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Chapter 1478 - Returning Home!

Tu Si’s memory inheritance had accompanied him for more than 1,000 years, but now it was useless. Tu Si was merely a peak 8-star ancient god.

The light formed by the memory inheritance appeared in his hand. He looked at the light for a moment before he threw it at Tuo Sen.

“I give to you!”

Tuo Sen was kneeling on the ground with a bloody chest and was rapidly healing. He caught the light that caused him to come to the Outer Realm, the memory inheritance that could make him go crazy.

His body visibly trembled.

He had waited for this day for a very long time… From a sliver of an inner demon that had been sealed for countless years to watching Wang Lin steal the memory inheritance away. The hatred and anger he felt was monstrous.

In order to obtain this memory inheritance, he was will to do anything. After breaking the seal, he had taken over Tu Si’s body and began his long search. It was a period filled with bitterness!

He fantasized countless times of the day that he would extract the memory inheritance from Wang Lin so that his inheritance could be perfect. However, he never expect that the memory inheritance he always dreamed of would be returned to him by Wang Lin willingly!

Holding the memory inheritance, Tuo Sen became silent. After a long time, he raised his head and looked at Wang Lin with a complicated gaze.

“Thank you…”

Tuo Sen had never said “thank you” before in his life. These words never existed in his mind. No one was qualified enough for him to thank, and in his mind, he didn’t need to thank anyone!

His pride and arrogance came from his bones!

“Tu Si’s memory inheritance. Once it’s complete, will he wake up, will you dissipate, I don’t know…” Wang Lin had only taken a part of the Ancient Order inheritance, but there was only one. No one else beside him could obtain it anymore.

If one day Wang Lin’s cultivation could reach a point here he could withstand more, he would come back and continue… After leaving his parting words, Wang Lin waved his hand. Ling Dong and Zhou Jin, who were shocked by what they had witnessed, were put away into the Emperor Furnace by Wang Lin. He also put the ancient devil body into his storage space.

He put away the Ancient Leaves, the blood sword, and other things. Wang Lin had obtained part of the inheritance and now knew the first layer of the tomb better than anyone. Ripples appeared under his feet and he was about to disappear from the palace.

However, just at this moment, Wang Lin’s body trembled and he stopped. He looked into the void in the distance.

In the northern part of the palace, he saw a ripple in the void. The ripple became larger and larger and continued to spread. A pressure came from the illusory net and then huge shadow appeared. 

The thing outside the net couldn’t see inside the palace, but Wang Lin clearly saw a giant black shadow behind the illusory net!

This black shadow was oval-shaped and was extremely large. Countless tentacles swayed and large amounts of ancient god aura came out from its mouth as it attacked this illusory net!

It was the Moongazer Serpent!!

There were two cultivators sitting at the head of the Moongazer Serpent. Ji Xiantian and Wudong Chan! They were extremely cautious, as if they on guard against any surprise.

The two of them didn’t need platforms because the Moongazer Serpent allowed them move through the tomb like Tuo Sen. They were about to use the Moongazer Serpent to force their way inside the palace.

However, the restriction around the palace was too strong. According to their analysis, even the Moongazer Serpent would require a long time to melt the restriction.

Although the two of them were anxious, they could only nervously wait.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he revealed a sneer. He stepped forward and arrived next to the illusory net that had appeared in the northern part of the palace. Then his right hand reached out and he tore the net!

Thunderous rumbles echoed and a large crack was ripped open in the net. Ji Xiantian and Wudong Chang were both startled. They couldn’t get a clear look before a powerful gust of wind came from the crack.

The power inside the gust was not something they could resist. They let out miserable screams and coughed out blood. They didn’t even get to see Wang Lin or where the wind came from. As they coughed out blood, they were pulled into Wang Lin’s storage space.

Even the Moongazer Serpent’s giant body was pushed back by the gust of wind. Its dim eyes became clear and the obvious seal on the Moongazer Serpent flashed violently.

Wang Lin walked out from the crack and didn’t hesitate to wave his arms. The Moongazer Serpent trembled and a giant spatial rift appeared behind it. It was sucked into Wang Lin’s storage space.

“Luo Chen… Should still be inside this Moongazer Serpent…” Luo Chen had helped Wang Lin before. Wang Lin thought about it before putting the Moongazer Serpent away and then disappeared.

