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Chapter 1460 - Four Joy

Esteemed Ling Dong was gifted the Fuse dao spell by Wang Lin! Then his body trembled and he gradually sank into the bottom of the ocean. He was very talented; if he wasn't, he wouldn't be half a step into the third step.

Esteemed Ling Dong had completely understood the dao spell after several hours. Although his understanding wasn't as deep as Wang Lin's, it was enough to deal with these Joss Flame souls that were without a master.

The ocean inside the Emperor Furnace churned violently until it formed a giant vortex. At the center was Esteemed Ling Dong. His eyes gave off a mysterious light as he used the dao spell Wang Ling had given him to fuse with the Joss Flame souls.

Wang Lin was still sitting outside the Emperor Furnace as he continued to use his ancient god power to nourish those 19 trees. Right now the trees no longer looked withered.

Giving off powerful vitality, the trees showed signs of growing leaves.

After withdrawing his gaze, Wang Lin waved his right hand and a rift to his storage space opened. He reached in and pulled out the sealed girl from the Sealing Extermination Clan.

Although the girl's appearance wasn't superb, she was still very beautiful. Her black hair was covering part of her pale face and her eyes were closed. Her timid expression would make people want to care for her.

"What is your name?" After taking her out, Wang Lin eased the seal a bit to allow her to awaken, but her eyes were still closed.

After hearing Wang Lin's question, her eyelashes trembled and she slowly opened her eyes. Her eyes were very beautiful, with distinct black and white, but right now they were filled with panic. She bit her lower lip and didn't dare to look at Wang Lin.

Looking at her, Wang Lin couldn't help remember another face filled with the same panic and timidness. The only difference was that that pair of eyes also contained stubbornness and hatred.

"Very similar to Yao Xixue…" Wang Lin's eyes gradually grew cold and he slowly said, "What is your name?"

The girl from the Sealing Extermination Clan's voice trembled and she whispered, "Zhiman… Feng Zhiman…"

"Zhiman… It is a good name. You have died twice; how did you survive?" Wang Lin's voice was calm, but a pressure spread out and shrouded this girl.

"I'm the maid of Dao Master Miao Yin. You've captured me, so he will definitely kill you…" The girl bit her lower lip and looked at Wang Lin. Her timidness was still there, but she suppressed it by force.

Wang Lin slowly said, "He can't enter the Ancient Order Tomb."

After the girl heard this, her face became even more pale. She was a smart person, so she immediately understood Wang Lin's meaning.

"Impossible!! The Dao Master's avatar couldn't have been killed!" The girl was terrified and even her voice became sharp.

Wang Lin coldly looked at the girl and didn't explain. He waved his hand and a jade flew out. The jade touched her forehead and the scene of Dao Master Miao Yin's avatar dying appeared in her mind.

This girl was someone close to Dao Master Miao Yin, so she knew a lot about his spells. She had her own method of determining if the information inside the jade was true or false.

The girl's face became more and more pale. It wasn't difficult for her to see that this was true. Under the attack from Wang Lin and Great Desolation, there was no chance for Miao Yin's avatar, who had his cultivation suppressed, to survive.

In particular, seeing Great Desolation possessing Miao Yin's avatar made her last sliver of hope disappear, and she trembled. "My patience is limited. If you don't answer my question, I'll crush your soul!" Wang Lin's voice gradually grew colder. He knew that there was something strange about the Sealing Extermination Clan, so he didn't use soul search directly but first crushed her resistance.

The panic in the girl's eyes became even stronger. She knew that she had no chance of escaping. Her master had already died, sealing her path of retreat.

Wang Lin slowly said, "There was no deep hatred between us before. Even if you did hunt me, I have killed you once, so that can be offset. If you cooperate, I won't kill you, and I can even let you go!"

The girl pondered for a bit and whispered, "My Sealing Extermination Clan members have three lives…"

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he quickly asked, "From what spell?"

The girl bit her lower lip and softly said, "It's not a spell. When the people of my Sealing Extermination Clan are born, the elder of the clan takes us to worship the ancestor. After worshiping the ancestor, we have three lives."

"You are courting death. You still dare to hide things from me? Since you're asking for your death, don't blame me!" There was a flash of killing intent in Wang Lin's eyes as he raised his right hand and slammed down on the girl's forehead.

The girl's eyes were filled with endless fear. She screamed, "I'm not hiding anything! When members of my clan are born, they have no clan mark. Only after worshipping the ancestor does the clan mark appear, and then we would have three lives!"

