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Chapter 1470 - Inheritance (2)

While Wang Lin was sitting on the throne on the stone platform, Zhou Jin and Ling Dong were still kneeling before him. They were aware that the pressure inside Wang Lin had reached a terrifying degree. This pressure made them feel terror and shock, so they didn’t dare to raise their heads.

They also couldn’t see the red blood flowing out from Wang Lin’s left eye...

The inheritance had began the moment Wang Lin sat down on the chair...

Time slowly passed as Wang Lin sat on the throne motionlessly. The images in his head continued playing and different scenes flashed by.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, the surrounding cultivators had all become silent. Only the fire above their heads continued to burn, shrouding the area with a sense of illusion.

On this day, a person wearing a seven-colored daoist robe appeared out of nowhere in this quiet palace. He stood before the middle-aged man who had opened the umbrella and silently pondered for a long time.

“I’ve taken in three children in my life… You’re the one that was the most…” The seven-colored cultivator let out a sigh and walk past the middle-aged man. He stood before Li Guang, who looked like he was still holding the bow.

“I’ll keep my promise with you… After the heavenly dao has grown, I’ll send this bow back to your sect…” The seven-colored cultivator took the shocking bow from Li Guang. However, just at this moment, his expression changed and he step forward without thinking. He was very fast and moved at this limit!

“Ancient Dao, No Celestials!” As Wang Lin watched this, these words suddenly echoed in his mind. At this moment, an indescribable change took place inside Wang Lin!

Just this sentence, these four simple words caused the seven-colored cultivator’s expression to change once more.

“You’re not dead!!” Seven-colored light surrounded him and he cough out blood while retreating. With one step, he disappeared without a trace.

The image inside Wang Lin’s mind dissipated. His body trembled and the confusion inside his eyes disappeared as he gradually became sober. The moment he became sober, the borrowed power inside him surged and seemed to want to rush back into the throne.

At this instant, a powerful rejection force came from the throne as if it wanted to kick Wang Lin off. It was as if the throne had its own will that made it so no one except that person from the past could sit on it!

Wang Lin had sat down before the will had awakened. However, when the ancient demon and ancient devil auras entered Wang Lin’s body to create those scenes, and then when the scenes collapsed, it was awakened!

After this will awakened, this rejection force suddenly appeared. Not only was it going to kick Wang Lin off, it wanted to take back the aura Wang Lin had absorbed!

This will wouldn’t allow Wang Lin to possess this aura!

Wang Lin’s expression became gloomy. He didn’t have time to think, but he subconsciously wanted to keep this aura inside his body. This created a fierce conflict between him and the throne!

Wang Lin let out a roar and the veins on his face swelled while facing this rejection force. He could not allow himself be kicked off! He had a feeling that the moment he left the throne, the aura inside him would collapse. If he wanted to keep it, he would have to stay on the throne!

Time slowly passed, one breath, two breaths, three breaths!

In just three breaths, Wang Lin felt his body reach its limit. His origin energy activated like crazy to dispel the rejection force while frantically absorbing that aura.

Because he had awakened, the number of ancient god stars between his eyebrows became six again. However, as he absorbed the aura, the seventh star vaguely appeared!

Ancient devil power gathered in his right eye and showed signs of devil stars forming!

Fourth breath!

After Wang Lin resisted for four breaths, his mind rumbled and the nine maps in his mind collapsed. Below the collapse maps, he saw a boundless area that was formed by six sub maps!

There was another world under these six maps!

This world was formed by three maps!

This ancient tomb did not just contain one layer, but three floors! Everyone who had entered the tomb was merely on the first floor. The entrance to the second floor was the oval-shaped light above the throne behind Wang Lin!

If you considered the first layer of the ancient tomb as a formation, then the location of this throne was the heart and center of the formation!

Also at this moment, Wang Lin saw that there were countless mournful souls in the second layer. What terrified him was that he saw souls giving off powerful pressure that could match that of Dao Master Blue Dream!

There was also a blurry place deep within the second layer. An indescribable and shocking aura seemed to be sleeping deep in the second layer. Once you entered the second layer, that powerful existence would awaken. Even someone with Dao Master Blue Dream’s power would find it difficult to survive!

This was just the second layer, there was still the third layer!

Wang Lin sat on the throne as if he was sitting at the center of the formation. His divine sense fused with the formation as he passed through the second layer and entered the third layer. However, at this moment, a roar that seemed to have been suppressed for countless years echoed.

Wang Lin’s divine sense immediately collapsed before this roar!

