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Chapter 1463 - Cheating

Wang Lin's eyes became serious as he stared at the fog before him. The fog gradually disappeared, and the girl had disappeared.

"Interesting…" Wang Lin muttered to himself. Then he looked at the number mark he had taken from her. He placed the mark on the side and allowed the platform to fly forward. After a long time, he took out another ancient devil soul and crushed it for ancient devil power. Then he took out more ancient demon power from the gourd and fused it with his ancient god power. Then, without hesitation, he moved his hand over his own forehead.

There was a thunderous bang. Wang Lin's face trembled and his origin energy rapidly cycled. His face turned pale, but his eyes lit up. At this moment, the three powers formed a vortex between his eyebrows and a sharp pain like something was stabbing him filled his body.

A moment later, the intense pain disappeared and a number mark appeared between his eyebrows!

Just as the number mark appeared, the fog surrounding him surged and roared like crazy. It seemed to want to devour Wang Lin and his 60,000 foot platform.

It was as if Wang Lin's action had messed up the laws of this place! It was going to erase him, just like the girl from the Sealing Extermination Clan!

Just as the fog rushed over, Wang Lin didn't hesitate to swipe his right hand across his forehead and rip off the mark!

After he took off the mark, his face became even more pale and his breathing became rough.

He suddenly looked up and stared at the fog. He observed the movement of the fog and prepared to resist.

However, right when Wang Lin took off his mark, the surrounding fog calmed down and slowly retreated.

After a long time, Wang Lin's laughter echoed inside the fog. He looked at the number mark in his hand. He was certain of it now!

He could be inside the Ancient Order Tomb without the mark because he is an ancient god. However, this mark could be created, and it required the fusion of the three ancient clans!

It was because of this that he wouldn't be erased like the girl from the Sealing Extermination clan after the mark had been removed, because he shouldn't have one!

"This mark is just something the Ancient Order Tomb gave to people not part of the three clans so they can exist in here for a short period of time!

"This is the Ancient Order Tomb, so only the three Ancient Order clan members can enter. Others need the mark to enter! Once one's mark is gone, they are erased from the tomb!

"The reason the Ancient Order clan members don't have marks but the platforms require marks to rank up is to get the three Ancient Order clan members to kill the outsiders and take the marks… The outsiders are not inheritors, and they are part of the trial! I'm the only inheritor, and if Tuo Sen is here, he is an inheritor as well!

"However, Tuo Sen is extremely arrogant and his mind is a bit of a mess, so he might not think of this…" Wang Lin looked at the mark in his hand and put it on the platform. It quickly fused with the platform.

"Killing others to obtain their marks is not the only method. I can't compare to those old monsters and I don't have enough time, but I do have another method!"

Wang Lin smiled as he fused the three clans' powers once more to form that mysterious power. He hesitantly pressed against his forehead, and the moment the mark appeared, he quickly removed it.

1, 2, 10, 30… In the blink of an eye, almost 100 number marks were created by Wang Lin using his body, and he fused them into the platform below him.

Due to his frequent actions, the fog surrounding him was extremely intense and roared violently. However, Wang Lin controlled this very well and didn't give the fog a chance to get close.

Using this almost cheating method, Wang Lin created hundreds of number marks and fused them with his platform.

After absorbing the runes from the Heavenly Wolf Clan's burly man's platform, Wang Lin's platform already had a lot more than what was required for rank 6. Now that Wang Lin had used this almost perverted method to add more runes, his platform met the requirement for rank 7!

As thunderous rumbles echoed, the platform under Wang Lin began to grow. Countless dust particles gathered from all directions within the fog, and the 60,000 foot platform started to grow.

63,000 feet, 67,00 feet… until it was 70,000 feet!

Rank 7 platform!

The 70,000 foo platform was extremely shocking. It looked like a small continent had appeared in the fog. As it moved, it created a powerful wind that made the fog not dare to approach it.

Bursts of golden light came from the platform, causing the fog to retreat even more. Some of the fog retreated too slow and was hit by the golden light. It immediately dissipated as if it had evaporated.

