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Chapter 1464 - Who's Faster?

At this moment, there were an unknown amount of cultivators remaining inside the Ancient Order Tomb. Their expressions all changed as they looked at the violent fog around them. They were in a daze.

The fear of the unknown increased rapidly.

A group of dozens of cultivators was trapped by fierce beasts inside the third map, facing a struggle. At this moment, the fog surged and the humanoid beasts became filled with fear. They didn't have time to retreat before they were caught in the fog. It was as if they were hit by a giant hand and all died.

Those dozens of cultivators couldn't dodge at all. They could only watch the fog sweep by them. The thunderous rumbles of the fog suppressed the miserable screams of their deaths.

In the fourth map, a platform that had already reached rank 3 was rapidly moving forward. His eyes were fill with panic and he would look behind him from time to time.

Far behind him were three platforms chasing him, ready to take his platform. However, the fog violently changed and slammed into the escaping cultivator. The platform wasn't able to resist at all and was devoured by the fog.

This sudden changed caused the expressions of those three to change greatly. However, the fog sea was even faster than them and the wave instantly swept by. The three pursuers and their platforms all collapsed.

Similar scenes took place all over the Ancient Order Tomb, causing a large amount of death. What awaited those that luckily survived was a great surprise!

Because too many cultivators had died in the fog sea, those runes were all flickering inside the fog. The surviving cultivators began to snatch them like crazy.

No one among them could compete with Great Desolation. His runes had already reached a certain amount, and after stealing some more, another rank 5 platform was born!

After becoming a rank 5 platform, he sensed the other platforms, and his expression changed.

At the edge of the rank 8 map, Devil Master Nine Heavens had just suppressed the puzzling feeling in his heart. His expression suddenly changed and he became filled with disbelief. For the first time, his platform stopped.

"Impossible!!" Devil Master Nine Heavens' eyes were filled with horror. He clearly felt that the platform that had just reached rank 7 several hours ago had upgraded to a rank 8 platform!

The first rank 8 platform!

This change was beyond Devil Master Nine Heavens' expectations. If it wasn't for the fact that he could clearly feel it through the platform, he wouldn't have believed it!

"In less than a day, this person went from rank 5 to rank 8… This… This…" Devil Master Nine Heavens gasped and was startled.

He was originally very confident he would be the first person to reach rank 8. However, the sudden change caused his mind to rumble.

"Who is this person?!" There was killing intent and dread in his eyes. He pondered for a bit and no longer moved forward. He controlled his platform to move backward rapidly.

"I have to see who this person is! Rank 8… Rank 8… After killing him, my chances will increase greatly!

"If I can find the secret of how he reached rank 8 so fast, then Ancient Order Ye Mo's earth palace will belong to this old man Mo Ping!"

Above the fog sea in the eighth map, the woman in white was also extremely gloomy. Her platform stopped, and a moment later, she let out a cold snort. She unexpectedly did the same thing and went backward toward the rank 8 platform.

She clearly knew that if she didn't understand how this mysterious person had increased the rank of the platform so fast, it was likely that that person would reach rank 9 in a few hours!

She was the same as the Devil Master Nine Heavens, they wouldn't allow something like that to happen!

In the ninth map, the woman on the platform behind Tuo Sen stood up. There was no charm on her face, it was replaced by killing intent.

"This person must be removed. If I can't obtain the method of rapidly increasing the rank of the platform, I can't allow someone else to have it!" While pondering, there was a flash of killing intent on her face. She ignored Tuo Sen and charged backwards with her platform.

All spears were pointed at Wang Lin!

Wang Lin was sitting on the 80,000 foot platform. This platform gave off a powerful, golden light; it was like the sun. The surrounding fog moved and retreated because of him!

The eighth map appeared in Wang Lin's head. A majority of the Ancient Order Tomb was revealed to him!

At this moment, the ancient voice echoed for the fourth time!

