s mouth, but his eyes were filled with determination. He remained calm as if everything was part of his plan.

This included the powerful force from the God Slaying Spear!

At this moment, his divine sense desperately rushed into the throne and closed in on the mysterious connection to the heart in the third layer. However, the closer he got, the more powerful the rejection force became. Wang Lin couldn’t reach the heart in the third layer with his own power!

It was also at this moment that the powerful force from the God Slaying Spear erupted from Wang Lin’s body. Several more cracks appeared on the throne and the stone platform collapsed a bit more.

At the same time, the powerful force that had entered his body was forced by Wang Lin to rush into the throne!

His divine sense was about to dissipate as he slowly moved through the rejection force. However, the force from the spear pushed it like an arrow through all the rejection force. Wang Lin’s divine sense entered that mysterious connection and connected with the heart in the third layer!

When Wang Lin’s divine sense and the heart connected, the real inheritance began. At this moment, Wang Lin heard the beating of the heart in the third layer in his mind.

This sound was like thunder, and it echoed inside his mind. It also affected his heart, and a moment later, his heart was beating at the same rhythm!

The sound of the heart beating became louder and louder. Wang Lin immediately felt intense pain from his heart, as if he was suffering a pressure that had pushed him to his limit!

As his heart maintained the same beat, a mysterious connected formed between the two hearts. Large amounts of strange memories that made Wang Lin’s head ache filled his mind!

These memories were a mess, and they came in like a flood. They didn’t care if Wang Lin could withstand it!

He felt like his soul was being torn apart; this was more painful than the first trial. Facing this pain, Wang Lin let out a mournful roar.

The heart in the third layer started beating even faster until the beats connected together. Wang Lin’s heart also started beating along with it. If one could see through Wang Lin’s ancient god body, they would see his heart beating so fast, it seemed like it was going to explode. Large amounts of blood came out of his blood vessels and dyed the surroundings red.

All of this happened in a flash.

As the heart in the third layer beat violently, a sigh seemed to echo in Wang Lin’s mind. The last burst of force from the heart charged at Wang Lin’s mind!

Wang Lin coughed out blood and countless cracks appeared on his heart. Wang Lin had a ferocious expression, and as he roared, Ancient God Tu Si’s figure appeared behind him!

This figure was also filled with pain, as if he was struggling!

However, under the force from the heart in the third layer, Tu Si’s shadow collapsed. It was erased from Wang Lin’s inheritance!

The moment Tu Si’s shadow disappeared, a giant head replaced Tu Si behind Wang Lin!

Just this head was as large as Tu Si’s whole body. The head was blurry, making it impossible to see what it looked like. However, its left eye was empty and black blood was flowing out of the socket. The head looked extremely ferocious.

The moment the head appeared, the last force from the heart rushed into Wang Lin, and the stone platform below him collapsed completely!

The mountain-like stone platform disintegrated. Countless stone fragments scattered in all directions!

The stone platform completely collapsed as if it couldn’t withstand this force. Even most of the throne had collapsed. The armrests had shattered and half of the backrest was broken.

Wang Lin’s body seemed like it was about to shatter under this force. Wang Lin withdrew his finger from the God Slaying Spear and waved it. A monsterous blood light flashed and the blood sword appeared!

At this moment, without Wang Lin’s finger stopping it, the God Slaying Spear charged forward as if it wanted to pierce through Wang Lin!

Blood light flashed and the blood sword appeared. He infused the force of the collapsed platform, collapsed throne, and the extremely domineering aura from the beating heart in the third layer into the blood sword!

It flew at the God Slaying Spear!

A thunderous rumbled echoed across the heavens and earth. The blood sword and the God Slaying Spear collided. The blood sword hit the tip of the spear and sliced through as if it was cutting bamboo. The shocking impact and sharpness of the blood sword sliced the God Slaying Spear in half!

The blood light flashed as it penetrated the God Slaying Spear and drilled into Tuo Sen’s body like an arrow. It entered Ten Tuo’s chest as if nothing could stop it and drilled out from his back. Tuo Sen let out a miserable scream!

Tuo Sen coughed out blood and his body was pushed back several thousand feet. He half-knelt on the ground and raised his head.

At this moment, the God Slaying Spear split in half before Wang Lin and stabbed into the ground on his side. All the runes on the ground collapsed!

The cyclone that will be the eighth star went from a blur to a solid cyclone as he absorbed the aura of inheritance! He had completed the most difficult process of forming the cyclone for the eighth star!

This gave Wang Lin a solid foundation to become an 8-star ancient god! Without this cyclone it would be extremely difficult for Wang Lin to reach eight stars. He would need tens of thousands of years of gathering power or he couldn’t succeed!

8-star ancient god, the strongest body below nine stars among the ancient gods. How could it be so easy to reach?

As the power that erupted from the third layer rushed into Wang Lin, his right hand pressed down on the ancient devil, causing it to shake. All the stones collapsed and its body was no longer hard like stone. At the same time, ancient devil stars appeared in its right eye!

The fifth and sixth ancient devil stars suddenly appeared!

All of this happened in a flash. Wang Lin’s left eye was mostly blurry. Intense pain not only came from his eye, but also from his heart. Fresh blood was flowing down from his left eye.

If he continued, his left eye would be completely blind and he would lose half of his memories!

Forget his parents, forget his love ones, forget his hometown, forget everything… This was not something Wang Lin could do. He let out a mournful roar, and for the first time, he stood up!

He left the seat!

The moment he stood up, the connection between his heart and the heart in the third layer stopped! The throne collapsed into a pile of rubble.

The entire palace became very quiet. Only two rough breathing patterns continued to echo inside the palace.

Wang Lin closed his eyes and the giant head that replaced Tu Si slowly disappeared. After a long time, Wang Lin gradually calmed down and opened his eyes.

“From now on, I’m no longer an ancient god from Tu Si’s inheritance… I’m… An Ancient Order!” Wang Lin lifted his right hand from the ancient devil and pointed to between his eyebrows. He slowly extracted the memory inheritance he had obtained from the Land of the Ancient God!

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