Although his divine sense had collapsed, he still saw that at the center of the three maps, there was a giant heart in the third layer!

That heart was beating and gave off the aura of inheritance. Wang Lin felt that as long as he could touch that heart, he could obtain the full Ancient Order inheritance!

The aura that had rushed into his body came from the heart. Through some mysterious method, the aura from the heart had passed through the chair and entered his body.

At this moment, this aura rapidly left his body. If it were taken, Wang Lin would had to break through the second and third layers to obtain the inheritance!

Forget him, no one in the ancient tomb could do it!

Various thoughts flash through Wang Lin’s mind. Madness appeared in his mind and he made up his mind. He could not let the aura dissipate!

The fifth breath!

Wang Lin’s eyes became red and his expression became ferocious. The seventh star absorbed the borrowed aura like crazy!

“It has entered my body, so now it is mine. How can I let it come and go as it wishes?!”

When Wang Lin awakened, the pressure on Zhou Jin and Ling Dong seemed to quickly dissipate, allowing them to have the courage to rise up. Zhou Jin was about to lift his head.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin didn’t hesitate to raise his right hand and borrow the aura that hadn’t yet dissipated to form a bolt of thunder that landed between Zhou Jin’s eyebrows.

Zhou Jin coughed out blood and was thrown back. Then a rune appeared between his eyebrows!

The rune of an ancient slave!

“The two of you, use all your Joss Flames to seal this throne and help me complete the inheritance! Quickly!” Wang Lin quickly said, then he sealed off his body to prevent the aura from escaping. He also fixed himself onto the chair.

Sixth breath!

Ling Dong didn’t hesitate and arrived on the left side of Wang Lin. His hands formed a seal and his right hand pressed down on the throne. He began summoning the Joss Flames inside his body, and his left hand raised up to press down on Wang Lin to help Wang Lin offset the rejection force.

Esteemed Ling Dong’s clothes started moving without any wind and a powerful force came from Wang Lin’s body. His expression immediately changed and he clenched his teeth as he endured.

The Heavenly Wolf Clan’s Zhou Ji had been knocked by Wang Lin’s finger. His face was pale and his eyes revealed struggle. However, the more he struggled, the faster the ancient slave rune flickered between his eyebrows.

Seventh breath!

Zhou Jin’s face was pale as he silently arrived on Wang Lin’s right. He followed the order and summoned all the Joss Flames he had into the seat. Like Ling Dong, his right hand press down on Wang Lin and to help him share the burden of this powerful rejection force!

His mind and body trembled. He felt a powerful force hit him, then he let out a roar and his right foot took a step back. It was as if he had taken root and persisted against this force.

Wang Lin closed his eyes and continued to seal his body to prevent the aura from leaving his body. However, his left eye felt pain. Since the nine ancient demon stars had collapsed, there was no ancient demon aura left. He was currently trapping the ancient devil aura in his right eye and the ancient god aura between his eyebrows!

Eighth breath!

The rejection force from the throne had reached the level of shaking the heavens. Popping sounds came from Wang Lin’s body and blood flowed from the corner of his mouth, but his expression was extremely ferocious.

“I don’t believe it!!” Wang Lin roared as his ancient god power filled his body and collided with the rejection force from the throne.

Blood came out of the corner of Ling Dong’s mouth. His body trembled and his face was deathly pale.

Zhou Jin also clenched his teeth as blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth. However, he remained still and helped Ling Dong share the powerful force coming from the throne.

Ninth breath! Wang Lin’s body continued to tremble and sweat filled his forehead. Although he had two third step cultivators helping him, the rejection from the throne had become even more intense, as if it was going to tear him into pieces.

The ancient demon and ancient god auras inside him raged like the waves, as if they wanted to rush out from his body and return to the throne.

Once they returned, Wang Lin would have to obtain the inheritance through the normal method! He would need to go through the second and third layers to enter the heart of the tomb. He would have to experience countless dangers to obtain it.

Tenth breath! Wang Lin coughed out blood. The longer he persisted, the more he absorbed and the more it benefited him! The seventh star that had just appeared rotated rapidly. It became more and more clear and was about to take shape!

However, just at this moment, a huge change occured!

“This god has finally found this place thought my intuition, this is the place!! That damn Tu Si dreamed of coming here!!” A laugh echoed inside the empty palace. A distortion appeared in the void and Tuo Sen’s body was about to rush in from the distortion!

As he charged in, the distortion was pulled into an convex shape, and a thunderous rumble echoed as he punched the distortion!

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