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Chapter 1468 - Borrowed Power!!

He saw eight mountains of corpses outside this octagon!

The blood on these countless corpses had already dried. They had been piled up to form eight giant mountains. The gloomy aura seemed even more intense as Wang Lin looked over.

However, this wasn’t the end. As Wang Lin’s gaze swept by, he saw even more, and his mind trembled.

Behind the corpse mountains were eight giant dragons hundreds of thousands of feet long. These dragons had their mouths open and gave off a fierce aura. However, right now they were only stone, but there was a mysterious force that allowed them to remain floating.

The dragons’ heads were facing the platform as if they were roaring at the person that used to sit on that throne!

There were countless giant battle chariots behind the dragons. These chariots looked terrifying and were covered in thorns. There were dark bloodstains on them; it was obvious they were part of a big battle in the past.

There were countless cultivators on flying swords floating behind the war chariots. Although their bodies had turned to stone, they remained in the air and were filled with killing intent.

Behind them there were no less than millions of cultivators. They retained their behavior from when they were alive, and they seemed to want to charge forward as if they had gone crazy.

The number of cultivators seemed to be boundless...

There were hundreds of towering figures with their backs to the platform. They were waving their arms as if they were driving something way… In the distance, eight shadows as big as the palace seemed to appear. They were among the crowd of cultivators and began a frenzied massacre.

The more Wang Lin saw, the more shocked he became. He gradually moved his gaze to the throne, and he saw a unique cultivator in front of the throne.

This cultivator was holding an umbrella as he floated in the air. Although he had been turned into stone, his left hand was raised and was pointing at the throne!

As Wang Lin’s gaze moved, he saw the last person in the palace standing behind the person with the umbrella!

This was a cultivator with his eyes closed. He floated in the air with this left hand forming a fist as if he is grabbing something. His right arm was bent as if he was pulling something.

If you were to put a bow in his hand, he would be pulling the bow!

There was only the soft sound of candles burning in the palace. After a long time, Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and looked at the huge platform. After pondering a bit, he landed on the stone platform.

Standing here, Wang Lin could see endless cultivators with ferocious expressions, their eyes filled with killing intent. At this moment, it felt as if all of that killing intent was gathered on Wang Lin.

The killing intent from all eight directions seemed to turn solid and rushed at him.

Wang Lin retreated a few steps before the throne, and his face become even more pale.

The giant crack on the bottom of the platform under the throne gave off a monstrous killing intent. It was as if an arrow had flown past the countless cultivators, the chariots, the members of the ancient clans, and everything else straight toward the person on the throne!

While pondering, there was a force pulling him. The voice that had appeared five times in his head caused Wang Lin to slowly sit down on the throne!

Just as he sat down, his body trembled and then rapidly expanded. In a flash, he was thousands of feet tall, revealing his ancient god body!

Six ancient god stars appeared between his eyebrows and began to rotate. However, just at this moment, demonic energy came from the throne and rushed into Wang Lin’s body from his left arm. Eventually, it all gathered in his left eye, forming six phantom stars.

An instant later, a monstrous devilish energy rushed out from the throne. It rushed into Wang Lin’s body through his right arm and gathered in his right eye, forming six phantom stars!

Although the stars in his eyes were phantoms, when they appeared, they rotated in the same trajectory as the six stars between his eyebrows.

At this instant, Wang Lin’s mind trembled and time seemed to revert. He gradually forgot everything, and his body gave off a sense of majesty. This aura was tyrannical, this aura belonged to someone who would look coldly at a calamity that was causing the world to collapse!

He looked ahead and gradually became more calm, but that sense of majesty became even stronger. At this moment, the aura Wang Lin gave off would make even third step cultivators suffocate!

The first person to feel this aura was Esteemed Ling Dong inside Wang Lin’s Emperor Furnace. He was fully focused on suppressing Zhou Jin and was working with the Emperor Furnace to refine him. However, the moment the tyrannical aura gathered, Esteemed Ling Dong’s face went pale and his expression changed greatly. He was filled with fear and stopped whatever he was doing. He was forced out of the Emperor Furnace, out of the star, and out of Wang Lin’s body.

It was as if he would be crushed and killed by this aura if he didn’t leave. Wang Lin’s stars rotated rapidly as Esteemed Ling Dong was forced out. When he saw Wang Lin, he immediately knelt down on the platform.

