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Chapter 1474 - Proactive

The palmprint couldn’t resist at all and collapsed like dried up wood!

After the roar broke the palmprint, it charged out from the spatial rift. It landed on the black-robed man floating outside the spatial rift!


“This is…” The expression of the black-robed man changed greatly. His body trembled and he coughed out blood, retreating frantically as he did so. However, he only retreated three steps before his legs exploded!

There was no flesh or blood, only white bones!

A large portion of his black robe was torn apart and wrapped around around his body. He screamed and quickly retreated. The Sovereign, the most mysterious cultivator in the Ancient Star System, the person who had used Fish the Moon in the Well on Wang Lin, fled like a stray dog!

“The power of a roar, the power of a roar!!” Back then, he was forced to retreat billions of kilometers out of the Inner Realm by a roar. This time he was forced to retreat by a roar as well!

However, aside from him, no one else knew if this roar was from the same person or not!

The spatial rift in the Ancient Star System rapidly shrank. In the tomb, the woman in white had a pale face as she closed in on the rift. She was shaken by the roar, and although she had managed to keep her body through a special method, she was injured. Seeing the rift shrink, she knew it was too late to leave!

“You helped me once, so I’ll help you once!” Just as the woman in white was about to despair, Wang Lin’s divine sense echoed in her ears!

The woman in white was familiar with this divine sense. It was the divine sense that exasperated her, but after hearing his voice, her expression changed!

“It’s you!!” Just as she spoke, the shrinking spatial rift suddenly paused.

The woman in white suppressed the shock in her mind. She knew it wasn’t the time to ask questions. She charged at the rift and stepped through it in the blink of an eye. When she was next to the spatial rift, she turned around and looked back with her beautiful eyes. She could faintly feel Wang Lin’s divine sense.

A complicated expression appeared on her face as she felt that exasperation she felt when the divine sense seemed to see through her everything. She turned around and stepped out of the rift!

The moment she left, the rift suddenly shrank and disappeared from the Ancient Star System!

Before Wang Lin’s divine sense retreated, he used the will of the tomb to seal it for a hundred million years!

“The Sovereign didn’t die from the roar… He knew that the woman in white had entered, and if he found out she left, would he become suspicious… If he really becomes suspicious… Then I didn’t do this for nothing…”

Inside the palace, Wang Lin’s divine sense returned to the throne. Because his divine sense had fused with the tomb, there was no rejection force from the throne.

His expression was calm as he sat there. His eyes were like lightning as he looked at the broken illusory net and Tuo Sen, who had been knocked back by that roar.

Tuo Sen was in a sorry state. His body was a bloody mess and his white bones could be seen. The remaining flesh was rapidly moving and recovering!

This was an extremely rare opportunity, Tuo Sen was seriously injured!

If it was anyone else, they would attack without hesitation, but Wang Lin didn’t! He was an ancient god and Tuo Sen was also an ancient god. Ancient gods should have the dignity of the ancient gods!

If it was before Wang Lin had obtained his seventh star, he would have attacked without hesitation, but now he wanted to battle with Tuo Sen at full power! There was also a more important reason why he had to do this!

“Your ancient god stars have shattered many times. Although you’ve used some unknown method to reach eight stars again, they are not as good as they were before.” Wang Lin was sitting on the throne, looking down with a domineering aura. His voice slowly entered Tuo Sen’s mind.

Tuo Sen silently pondered as he rapidly recovered his body. After he escaped from planet Suzaku, he had taken over Tu Si’s body. Tu Si’s body was that of a royal ancient god that had survived for countless years!

The seven stars between Wang Lin’s eyebrows were rotating rapidly, and there was ancient devil energy swirling in his right eye. However, because the inheritance lacked ancient demon energy, it was incomplete, so the ancient devil star couldn’t fully take shape!

Unless he had a complete ancient devil avatar!

Ancient devil avatar, if it was anywhere else, it would be difficult to find one. However, he could find one in this tomb, especially in this palace!

There were still some petrified corpses of the three Ancient Order clan members remaining. Among them, there was a ten thousand feet tall ancient devil that had maintained its ferocious expression from when it was alive. It was very eye-catching among the other corpses!

Wang Lin raised his right hand and reached out. The ancient devil body flew toward him and landed before him. He then pressed his right hand on its body.

“Unfortunately, there is no royal ancient devil here… This corpse only has some aura of a royal ancient devil…” Wang Lin’s right hand pressed down on the corpse of the ancient devil. The devilish energy in his right eye rushed into ancient devil through his right hand.

The ancient devil aura inside Wang Lin’s body was extremely large. At this moment, it rushed out into the ancient devil’s petrified body that was like a bottomless pit.

As Wang Lin sat there, his devilish energy rushed into the ancient devil body before him. His eyes were still locked on to Tuo Sen, who was rapidly healing outside the illusory net.

Aside from his own pride, the other reason Wang Lin had given Tuo Sen time was because he needed time as well. He couldn’t leave the throne to fight! Although there was no rejection force on this throne, because the rejection force was gone, the aura of inheritance that made Wang Lin’s eyes red had also disappeared!

Wang Lin had somehow learned that if he got up then, even if he sat down again, there would be no more inheritance. This was an inexplicable enlightenment he had gained when his divine sense fused with the will of the tomb.

That’s why he couldn’t get up! The inheritance for him to become a 7-star ancient god didn’t satisfy Wang Lin!

He wanted more inheritance! He wanted that rejection force to appear once more! Only then would the inheritance aura be increased by several fold and be forced out from the beating heart in the third layer!

There was only one way for the rejection force to appear again!

Wang Lin revealed a decisive gaze. Although Tuo Sen was outside and the rejection force was dangerous, he wasn’t willing to give up. When he revealed that decisive gaze, he cut off the fusion of his divine sense with the tomb!

When his divine sense was cut off from the tomb, the heaven-shaking rejection force appeared from the throne once more. At the same time, the heart in the third layer started beating rapidly and the aura of inheritance rushed into the throne!

A 7-star ancient god was far stronger than a 6-star ancient god. Wang Lin sat motionlessly, resisting the rejection force. This time he no longer sealed his body to prevent the aura from leaking out. Instead, he did the opposite and took the initiative to forcibly absorb the inheritance aura from the throne!

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