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Chapter 1476 - The Second Destined Battle (2)

Thunderous rumbles echoed when Wang Lin and Tuo Sen’s fist collided. At the same time, the two shadows of Tu Si also collided!

It was as if the void of the palace was torn apart. Thunderous rumbles echoed as Tuo Sen’s Tu Si shadow trembled. The right arm collapsed and he was knocked back four steps. Then the ferocious-looking Tu Si shattered.

The Tu Si filled with wisdom also trembled and his left arm shattered. He was knocked back three steps and countless fine cracks filled his body before it shattered.

The collision of the two ancient god shadows created a heaven-shattering force. A huge crack appeared in the palace and formed a huge rift between the two ancient gods!

As the thunderous rumbles echoed in this battle of destiny, Tuo Sen’s punch collided with Wang Lin. When their fists collided, his eyes shined. Countless ripples appeared appeared between their fists! There was a terrifying force inside each ripple!

Their punches were made with different methods, but both used strength!

The moment Tuo Sen’s punch fell, he threw 99 punches in a row! Although it looked like one punch, it was simply that his 99 punches were so fast that they had fused into one. This was Tuo Sen’s dao of strength, to break the heavens with strength!

If I can’t destroy you with one punch, then I’ll punch you 99 punches one after another. There is no skill, and no matter how much you resist, you will be shattered by these 99 punches!!

Wang Lin’s punch used the Black Tortoise spell he had learned from the second generation Vermillion Bird. He fused the rebound force into his fist so that the rebound power could erupt in one go!

To put it simply, Wang Lin’s punch treated Tuo Sen as the surface of the water. His punch created a powerful rebound force from Tuo Sen. Wang Lin then cleverly borrowed this rebound force and used it as his own attack. His blow not only contained his own power, but also the power he had borrowed from Tuo Sen!

Wang Lin was competing in strength against Tuo Sen’s 99 punches. Wang Lin’s punch not only contained his own power and the power he had borrowed from Tuo Sen, there was also another important force!

It was due to the existence of this power that Wang Lin would dare to face the 8-star Tuo Sen!

This power was the rejection force coming from the throne beneath him!

This power rushed into his body and exited through his punch as a powerful force that collided with Tuo Sen’s fist!

The thunderous rumbles echoed and blood came out from the corner of Wang Lin’s mouth. Cracking sounds echoed. Three cracks had appeared on the throne. The huge platform under the throne began to collapse. In a flash, half of the platform collapsed!

Blood also flew out from the corner of Tuo Sen’s mouth. He was in the air and couldn’t borrow the chair to release the force. He retreated back thousands of feet and came close to the illusory net!

“Refreshing!! With just a competition of power you, Wang Lin, are indeed qualified to call yourself an ancient god!!” The charming woman had used some unknown method to reform her body and then used her connection with Tuo Sen to find him. She had personally witnessed their battle!

Her expression changed and killing intent appeared in her eyes. She then charged at the illusory net, she was going to help Tuo Sen kill Wang Lin!

However, just as she was about to enter the illusory net, Tuo Sen arrived close to the net. He turned around and threw a punch at the charming woman that was going to enter the net!

“Scram! Outsiders aren’t qualified to enter a battle between this god’s clan members!”

The charming woman didn’t expect Tuo Sen to attack her. When that punch arrived, her hands quickly formed a seal. A ribbon appeared around her and she withstood this punch by force!

A thunderous rumble echoed. She was already seriously injured, and she coughed out blood as she was forced back a few steps. The charming appearance she had was gone and was replaced with a hideous expression.

“Tuo Sen, you dare to rebel against my will!?”

Tuo Sen’s eyes became cold as he sneered and he threw a punch at the imperial concubine. Tuo Sen said, “Do you really think this god is a reckless person? If I didn’t need to borrow you to recover, did you really think you could control this god? Who in this world is qualified to control this god!?

“You are just a plaything of the Celestial Sovereign, yet you dare to scheme against me? Scram!” The storm created by Tuo Sen’s punch rushed at the illusory net. It forced the already seriously injured concubine to retreat even more.

