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Chapter 1469 - Inheritance (1)

This finger caused the world to tremble!

In Wang Lin’s eyes, the world around the platform trembled. The tens of thousands of cultivators all rushed forward like crazy toward the stone platform.

There were more than 10 times more cultivators behind these tens of thousands of cultivators. They all roared as they charged forward as if they weren’t afraid of death.

Even further away, the large war chariots rumbled loudly and slowly approached. They began to shine, and rays of destructive light were shot out!

Just at this moment, a giant rift seemed to be ripped open above the the palace. Nearly 100 members of the three Ancient Order clans that were all tens of thousands of feet tall walked out. It was as if the world was about to collapse, and their roars overshadowed the roars of the cultivators.

As the thunderous rumbles echoed, nearly 100 members of the three Ancient Order clans appeared. Spells, the power of the bodies, treasures, and various attacks immediately began wreaking havoc. They began fighting hundreds of thousands of cultivators with just 100 members!

All of this looked extremely real, as if Wang Lin had walked through time and appeared in the battlefield. He calmly sat there and watched everything with a cold gaze, just like the person that had sat here in the past.

A sense of confidence and a domineering aura continued to gather and erupt from his body. At this moment, Wang Lin seemed to have turned into another person.

The world rumbled and eight giant that pierced the heavens came out of the rift. Their appearance caused the situation to turn chaotic!

These eight giants had powerful physical bodies. Often, a wave of their arms would release a powerful force that caused cultivators to retreat while coughing up blood, and some simply died.

However, just as the eight giants appeared, the cultivator holding the umbrella muttered something. The world began to distort and turned into the surface of a mirror. Roars came from the mirror and then eight dragons tens of thousands of feet long rushed out. They all faced the platform with ferocious expressions and let out shocking roars!

It looked like they were going to break open all obstacles and devour the stone platform.

An inexplicable feeling appeared. It might’ve been that the scene before Wang Lin looked too real, or the power he had borrowed was fusing into his body. Wang Lin seemed to have turned into the man who was sitting here during that battle.

He slowly raised his arm and clenched his fist. Then he threw a punch at the void ahead.

“God Tremble, Army Formation!”

When the punch flew out, the illusory picture inside the world trembled. Inside the scene, the thousands of cultivators before the throne all trembled.

Popping sounds echoed and these thousands of cultivators all coughed out blood. A strange distortion formed around them, and their bodies were being pulled by the distortion. They unexpectedly all lined up neatly in four columns!

This wasn’t the only location like this. In the eight directions around the platform, the ten thousand cultivators in front all coughed out blood and lined up in this strange formation!

Death aura filled the area. All the cultivators that had lined up had their cultivation, origin souls, and all traces of life shattered!

Wang Lin’s fist stopped in the air and slowly loosened to a palm as he withdrew his arm. Then he casually waved his hand.

“Demon Spell, Wind and Fire Mountain!”

As he waved his hand, a powerful fire began to burn above the heads of the cultivators that were lined up. This fire was green, and large amounts of smoke began to gather.

With a wave of his hand, the smoke pierced through the hundreds of thousands of cultivators that had rushed forward. The smoke pierced through them and formed eight mountains of smoke!

The moment the smoke mountains appeared, a powerful suction force came from them. This suction force was irresistible, and it pulled in all the surrounding hundreds of thousands cultivators.

No matter how much they resisted, they couldn’t break free from the suction force. In a flash, mournful screams echoed and the hundreds of thousands cultivators were devoured by the eight smoke mountains. After the smoke dissipated, the eight smoke mountains became eight corpse mountains!

After a punch and a wave, Wang Lin’s right hand stopped in the air. Then his index finger extended and pointed forward!

“Devil Dao, Life and Death Reverse!”

Strange words came from Wang Lin’s mouth. After he pointed, the giant chariots behind the hundreds of thousands of cultivators trembled and a ripple began to spread across chariots. As the ripples spread, all the life force inside the chariots began to turn into death. Soon, they all stopped moving and just stood there.