It was only after he knelt that pressure dissipated a bit, but it was still strong. It was as if countless mountains were weighting on top of his head. He felt like he was no longer a third step cultivator but a mortal. His body trembled and he didn’t even dare to lift his head.

There was still another third step cultivator named Zhou Jin inside the Emperor Furnace. He was extremely arrogant and would not submit, even if he was being refined. If not for the fact that Esteemed Ling Dong had been suppressing him and he was trapped by the eight drops of poison, he wouldn’t have given up so easily.

However, at this moment, the pressure coming from Wang Lin’s body caused Zhou Jin’s face to turn pale, and panic appeared in his mind. The pressured unexpectedly caused the eight drops of poison around him to loosen and the 20 Ancient Leaves to weaken!

The moment this happened, Zhou Jin’s body flickered and he rushed out from the Emperor Furnace he was trapped in. He rushed out from the star between Wang Lin’s eyebrows.

The moment he appeared, the shocking pressure from Wang Lin’s body landed on him. This caused his expression to change once more, then he subconsciously took a few steps back. Monstrous fear appeared in his eyes.

This aura caused him to feel fear, caused him to tremble, and caused him to feel like the other party would need just a thought to cause him to disintegrate. Even though he was a Nirvana Void third step cultivator, he was but an ant before this pressure!

Not even the five masters of the Ancient Star System could make Zhou Jin feel like this!

It was as if every living thing in this world had to feel terror and kneel before someone with this tyrannical aura. If you didn’t kneel, you would die!

The aura continued to accumulate inside Wang Lin’s body, but it hadn’t erupted it. Though the accumulation had already reached an unimaginable degree. It was extremely domineering; he was like the emperor of the world!

Even the heavens would have to lower its head before him!

Even the earth would have to worship him!

Zhou Jin’s body trembled and blood came out from the corner of his mouth before he retreated a few steps. As the pressure decreased, popping sounds came from his legs. It was as if a force was pressuring down on his shoulders, forcing him to yield!

However, he wasn’t Ling Dong and hadn’t been refined. As a powerful third step cultivator and the ancestor of the Heavenly Wolf Clan, he didn’t kneel to the heavens or worship any god. The greater the pressure, the more he struggled. He let out a roar, and he unexpectedly didn’t kneel!

He clearly knew that Wang Lin couldn’t have obtained such a powerful aura in a short period of time. He also knew that this aura didn’t belong to Wang Lin, Wang Lin was just borrowing it!

The power was borrowed from this strange chair!

This momentum, this pressure could dissipate at any time. However, if he succumbed to it before it dissipated, it would leave a flaw on his dao heart and he would never walk out of the shadow of kneeling to someone as a third step cultivator! Not only would his cultivation stop, but he would very likely become a slave like Ling Dong!!

While struggling, Zhou Jin’s roar echoed inside this quiet palace. His forehead was covered in sweat and popping sounds were coming from his body. His legs were trembling, but he clenched his teeth. Blood flew out from the corner of his mouth and dripped onto his clothes, dying them red!

However, just as he was using his all to resist the pressure, the aura inside Wang Lin seemed to have finished accumulating. The 18 stars that were rapidly rotating suddenly stopped!

The moment they stopped rotating, the pressure and aura that had gathered inside Wang Lin erupted. It was 10 times, 100 times stronger than before as it swept across the palace!

Zhou Jin coughed out blood and his mind seemed to get torn apart. His dao heart shattered and all his resistance collapsed. At this moment, Wang Lin was like an invincible emperor that possessed an aura that could make the world tremble!

The burly man from the Heavenly Wolf Clan knelt down on the ground. His body trembled and, like Ling Dong, he didn’t dare to raise his head… He yielded...

Wang Lin seemed to not have noticed any of this. His gaze seemed to have penetrated Ling Dong and Zhou Jin, and he was looking ahead. In his eyes, the cultivators around the stone platform seemed to have gone back in time to countless years ago.

Slaughter the world! What moved wasn’t the long-dead cultivators around the platform, but Wang Lin’s mind. Scenes buried in time appeared in his eyes...

An umbrella was propped up in the scene.

There was a middle-aged scribe under the umbrella. He was silently looking at the countless cultivators rushing forward. He was also looking at the existence on the throne and pointing with his left hand!

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