Tuo Sen grabbed the illusory net and pulled it. His ancient god power poured into the net and sealed the net once more so that charming woman could not enter!

All of this happened in a flash. Then Tuo Sen turned around and looked at Wang Lin.

“Now no one can disturb our battle!”

Although a majority of the stone platform had collapsed, time was slowly passing. It was now the 39th breath, and the rejection force had reached Wang Lin’s limit. Even with his 7-star ancient god body’s recovery power and his two essences offsetting the force, he found it difficult to hold on.

If he continued this, his body would collapse once more and he would die!

As the rejection force became even more fierce, the inheritance aura surged as well. Wang Lin absorbed it like crazy and the cyclone that represented the eighth star became even more clear!

The ancient devil body that wasn’t destroyed laid beside him. As the devilish energy flow into it, the first, second, third, and fourth ancient devil stars appeared in its right eye!

As Wang Lin continued to absorb the inheritance aura by force, blood flew out from his left eye, causing him to feel intense pain!

Because Li Guang had shot out Ye Me’s left eye, the Ancient Order inheritance was incomplete. The more inheritance aura Wang Lin absorbed, the more pain Wang Lin felt in his left eye!

It was as if he had become Ye Mo and his own left eye had collapsed! Even the vision in his left eye rapidly blurred as if Wang Lin was losing his left eye!

Wang Lin could give up a mere left eye!

However, the left eye Li Guang had shot out contained half of Ye Mo’s memory and his yearning for his hometown. As the pain in Wang Lin’s left eye intensified, his memory seemed to be torn apart. 1,000 years of memories, his memories of Li Muwan, his hometown, planet Suzaku, and all the people he cared about were about to be torn away from him!

“Give me back my left eye!!” As Wang Lin absorbed the aura of inheritance, this roar echoed in his mind!!

It was also at this moment that Tuo Sen sealed the illusory net. His eyes were filled with battle intent as he walked toward Wang Lin. His right hand reached at the sky and the world trembled as a thousand foot spear appeared in his right hand!

Tu Si’s royal ancient god treasure, God Slaying Spear!

As he roared, Tuo Sen tilted back, holding the God Slaying Spear. All the force in his body gathered in the God Slaying Spear and he threw it at Wang Lin.

The God Slaying Spear released a glaring light and ancient god aura. It was like a bolt of lightning that split the world as it shot toward Wang Lin!

Blood still was flowing down from Wang Lin’s left eye, making for a shocking scene. As the God Slaying Spear closed in, Wang Lin raised his head. The vision from his left eye was blurry and the memories being torn in his mind made the veins on his face swell.

When the God Slaying Spear arrived and Tuo Sen rushed in, it was the 44th breath!

The rejection force suddenly rushed into Wang Lin’s body. He closed his eyes and recalled the punch, palm, and finger Ye Mo had used in the past!

“God Tremble, Army Formation!” Wang Lin inhaled while being hit by the rejection force. Although blood was flying out from his orifices, he absorbed a large amount of inheritance aura.

He gently threw a punch with his left hand. The void before him distorted and many ripples began to spread with him as the center!

The eighth star around his seven stars suddenly began to condense, and the cyclone rapidly formed! Although forming the cyclone was far from the eighth star forming, it was like setting the foundation for cultivators. Only with a foundation would he have chance of becoming an 8-star ancient god in the future.

The birth of any star would require a cyclone to form. Then it would need to absorb enough ancient god power for the star to form!

The God Slaying Spear was extremely fast and quickly arrived; it was less than 100 feet away. Wang Lin’s hair was pushed back by the wind and the countless fragment from the collapsed platform were blown away!

“Devil Dao, Life and Death Reverse!” Wang Lin closed his eyes and his left hand pointed forward. What he pointed at was the God Slaying Spear that was closing in!

When his finger and the tip of the God Slaying Spear touched, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes!

At the same time, his divine sense erupted and rushed into the throne. He rushed through the rejection force, and as his divine sense collapsed layer by layer, he rushed toward the heart in the third layer that was connected to this throne through a mysterious method!

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