Wang Lin's right hand stopped three inches from the girl's forehead and he coldly stared at her.

"How is the sealing spell from the Sealing Extermination Clan used?"

"We offer our life and open the clan mark. The power of the ancestor comes out from the mark and carries out the seal…" the girl quickly answered in fear.

As soon as she finished speaking, Wang Lin's right hand suddenly landed on her forehead and he began to soul search. Her mind collapsed and put up no resistance as Wang Lin swept through it. With Wang Lin's cultivation level, he could easily search her memory without injuring her soul. After learning all her memories, her eyes lit up and his right hand swept across her forehead. He pulled out her clan mark from her forehead.

With a wave of his hand, seals filled her body and he put her away inside his storage space. He then pondered as he looked at the flickering clan mark in his hand.

The Sealing Extermination Clan was an extremely strange clan. They weren't related by blood but captured babies, and if they could survive worshipping the ancestor, they would become part of their clan.

The chance of death was very high, and a long time ago, the Sealing Extermination Clan's alter disappeared. At the present day, there were very few Sealing Extermination Clan members remaining.

And because the clan mark was branded on them, they wouldn't die when they lost their clan mark, and even their cultivation level wouldn't fall. They would just no longer belong to the Sealing Extermination Clan.

What was noteworthy about the Sealing Extermination Clan, aside from their bizarre sealing spell, was their amazing three lives spell. This spell could be taken and used on someone else.

After looking at the Sealing Extermination Clan mark, Wang Lin silently put it away. As for the girl, he didn't intend to kill her. There wasn't any hate between them and he had taken her clan mark. After leaving the Ancient Order Tomb, he would just release her.

Just as he put away the clan mark, Wang Lin suddenly looked up at the 19 trees he was nourishing. These trees were filled with life and were very green. Countless leaves appeared on the trees.

However, none of these leaves were Ancient Leaves, so he continued to inject ancient god power into them. One of the trees looked like an autumn tree, and its leaves gradually fell. Only one leaf remained and didn't fall.

As a result, all the ancient god power that entered the tree rushed into that leaf. Wang Lin calmly stared at it, and after the leaf absorbed a large amount of ancient god power, it flashed. However, it was still a normal leaf without any aura of an Ancient Leaf!

In an instant. the root of the leaf loosened as if it was going to fall. Wang Lin's eyes narrowed and the leaf fell from the tree. It slowly landed on the ground and became an ordinary leaf.

The tree no longer absorbed ancient god power and slowly withered until it turned to dust.

Wang Lin began to frown. At this moment, the leaves on the remaining 18 trees began to fall. From the looks of it, it was going to be the same as before. If this continued, then the large amount of time and ancient god power Wang Lin had spent would be for nothing!

"Why is it like this… Could it be that I misjudged it… Ancient Leaf… Ancient Leaf… Ancient… Leaf…" Wang Lin's eyes lit up as if he had noticed something.

He suddenly stood up and stared at the 18 trees before him. He then took a deep breath and blew. A gust of wind filled with his breath howled toward the 18 trees.

As the wind swept by, the leaves on the 18 trees all fell, leaving behind only 18 leaves. They were blown by Wang Lin's breath and seemed to absorb the aura within, then they began to emit a radiant light.

Wang Lin's eyes were filled with joy and his right hand reached out at the void. The 18 leaves detached from the trees and flew toward Wang Lin.

Ancient Leaves!

The first joy didn't end when the second one arrived. The poison ocean inside the Emperor Furnace had dissipated and turned into nine drops of poison that would shock even Great Desolation!

Every single drop of poison was filled with countless Joss Flame souls and heavenly poison!

The third joy came! In the other realm of the Emperor Furnace, Esteemed Ling Dong had absorbed all the Joss Flame souls from the purple sea and he had finally taken the crucial half step! He had become a true third step cultivator! The vortex rotated rapidly and Esteemed Ling Dong charged out. His eyes were filled with excitement and a powerful aura erupted from him!

Countless Joss Flames appeared around Ling Dong like illusory ribbons. This was a distinctive characteristic of third step cultivators!

After the third joy came the fourth!

Thunderous rumbles echoed in the sky above the forest. A platform 50,000 feet large came through the distortion in the sky. There was a burly man standing on the platform. He was startled as he didn't expect to see Wang Lin here!

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