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Chapter 1462 - Breaking The Rules

Wang Lin's words were as cold as frost and stopped the burly from the Heavenly Wolf Clan from moving. Sweat appeared on his forehead as he stared at the nine drops of poison liquid that surrounded him.

He could clearly feel these drops of poison contained an unimaginable toxin. Just one drop would be enough to cause his flesh and origin soul to decay until there was nothing left.

What caused his scalp to turn numb was that there were simply too many Joss Flame souls inside them. These souls had been turned into poison souls and then had been refined. They emitted endless resentment and destructive force.

He didn't dare to move, he didn't dare to move at all. The battle today was too fast and filled with twists and turns. He didn't expect Ling Dong to appear, and he didn't expect Ling Dong to have taken that half-step!

If this was all, it wouldn't be too much. After the Ancient Leaves had sealed all his paths, he still had other methods. However, these nine drops were enough to break his mind.

The terrifying aura from the nine drops caused Zhou Jin's skin to crawl.

Seeing that Zhou Jin was trapped, Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he slowly said, "Ling Dong."

Esteemed Ling Dong stepped forward and stopped 100 feet from Wang Lin. He knelt down on one knee and, with fervor in his eyes, said, "Does Master want to kill him or refine him?"

"Master!!" This word entered Zhou Jin's ears and caused him to become startled. Disbelief filled his eyes. Third step cultivators were the strongest existences, and there were very few of them. Each of them was extremely famous. How could they recognize anyone as their master, much less someone who hadn't even reached the third step?

"Refine!" Wang Lin waved his hand and the Emperor Furnace suddenly changed. 18 Ancient Leaves landed on the Emperor Furnace, sealing it. Then the souls appeared and began refining.

Esteemed Ling Dong entered the poison ocean realm with Wang Lin's help. He sat in the air and began the slave-refining process! Zhou Jin was different from Ling Dong, he was a true third step cultivator, so it was not easy to refine him into a slave. Even the Dream Dao would only increase the chance after Wang Lin had grinded down Zhou Jin's mental state.

Right now Zhou Jin was suppressed in the Emperor Furnace with Ling Dong on guard and the 18 Ancient Leaves sealing the furnace. Most importantly, the nine drops of poison were around him, so Wang Lin was confident Zhou Jin couldn't escape.

There were only nine drops of poison, so he didn't want to waste them. Right now they were able to trap Zhou Jin. Also, Wang Lin didn't want to kill Zhou Jin. If he could obtain two ancient slaves, then once Wang Lin returned to the Inner Realm, his great enemy Daoist Water could only run in terror.

Wang Lin's ancient god stars flashed and he put away the Emperor Furnace. He then looked down at the earth below him.

The interior of the forest was empty, leaving only some trees on the outer edges. At the center, where Greed had found the statue, the vortex was still floating there.

Wang Lin pondered a bit. He intended to take the forest and the skull with him. However, he wasn't sure if the vortex would dissipate if he took them away. If it disappeared, it wouldn't be worth it.

This vortex was very important to Wang Lin. He had scanned it with his divine sense, but he wasn't sure if this vortex would send him to the Ancient Star System, he was only sure that this vortex had the ability to teleport.

After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin didn't act recklessly. His hand formed seals and a large amount of restrictions filled the sky, sealing this place up.

Wang Lin used several days' time and completely sealed this place up. He then stepped forward and left the world the forest was in.

When he reappeared, he was inside the fog in the ancient god. He began releasing restrictions to seal the area from the outside before he finally relaxed. Even if someone obtained an Ancient Leaf and came here, they would have to break the restrictions here first. It would be filled with danger.

Wang Lin was very confident in his restrictions. His eyes lit up and Flowing Time appeared to increase the age of the Time Restriction, making it even more powerful.

After doing all of this, Wang Lin's gaze landed on the burly man's rank 5 platform. He waved his hand and the platform rumbled. All the runes flew off and flew toward Wang Lin.

As the runes approached, Wang Lin took out his rank 5 platform. After absorbing the runes, his platform suddenly expanded outward and became 60,000 feet wide in the blink of an eye. Standing on the platform, Wang Lin felt the familiar divine sense rush into his mind.