"The heavens palace contains my inheritance. Once my clan members' cultivation reaches the limit, they can return to the Ancient Order path… Then leave the world and return to this lord's homeworld, find this lord's clan…" When the voice dissipated, Wang Lin felt even more clearly that three rank 7 platforms were rapidly closing in on him. He also felt that back in the fifth map, a new rank 5 platform was born. Wang Lin immediately guessed that the person on that platform was Great Desolation!

At this moment, Great Desolation was also rushing toward him.

"My platform has raised three ranks in less than a day, so I must have scared them… Now they are coming to find an answer and kill me." Wang Lin's expression remained normal and he sneered.

He was able to clearly know the others' locations while on the rank 8 platform. However, the others only knew his rough direction.

"Unfortunately, I'm out of ancient demon treasures. There is only one left, and it's not enough to reach rank 9…" After the platform reached rank 8, it became a bottomless pit. Wang Lin faintly guessed that the demand would be extremely large!

According to the law of the Ancient Order Tomb, Wang Lin would have to kill everyone chasing him and steal their runes. Only then could he make his platform reach rank 9.

However, Wang Lin would naturally not do something like this. He sneered as he controlled the platform below him.

The rank 8 platform's speed was comparable to that of a third step cultivator, and it was not something a rank 7 platform could compare to. Adding the fact that Wang Lin could accurately find their locations, he was confident they wouldn't catch him in a short period of time.

"Right now I must find everything related to ancient demons and use my own method to make my platform reach rank 9. I want to see if I'm faster or they're faster!"

The platform under Wang Lin moved rapidly and thunderous rumbles echoed. The golden light forced the fog back, and without the fog, Wang Lin moved even faster.

He clearly knew what his advantage was. He was the first to obtain the rank 8 platform and the first to obtain the eighth map!

The others were spending time to find the path in the eighth map, but Wang Lin didn't have to do any of this. All the paths and sealed lands in the eighth map were in Wang Lin's mind.

"Now I must be fast!" Wang Lin didn't hesitate and didn't waste any time. He sat down on the platform and focused on sensing the others' positions.

As he moved forward, a thunderous rumble echoed. He quickly moved through the four people chasing him and entered the seventh map.

Devil Master Nine Heavens was also in the seventh map, and his face was extremely gloomy. The other party was like a slippery earthworm that had cleverly avoided his pursuit as if they knew his exact movements.

"It must be because the rank 8 platform can sense other platforms even more clearly…." Devil Master Nine Heavens' eyes lit up and his hand formed a seal. Then his hand slam down on his platform, causing it to rush forward even faster.

The woman in white and the beautiful woman quickly moved through the Ancient Order Tomb. They continued to close in on Wang Lin.

There was also Great Desolation. Although he was only rank 5, as a third step cultivator, he had ways to make his platform move faster. He was also chasing after Wang Lin.

In the seventh map, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes. He clearly felt two auras closing in on him. One was coming from the right and the other from the left, both charging straight at him.

His eyes lit up and the platform below him suddenly stopped. He didn't move forward and instead rapidly went up hundreds of thousands of feet. The two auras also changed directions and followed him upwards.

Before they got close, Wang Lin felt the fog around him being crushed and heard thunderous rumbles echoing.

Wang Lin sneered as his platform suddenly stopped and no longer went up. Instead, he began diving down at an angle. Wang Lin stood up and looked behind him. There was a flash of coldness as he waved his hand and millions of marks appeared.

The fog rumbled and a sea of fire appeared behind Wang Lin. A huge umbrella appeared in the sea of fire behind him.

"Realm Burning Umbrella!" Wang Lin roared as the giant umbrella appeared inside the fog!

"Umbrella, open to destroy the world!" Wang Lin coughed out blood, and the blood began to burn as it flew toward the umbrella. The umbrella showed signs of opening; it opened 20%!

When the umbrella opened, a world-destroying fire rushed out and charged downwards.

At this moment, a platform appeared on the left, and Devil Master Nine Heaven's figure could be seen on it. On the right, another platform appeared. The eyes of the woman in white were like lightning, but when she saw Wang Lin, she was clearly startled.

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