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Chapter 1475 - The Second Destined Battle (1)

Passive and proactive are similar, but they are worlds apart. Not only is it a difference in behavior, but also a difference in mentality!

After more than 2,000 years of cultivation, Wang Lin had finally allowed his ancient god body to reach seven stars!

A 7-star ancient god’s body was not something a second step cultivator could easily damage, unless the ancient god was going through a trial. Otherwise, it would require a large amount of celestials to besiege an ancient god for several days before they could kill him.

It could even be said that a complete 7-star ancient god’s body had the strength to battle early stage Nirvana Void cultivators!

More importantly, seven stars meant that the ancient god had entered the stage of rapid maturity to adulthood. As time passes, the body of a 7-star ancient god would continue to grow more powerful!

Of the ancient gods’ nine stars, every star after five stars was extremely difficult to obtain. However, once each star was formed, the ancient god’s power would increase several fold. At this moment, with his spells, fire and thunder essences, dao spells, and other things, he could face a third step early stage Nirvana Void cultivator and not be at a disadvantage. And if no accident happened, he was strong enough to win!

The 7-star ancient god Wang Lin was no weaker than Tu Si when he was at seven stars. Although Tu Si had the complete inheritance, Wang Lin was the first existence that was a fusion of a cultivator and an ancient god!

Wang Lin would even dare to fight mid stage Nirvana Void cultivators. Although he would likely lose, they would find it extremely difficult to kill him!

In the third step, the Nirvana Void, Spirit Void, Arcane Void, and Void Tribulant stages all had early, mid, and late stage just like the second step. The difference between each level was enormous, like the difference between Nirvana Cleanser and Nirvana Shatterer cultivators!

Wang Lin’s eyes were bright like fire as he sat on the throne and allowed the rejection force to shake his body. However, the power that was once enough to break down his body couldn’t affect him too much anymore.

Continuing from before, it was now the twentieth breath and twenty-first breath!

These two breaths passed in an instant, and the rejection force increased greatly. As the rejection force slammed into Wang Lin, the aura of the inheritance also surged out.

This aura of inheritance was devoured by Wang Lin like crazy. His body and the ancient devil were like two terrifying black holes. The aura of inheritance was being split into two and being absorbed by the two.

Absorbing the inheritance was extremely difficult with the rejection force constantly colliding with him, but Wang Lin didn’t give up. Wang Lin knew that if he missed this chance now, it would be extremely difficult to get another opportunity!

Twenty-second breath, twenty-third breath, twenty-fourth breath!

The rejection force from the throne had reached a terrifying degree, and thunderous rumbles were echoing. Even with Wang Lin’s 7-star ancient god body, it was starting to be a bit unbearable.

His body trembled and showed signs of collapse. However, the recovery of a 7-star ancient god was far stronger than that of a 6-star ancient god. Just as the collapse happened, his body rapidly recovered.

As Wang Lin continued to absorb the aura of inheritance, a weak cyclone appeared next to the seven stars!

This cyclone was the sign of the eighth star. Once it appeared completely, Wang Lin would become an 8-star ancient god!

An 8-star ancient god was an extremely powerful existence in this world!!

However, becoming an 8-star ancient god was too difficult, it required far more energy than the amount of reach seven stars. Although the cyclone had formed, it was so faint that no one would notice it without looking at it carefully!

Once Wang Lin relaxed for a moment, this weak cyclone would dissipate, leaving no trace behind!

At the same time, the ancient devil’s body was being filled with ancient devil energy that Wang Lin was pouring in like crazy. Wang Lin had even sent the ancient devil star that hadn’t fully taken shape in his right eye into the ancient devil. The petrified body began to show signs of recovery; some parts were not as hard as stone and instead became soft.

Its originally bleak right eye shined brightly and an ancient devil star was about to form! It was slowly condensing, becoming more and more clear!

At this moment, Tuo Sen, who was healing outside the net, suddenly moved. His flesh was moving and he had recovered 80%!

Tuo Sen’s body was Tu Si’s body. Back then, Tu Si was infinitely close to becoming a 9-star royal ancient god. He had even stagnated at eight stars for far too long, and his body had reached the limit of an 8-star ancient god!

In order to break through to nine stars, Tu Si had used the ancient gods’ forbidden spell. However, it failed, and that’s how the inner demon Tuo Sen had appeared!

Tuo Sen’s recovery ability was far stronger than Wang Lin’s. If not for the fact that his injuries from the roar were very serious, he wouldn’t have delayed it until now to recover.