More of the map appeared in his mind!  

At this instant, a majestic voice echoed in Wang Lin's heart. "Rank 9 is the end… I have three palaces: heaven, earth, human… The human palace contains my Renhe Sword. This sword has accompanied me for my entire life, experiencing countless slaughter… Due to all the killing, it turned into a demon and had three seals placed on it…"

The voice dissipated and Wang Lin remained calm. A moment later, his eyes lit up and he controlled the 60,000 foot platform, disappearing into the fog.

Along the way, Wang Lin moved quickly. He could vaguely feel the aura of other platforms ahead of him. These auras were of other rank 5 or higher platforms. They were far further ahead than Wang Lin.

According to Wang Lin's calculations, the one furthest ahead had already reached the eighth map.

"There are nine maps in total. According to Ye Mo's words, it's not whoever reaches the ninth map the fastest, but whoever obtains a rank 9 platform to meet the requirements...

"Going by my current speed, I can't move faster than those ahead of me…" Wang Lin sat down on the platform and began to ponder. After a long time, he touched the spot between his brows and his eyes shined.

"Everyone in the Ancient Order Tomb has a number, but I don't… If Tuo Sen came here, he also won't have the number mark…

"I'm an ancient god, so I don't need to be marked by a number… Then what exactly are the number marks…" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he vaguely noticed something. His hand hit the platform below him and one rune flew out and he grabbed it.

After entering the tomb, Wang Lin had been passive and had been pushed around by the force controlling this place. Even the giant hand seemed to be controlled by someone.

This feeling made him uncomfortable. This was the first time Wang Lin had examined one of these very important number runes. Staring at it, Wang Lin gradually frowned.

Time slowly passed. Wang Lin allowed the platform to carry him forward. The platform moved through the fifth map and entered the sixth map. The rune inside his hand had changed hundreds of times, and he had examined each change carefully.

"There is a very strange force inside this rune. The power of this rune seems to allow people to exist here for a short period of time… If it wasn't there…" Wang Lin's right hand reached out at the void and the girl from the Sealing Extermination Clan appeared before him.

Although he had taken the girl's clan mark, there was still a mark between her eyebrows. This was the number mark!

Her eyes were closed as if she was sleeping. Wang Lin stared at her forehead, and after a long time, he raised his right hand. Ancient god power filled his hand and he gently wiped across her forehead.

The girl trembled, and after Wang Lin's right hand moved past it, the mark was still there.

Wang Lin pondered for a bit and took out the Ancient Soul Bottle from his storage space. His right hand hit the bottle and an ancient devil soul came out with a roar. The moment it appeared, Wang Lin caught it and crushed it. A mournful scream echoed and ancient devil power filled Wang Lin's right hand. Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he fused his ancient god power with it.

Time slowly passed. The fusion couldn't be complete, as if it was missing something.

"Ancient demon power…" Wang Lin's eyes became brighter and brighter. He waved his hand and a gourd flew out. This was given to him by a cultivator from the first area in order to save their life.

At that moment, Wang Lin's divine sense swept by it and he knew it was an ancient demon treasure, so it contained some ancient demon power.

After he took it out, he knocked it and ancient demon energy appeared. His left hand grabbed a portion of that energy and fused it with the ancient devil and ancient god power in his right hand.

The three ancient order clans, their three auras instantly gathered and fused inside Wang Lin's hand, forming a unique force. It was far stronger than ancient god, ancient devil, or ancient demon power. Holding this force, Wang Lin felt like he was holding the world.

Without hesitation, he wiped his hand across the girl's forehead. The girl opened her eyes and let out a miserable scream. The number mark between her eyebrows was wiped out by Wang Lin!

Without the number mark, her body trembled violently. The fog around her seemed to boil and rushed at her from all directions. It was as if her existence was against the rules of the tomb, and it caused a series of upheavals. The tomb was going to erase this existence!

This change was too sudden, not even Wang Lin expected this. In an instant, the fog rushed in like crazy and the girl disappeared before Wang Lin in an instant.

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