The entire palace was broken and incomplete. At this moment, only Tuo Sen, who was stunned, remained in the palace. He felt no joy from obtaining the memory inheritance, only hesitation and confusion.

The inheritance he had dreamt of his entire life was before him, but he didn’t know if it was the right thing for him… “Tu Si… Since I was born, I knew I was a sliver of your inner demon… However, is this memory real or fake… Did you really fail the Flowing Ink technique and died… Or… Am I part of that technique… Am I Tuo Sen… Or Tu Si…” The confusion in Tuo Sen’s eyes became even stronger. He silently knelt there and seemed to have forgotten the passage of time.

Inside the ancient tomb, as the spatial rift to the Ancient Star System had closed, the fog became even more dense and raged like the sea. At this moment, some cultivators were still alive inside the ancient tomb.

Anyone who could survive the upheaval from before was an extremely cunning and powerful cultivator. Only these people were able to use various method to avoid all the dangers from before.

It could be said that these people were the essences of the various clans of the Ancient Star System!

At this moment, inside the ninth map, within the endless fluctuations, Wang Lin walked out. He was in a different area than the palace, avoiding the charming woman.

Wang Lin had no interest in any of the cultivators inside the tomb. Dao Master Miao Yin, Devil Master Nine Heavens, Great Desolation, and the like were all heaven-shaking cultivators. Although they had been injured by the roar, as people who had survived for tens of thousands of years, they all had their own methods.

Wang Lin didn’t have the crazy idea of killing them all like when he went to battle the Sovereign. This was unrealistic and not in line with Wang Lin’s current plan. 

The ancient tomb had been sealed by Wang Lin. These people would be trapped here, unable to leave for a long time. This was enough!

After appearing, Wang Lin’s right hand reached out at the void. The ninth map trembled and layers of ripples echoed as if it was being torn. A giant spatial rift appeared.

There was a thunderous rumble coming from the rift, and a corner of a giant golden pavilion appeared.

“Earth Palace…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He had inherited part of Ye Mo’s memories, so he knew the method of obtaining the Earth Palace.

This giant golden pavilion had three windows and the door was sealed tightly. However, Wang Lin could clearly see three shadows sitting inside.

A powerful pressure came out from the pavilion and shrouded the area.

The moment the pavilion appeared, all the cultivators inside the tomb noticed this. This was especially true for Miao Yin, Nine Heavens, and Great Desolation.

Wang Lin didn’t hesitate. The moment the Earth Palace was summoned, he moved it into his storage space. Then he turned around and took a step.

He suddenly disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was at the fifth map, where Ancient Leaves came from. This place still maintained the appearance Wang Lin had left it, without any signs of being broken. Wang Lin waved his right hand and an Ancient Leaf appeared. After using it to open the sealed land, he put the leaf away.

Everything was the same as before; the vortex that floated above the ground was still there, slowly rotating.

Wang Lin arrived next to the vortex and silently pondered. Due to his connection with the ancient tomb, he knew that the surviving cultivators had all rushed toward him when he took out the Earth Palace. Some of the more powerful people had locked on to him.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and his right hand formed a seal. He waved it at the sky and the seal disappeared without a trace. When the seal disappeared, the fog under the first nine maps roared and sharp screams echoed. It was as if countless souls were hiding below!

“I’ll give you a gift before leaving!” Wang Lin’s seal was used to open the second layer!

As Wang Lin stepped into the vortex, he sneered. The moment he disappeared, his right hand reached out and the entire sealed land disappeared without a trace along with the vortex!

The moment the sealed land disappeared, Miao Yin and company arrived! However, they were too late, there was nothing before them!

At the same time as Wang Lin left, Tuo Sen seemed to have made up his mind. He held the memory inheritance and pressed it between his eyebrows!

In the Inner Realm, under the Thunder Celestial Realm, Allheaven. At this moment, a spatial rift silently appeared where Greed disappeared before, and a white figure walked out.

The moment the figure walked out, a shocking aura rushed out from his body and turned into a pressure that swept across Allheaven. This pressure was powerful enough to cause all living things to tremble!

Master Lu Fu was the first to clearly feel this! He was awakened from his cultivation!

“It actually isn’t the Outer Realm but Allheaven in the Inner Realm… Time to go home…” The white figure pondered for a while and then revealed a smile.

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