Another part of the map appeared in Wang Lin's mind! However, what he focused on wasn't the map but the voice that appeared in his head the third time!

"...the earth palace is for souls. This lord has killed three Celestial Lords and imprisoned their souls in there. I originally planned to refine them into my avatars, but those who come later can take them. However, these three souls are extremely powerful, so if you're not confident, don't release them...

"These three souls were all vicious individuals…"

The voice dissipated. Wang Lin's mind trembled and he finally understood what the earth palace that was mentioned the first time meant! He had also gained some clues about the Renhu Sword.

The moment Wang Lin's platform reached rank 7, Devil Master Nine Heavens, who was in the eighth map and had just reached rank 7 as well, stood up. He opened his eyes and looked back.

"Who the hell is he? How did he reach rank 7? There was a total of six people who had reached rank 5, and one person was absorbed by him, allowing him to rise to rank 6. How did he reach rank 7 in just a short period of time…" Devil Master Nine Heavens was gloomy and puzzled.

"I used many avatars to kill people in the outer region to obtain runes for my platform. I assume he must have a similar method… Rank 7… I don't consider this worthwhile. My platform will soon reach rank 8, I want to see which of us will be faster!" Devil Master Nine Heavens sat down once more.

There was another platform in the eighth map, but instead of inside the fog, a platform that was soon about to reach rank 7 was flying above the fog. A woman in white was sitting on the platform, frowning. She was puzzled.

She had also noticed that strange scene but couldn't think of a reason.

"Who is it… I have a secret spell, so I can absorb the scattered runes in the Ancient Order Tomb to upgrade the rank of my platform. How did he do it… Who the hell is he…" Just as the woman in white rubbed her eyebrows, the platform under her trembled. It had absorbed enough runes to reach rank 7!

This change interrupted her thoughts.

There was an endless amount of air flowing through the ninth map, forcing Tuo Sen to slow down. His expression was ferocious as he stepped forward.

"Damn Ancient Order Tomb, damn Ancient Order to make this bullshit inheritance so difficult to obtain. Ancient Order Ye Mo, I'm one of your clan members. If you don't give it to me, who else are you going to give it to…"

On the rank 1 platform beside Tuo Sen, the beautiful woman's expression became serious. She was no longer flirtatious, and she looked behind her.

"Another one appeared… However, it is far away from the ninth map. I'm already in the ninth map, and with Tuo Sen guiding the way, I'm much faster than them… Others might not be able to enter the earth palace, but I can! Also, Ye Mo didn't say the whole truth. Aside from those three Celestial Lords, there is something else… That is something that even that old thing would want…" There was a hint of greed in her eyes.

No one could have imagined the method Wang Lin was using to increase the rank of his platform. Wang Lin didn't stop; he continued to use this method to form rune after rune.

There runes continued to fuse with the rank 7 platform, causing it to rapidly get close to rank 8.

Wang Lin was already extremely skilled at this. With a wave of his hand, he would create a rune and instantly remove it from his head before placing it on the platform. Time passed. In just a few hours, the amount of runes on the platform had reached a terrifying number.

There were enough ancient devil souls inside the bottle to withstand this kind of consumption. Wang Lin could also generate enough ancient god power. However, he didn't have much ancient demon power, and there wasn't much left in the gourd. 

Fortunately, Wang Lin had obtained several ancient demon treasures after coming here. In order to extract the ancient demon power, he was willing to destroy the treasures.

This was just barely enough to keep up with the speed at which he formed the runes.

After several hours, Wang Lin's last ancient demon treasure collapsed. He extracted the ancient demon power and fused it with ancient god and ancient devil powers. He created another rune and placed it on the platform. At this moment, there was a flash of golden light and the platform grew once more!

The surrounding fog retreated like crazy and the entire fog sea was stirred up. The platform under Wang Lin expanded and instantly reached 80,000 feet!

Rank 8 platform, the first rank 8 platform among everyone here!

When the rank 8 platform appeared, the fog sea churned violently and was pushed away. Thunderous rumbles came from the churning fog sea, and it spread to all the areas in the maps.

At this moment, all the cultivators in the Ancient Order Tomb felt the violent change in the fog around them!

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