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Chapter 1465 - Living Ancient Demon

The Realm Burning Umbrella was powerful, and although it was only 20%, the realm-burning fire couldn’t be blocked by any force. At this moment, the sea of fire spread out from the umbrella and destroyed everything in its path!

The surrounding fog was surrounded by the fog and began to burn. The burning fog was pushed back, creating an even more powerful storm. Devil Master Nine Heavens’ figure appeared and his expression became serious. If his original body was here, it would’ve been fine, but his avatar that had restricted cultivation had to avoid the fire. There was also the woman in white. Her expression changed many times, but no one knew what she was thinking. She lowered her head and quickly retreated.

As the two of them retreated, Wang Lin wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. He borrowed the force of the fire to move even faster, and he instantly reached the edge of the seventh map. Just as he was about to enter the eighth map, Devil Master Nine Heavens looked into the distance. His gaze seemed to be able to penetrate the void and clearly see Wang Lin wipe away the blood. He pointed to between his eyebrows and murmured, “As long as I can see you once… As long as I have seen your figure once, it’s enough… No matter how far you are from me, even if we are blocked by a mountain that separates two realms, this lord can kill you!”

“Point at the celestial through the mountain!” His right hand suddenly rose and mercilessly pointed forward! At this moment, Wang Lin’s figure appeared in his eyes, maintaining the pose of holding the ancient umbrella. As he pointed, Wang Lin’s figure began to distort and a mysterious force rushed at him in an attempt to tear the figure apart. Just as he used this spell that was second only to Fishing the Moon in the Well, the beautiful woman in white suddenly looked up. There was a decisive gaze in her eyes.

Her jade-like hand waved and she softly said, “Heaven Gate’s Three Daos. Three gates of sun, moon, and star, open!” As her words echoed, her right hand formed a seal. Countless rays of starlight suddenly appeared before Devil Master Nine Heavens.  

The rays of starlight crossed together and suddenly formed a giant door that pierced through the sky. It was extremely similar to the void gate, but the essence was not the same.

The star gate appeared the moment Devil Master Nine Heavens pointed forward, and these two dao spells instantly collided.

There was no sound and no ripples spread, but the stargate trembled. It then dissipated inside the Ancient Order Tomb. At the same time, Devil Master Nine Heavens coughed out blood, his face turned pale, and he was knocked back thousands of feet. He looked at the woman in white and shouted, “Why is a Celestial Concubine stopping me!?”

The woman in white was also slightly pale and she retreated several thousand feet, but she remained calm. She slowly said, “Why do I have to explain myself to you? What do you count as?”

Devil Master Nine Heavens stared at the woman in white for a while and then his expression gradually calmed down, revealing no anger. He revealed a smile on the corner of his mouth and shook his head. He turned around and went around her as he chased Wang Lin into the eighth map.

The woman in white frowned and withdrew her gaze. She looked at where Wang Lin disappeared and continued forward.

When Wang Lin entered the eighth map, he immediately felt a powerful chill, and a sense of danger filled his mind. He didn’t hesitate to point to the spot between his brows, causing the Emperor Furnace to appear. It surrounded him as he charged into the eighth map.

After entering the eighth map, the sense of danger disappeared. He looked behind him and charged into the depths without hesitation.

Shortly after he left, Devil Master Nine Heavens arrived. The eighth map was extremely foreign to him. After pondering a bit, he continued to chase based on that vague feeling from the platform.

At the same time, the charming woman entered the eighth map from the ninth map.

No one was more familiar with eighth map than Wang Lin. Wang Lin moved extremely fast through the the eighth map. There were three sealed lands here, and they were all marked in the language of the Ancient Order: God, Demon, Devil!

Wang Lin would’ve chosen the sealed land marked “ancient god,” but right now he didn’t hesitate to head to the ancient demon sealed land.

With a precise goal, Wang Lin didn’t waste time. In one hour, he approached the ancient devil sealed land. At this moment, everyone else was chasing after him through that vague feeling. Wang Lin calculated that he would have half an hour before they caught up. 

“Half an hour…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up when he saw a vortex tens of thousands of feet away from him. This vortex was loud and filled with demonic energy. Just this demonic energy was enough to make one’s heart tremble.

After closing in, Wang Lin clearly felt that there was a powerful vitality coming from the vortex!

“A living ancient demon!” Wang Lin gasped. He stared at the vortex. Deep within the vortex, there was a figure sitting inside a cyclone with a seal on it. It was due to the seal that the ancient demon couldn’t escape. It seemed to be sleeping.

The demonic energy here was very strong, and the vitality here made Wang Lin certain that not only was the ancient demon alive, it was extremely powerful. If it didn’t have nine stars, it would have at least eight stars! Wang Lin frowned, but soon his eyebrows relaxed and he revealed a grim smile. He carefully got off the platform and put it away before moving toward the vortex.

As soon as he entered the vortex, howls echoed in his ears. The demonic energy inside the vortex was like a violent storm, and it entangled Wang Lin as if it wanted to tear his body apart. He was only able to move 1,000 feet before he couldn’t move anymore. This distance was almost nothing compared to how far the center was. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and his ancient god stars appeared.

Wang Lin’s stars quickly rotated and ancient god power filled his eyes. He clenched his teeth and took a few steps forward, each step crossing thousands of feet. In the blink of an eye, he entered the center of the area. He was almost at his limit and he could go a few steps more, but he chose not to do so. Wang Lin sat down and took out the ancient devil bottle. After extracting the ancient devil power, his own ancient god power surged out. Then his left hand grabbed some ancient demon power and the three fused.

The mysterious force appeared once more and he quickly pressed it between his eyebrows. Just as the rune appeared, he retrieved it. He moved faster and faster as he continued to repeat this action.

The ancient demon aura was being extracted by Wang Lin, and the number of souls inside the ancient devil bottle was decreasing. More and more runes appeared. Time passed and a majority of the half hour had gone by.

The number of runes created by Wang Lin had reached thousands with all the ancient demon power here. Extract the ancient devil soul, grab the ancient demon power, and inject his own ancient god power. Wang Lin was extremely proficient with this series of actions.

“A bit faster!!” Although he was already making them very fast, he was still far from reaching rank 9. Wang Lin could feel that four auras were rushing at him, so he moved faster and faster. Shortly after, a rumble echoed and a platform 70,000 feet wide arrived. There was a charming woman standing on top of it. Before she even arrived, her charming laughter could be heard.

Her laugh contained a hint of charm, and when it entered Wang Lin’s ears, his mind trembled. His thoughts wandered to that time he spent with Liu Mei in the Suzaku Tomb. This caused his face to turn pale and his expression turned ice cold. He coldly stared at the platform and the woman on top. Due to his 2,000 years of cultivation and the pain he had suffered inside the Suzaku Tomb, he was able to suppress this strange feeling. His eyes became colder and colder. When the woman arrived, he retreated further into the vortex, where he sat down once more. He ignored the woman as he closed his eyes and continued to make runes.

“So it’s you. If Big Sister didn’t already have Tuo Sen, I wouldn’t want to hurt you.” The woman in pink smiled, but there was a hint of surprise in her eyes. She glanced at the depths of the vortex and felt the ancient demon inside, her eye became serious. Although her laughter sounded normal, it contained her dao spell. However, Wang Lin was only confused for a moment and instantly awakened. She couldn’t help but have a strange thought.

“Could it be that this little fellow has never tasted a woman?” The woman’s eyes lit up and she licked her lips. Then she laughed and entered the vortex, making her way toward Wang Lin. At the same time, Devil Master Nine Heavens arrived. He put away his platform and entered the vortex.

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