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Chapter 1461 - Making Enemies!

The moment the burly man from the Heavenly Wolf Clan was startled, Wang Lin waved his right hand. The thunder tattoo that was hidden in the sky suddenly appeared. All of this happened in an instant, and the thunder tattoo descended.

The burly man reacted very fast. With a wave of his hand, the Ancient Leaf appeared. He placed the Ancient Leaf on his chest to seal his emotions so they couldn't be used by Wang Lin's Ethereal Fire. There was a hint of mockery on his face as his hand formed a seal and a 10,000 foot heavenly wolf appeared. It roared and pounced toward the thunder tattoo.

However, just at this moment, the nine-colored fire burned menacingly behind the thunder tattoo and surrounded the heavenly wolf. There was a flash of blood light as the blood sword pierced the heavenly wolf, then it charged at the burly man.

"Since we have met here, it is time for you to die. I didn't think you would be the fifth person to obtain a rank 5 platform. After killing you, my tomb can become rank 6!

"If you want to blame anyone, you have to blame your luck for being bad enough to meet me here!" The burly man smiled as he waved his right hand. Joss Flames appeared and formed another 10,000 foot wolf that pounced at the blood sword.

The burly man stepped forward and moved like lightning. He charged through Wang Lin's restriction and shot toward Wang Lin.

His eyes were locked onto the 18 Ancient Leaves before Wang Lin, and greed appeared in his eyes.

"I'll kill you and obtain the leaves. One stone to kill two birds! This is a wonderful thing!" The burly man smiled and his right hand formed a claw as he reached toward Wang Lin.

"You sure say a lot of crap!" Wang Lin was calm, and as the burly man approached, he waved his hand. The Emperor Furnace appeared and smash toward the burly man.

"You will die today for sure, all resistance is futile." The burly man shook his head and waved his right hand. His hand collided with the Emperor Furnace, causing it to shake violently.

However, just at this moment, a powerful rebound force came from where the burly man's hand landed. This force entered his body and caused his expression to change. He coughed out blood and was about to retreat.

A laugh came out from the Emperor Furnace. Esteemed Ling Dong had blood stains on the corners of his mouth as he rushed out from the purple ocean inside the Emperor Furnace. He stood at the tip of the wave from the purple ocean and killing intent filled his eyes as he shot toward the burly man. The endless Joss Flames surrounded his body and created murmuring echoes.

"Ling Dong!!" The burly man's pupils shrank and he felt that something was wrong. The appearance of Ling Dong had thrown off his calculations against Wang Lin. He was shocked by the Joss Flames around Ling Dong, and he didn't know why Ling Dong was helping Wang Lin!

"Zhou Jin!" Esteemed Ling Dong rushed forward and closed in on the burly man in a flash. The purple ocean raged and turned into a giant statue with folded arms. A powerful destructive force shot out at the burly man!

The burly man quickly retreated, and as he retreated, he ripped open a rift. A fishy smell came from inside the rift and a pair of dark red eyes appeared!

The pair of eyes was ruthless, and a wolf howl echoed. A huge, red shadow rushed out, revealing itself to be a red wolf tens of thousands of feet large. It pounced at Esteemed Ling Dong's statue.

The burly man's heart pounded and he felt like something was wrong. Wang Lin was already not weak and extremely cunning. Now Ling Dong had taken that final half-step into the third step as well. The burly man didn't hesitate to give up his dignity as a third step cultivator. The moment the red wolf rushed out, he anxiously retreated.

"I can't let this battle continue, this can't continue! This Esteemed Ling Dong was considered a junior when he was still at the fifth Heaven's Blight. If it wasn't for the fact that he was unwise and couldn't obtain enough Joss Flames, he would have become a third step cultivator long ago!"

Wang Lin was still standing on top of the ancient god skull. He hadn't moved a step and not even his expression had changed much. He had watched from when the burly man from the Heavenly Wolf Clan arrived arrogantly until he retreated in shock.

Wang Lin revealed a hint of ridicule and slowly opened his mouth.

"You were happy after seeing me, but you didn't know that I was even more happy!" Wang Lin waved his hand and two out of the 18 leaves before him immediately flew out. Their speed was unimaginable. The moment the rift appeared behind the burly man and the red wolf howled, the leaves pierce through space and landed on the rift.

"Retreat?" Wang Lin pointed forward and two more Ancient Leaves flew out. They were extremely fast and could seal anything in the world. They instantly passed the burly man and formed a barrier behind him.

The burly knew how strange the Ancient Leaves were. At this moment, he changed his trajectory and moved to the left.

"To the left?" Wang Lin pointed at two of the Ancient Leaves and they sealed the sky to the left.

The moment the burly man stopped and turned to the right, Wang Lin sneered. He waved his hand and two more Ancient Leaves sealed the sky to the right!

"To the right! Not even up and down will work." Then four Ancient Leaves flew out and sealed the sky above and below, leaving only the front open. However, Esteemed Ling Dong had summoned the statue and was battling the red wolf, resulting in thunderous rumbles.

Wang Lin took a step forward and waved his right hand. The remaining Ancient Leaves all flew out toward the burly man from the Heavenly Wolf Clan.

Esteemed Ling Dong flew out from the impact and charged at the burly man.

As the thunderous rumbles echoed, all of the burly man's retreat paths were sealed. At this moment of crisis, his hand formed a seal and a large amount of Joss Flame souls appeared. The space distorted and countless thorns drilled out from the burly man's arm. These thorns looked like wolf fangs.

"Wolf herd, worship the moon!" the burly man roared, then he waved his arm and the wolf teeth fell off his arm. The teeths all turned into fierce wolves. There were simply too many of them. They filled the world instantly, and there were tens of thousands of them. Just as they were about to howl, the sky became cloudy and a blood moon appeared.

A pressure spread out.

However, he didn't have a chance to completely use this third step spell. Wang Lin's right hand pointed at the sky and the Emperor Furnace expanded, surrounding the world and covering the red moon sky. It trapped the tens of thousands of fierce wolves!

The expression of the burly man, Zhou Jin, who was being held down by Ling Dong, changed. He was about to give it his all to use his spells to resist when his right hand suddenly stopped. He wasn't able to finish the seals.

Nine drops of black water had appeared around him. They gave off an aura that caused his scalp to go numb!

He didn't dare to move!

"Move and you will die!" Wang Lin's chilly voice slowly echoed.

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