Recovering to 80% was already his limit. The last 20% of damage was not on his physical body, it was the damage to his soul caused by the roar. He would need to enter closed door cultivation to recover fully.

Tuo Sen suddenly raised his head as his eight stars rotated rapidly. He stared at Wang Lin, who was sitting on the throne, and revealed a complicated expression.

It could be said that he was the person who understood Wang Lin the most in the world. From a tiny Core Formation cultivator to the master of a generation that dared to give him the time to recover.

Although this sounds easy, how many people in the world could do it?

“If you want to battle with me, I’ll fulfill your request! The battle outside the Realm Sealing Formation was not enjoyable. Today we will fight again in this ancient land!” As Tuo Sen spoke, he walked forward and went through the gap in the Ancient Leaves. He stepped out and entered the palace!

This was the first time Tuo Sen hadn’t called himself “this god.” A simply change in speech, but it revealed that he recognized Wang Lin as an ancient god! 

Tuo Sen had never believed that Wang Lin was an ancient god. Even after escaped, he still believed that Wang Lin was just someone who had stolen the memory inheritance. Even after Wang Lin reached six stars and battled him, Tuo Sen still didn’t see Wang Lin as an ancient god. In his heart, he always felt that Wang Lin wasn’t qualified to become an ancient god.

However, now that he had seen Wang Lin becoming a 7-star ancient god, felt the powerful ancient god power from Wang Lin’s body, witnessed Wang Lin face the dangerous inheritance head on, and Wang Lin had still himself time to recover. In his head, he had to accept Wang Lin as an ancient god!

An ancient god like himself!

“There is no vendetta between us. This is our destined battle, the battle for the inheritance!” Tuo Sen’s voice was like a wave. The moment he stepped forward, the palace shook. In a flash, his body grew to ten thousand feet tall. His right hand formed a fist and he threw a punch!

An ancient god’s body could change at well, so Tuo Sen could do this! Before, Wang Lin didn’t realize it, but after reaching seven stars, he had a vague feeling. Like how the ten thousand foot body wasn’t the limit of a 7-star ancient god!

Wang Lin’s eyes were like lightning, the moment Tuo Sen entered the palace, his eyes shined brightly. His eyes were filled with battle intent and his ancient god stars were rotating rapidly. As Tuo Sen threw a punch, Wang Lin’s left hand threw a punch without hesitation!

The two ancient gods, two ancient gods who both had Tu Si’s inheritances, began their second destined battle!

When Tuo Sen threw his punch, a storm swept across the palace. This caused Esteemed Ling Dong and Zhou Jin to get knocked back. Both were seriously injured and could no longer fight. They could only sit in the distance and rapidly recover.

Esteemed Ling Dong was calm and didn’t care about the result of this battle. He was focused on recovering.

Zhou Jin’s eyes were filled with a complicated gaze. He had clearly witnessed Wang Lin’s strength before and after entering the tomb. The last shred of hope he had disappeared and he silently closed his eyes to heal.

As Tuo Sen punched the air, a giant shadow appeared behind him. This shadow was as tall as the world and had a tyrannical expression. It released a sense of arrogance and disdain.

The moment it appeared, the palace trembled violently as if it was going to collapse!

This illusory shadow was Tu Si!

A peak 8-star ancient god, a shadow of Tu Si! Tuo Sen was the inner demon of Tu Si, and although he had attacked his own master, his soul and will were still Tu Si!

At this moment, with a full-power punch, Tu Si’s shadow appeared. The shadow also threw a punch toward Wang Lin!

At this instant, a giant shadow appeared behind Wang Lin as well. This shadow was Tu Si as well!! However, compared to Tuo Sen’s shadow, this shadow as not tyrannical but filled with wisdom!

As Wang Lin punched the air, the Tu Si shadow behind him also raised its left hand and threw a punch!

If there was a sky here, it would’ve changed colors! If there were clouds here, the clouds would’ve scattered!

This was destiny!

Two giant ancient god shadows that looked exactly the same, to the point that even the lines on their skin were all the same, punched at each other!

The only difference was that one was as tyrannical as a devil and the other was wise and calm!

Under each of the two giant ancient gods were Wang Lin and Tuo Sen!

The two of them came closer and closer. In a flash, Tuo Sen closed in on the platform. His right fist descended and collided with Wang Lin’s left fist!

At the same time, just as the two began their destined battle, a charming figure appeared outside the illusory net. This charming woman was one of the eight Celestial Imperial Concubines!

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