As the ripples spread, the eight giant dragons that were charging at the platform trembled. They couldn’t resist this devil dao at all, and all the life force in their bodies turned into death aura!

The reversal of life and death, the transformation from the living to the dead, was completed in an instant!

The eight giant dragons maintained the posture of when they were alive. They floated motionlessly in the air!

Not only them, but all the cultivators who had been touched by the ripples suffered the safe fate. Their life force had turned into death aura and then they immediately died!

“God, Demon, Devil, Ancient Dao no Celestials!” Wang Lin muttered as his hand turned into a palm and gently pushed forward. The ancient stars between his eyebrows started rotating rapidly and then suddenly turned to nine stars from six stars. The 12 stars inside his eyes also suddenly increased to 18 stars! 

9-star ancient god!

9-star ancient demon!

9-star ancient devil!

The power of the three clans seemed to fuse to form the power of the Ancient Order. This power flowed into Wang Lin’s right hand as he pushed forward. A giant shadow suddenly appeared before Wang Lin!

This shadow only had a head, but just the head was as large as the world. It gave off an ancient aura as old as the heavens itself. However, it was slightly blurry, making it impossible to see what it looked like.

After the head appeared, it opened its mouth and blew out gust of wind. This wind rushed head and swept past all the dead cultivators. They all stiffened and showed signs of turning to stone.

Just at this moment, the middle-aged scribe holding the umbrella on the opposite side of the platform let out a sigh. His right hand opened the umbrella and seven-colored light came from inside it. At this moment, the umbrella was like a sun, with the seven-colored light shining brightly.

The power of the Ancient Order and the seven-colored light collided, causing the world to tremble. Just at this moment, a monstrous roar echoed!

Behind the person holding the umbrella, the cultivator with his eyes closed suddenly had a big bow with nine seals in his hand. The bow was made of bone, with engravings of a moon and stars. The bow string was made of an unknown material that gave off an ancient aura.

At this moment, it was pulled by the cultivator in black, making it look like a full moon. A long, dark arrow with nine feathers suddenly appeared in the bow.

This arrow was covered in damage marks, as if it had experienced countless battles and killed countless cultivators. There was a shocking amount of killing intent gathered on the arrow.

He drew the bow with his eyes closed and let go!

In a flash, the arrow flew out with an indescribable momentum. The world trembled and a giant crack appeared on the ground following the arrow!

The arrow broke through everything blocking its path. A thunderous rumble echoed as the arrow shot forward. This replaced all other sounds as the arrow pierced the void.

It penetrated the umbrella, the destructive aura from the shadow, and penetrated everything in this world. It was as if not even the heavens, not even time, nothing in the world could stop it!

Thunderous rumbled caused a powerful shockwave. This arrow pierced through the Ancient Order aura and stabbed into the left eye of the huge head!

It entered the head through the hole of the left eye and pierced through to the other side.

One could clearly see a bloody left eye at the tip of the arrow as it pierced through the palace, the void, and disappeared without a trace.

Intense pain appeared in Wang Lin’s mind like a tide. This pain seemed to want to tear his memories from himself. Blood flowed down from his left eye and the nine ancient demon stars he borrowed suddenly collapsed.

“Dao Shot Li Guang shot my left eye. My left eye contained half my memories and my thoughts of my hometown…”

The voice that he had heard before appeared in Wang Lin’s mind once more. At this moment, under this intense pain, he seemed to have forgotten himself and completely became Ancient Order Ye Mo!

“Give me back my left eye!!” he roared. As his roar echoed, the aura from the head rushed forward. The umbrella collapsed and the aura smashed into the man holding the seven-colored umbrella. The man revealed a bitter smile as his body gradually lost all vitality and turned to stone. Even the umbrella was petrified.

As the aura swept past the middle-aged man and landed on the archer behind him. The archer pondered silently and closed his eyes. His body instantly turned to stone, and he maintained his pose from when he was alive.

“I have finished our agreement…” When he closed his eyes, he said this first sentence and also his last.

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