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Chapter 1459 - Granting Dao

"It is very likely that the other method the Ancient Celestial Emperor thought of was related to the Ancient Order! The Ancient Celestial Emperor lured the Ancient Order here… He schemed around the Ancient Order and even the three clans. He wanted to use them to raise the heavenly dao!

"Someone like the Ancient Celestial Emperor would only act when he felt 100% sure, so he should have succeeded… However, how did the heavenly dao get killed in the end…

"Also, back in the Alliance Star System, when I was going through divine retribution, I inadvertently opened a spatial rift that led to a strange world. There were many ancient god, ancient demon, and ancient devil statues there… Is that place related to the Ancient Order Tomb, and is it related to the seven-colored daoist…"

"Also, almost every generation of Vermillion Bird has been sealed. Everything points toward the Sovereign's teacher… Who is the Sovereign's teacher…

"There is also the woman in silver who screamed and went berserk after seeing the statue of the seven-colored daoist. She kept saying that she didn't open the door… What exactly was the door and why was the seven-colored daoist so angry that he began a slaughter…

"This door, could this door be the one that leads to the heavenly dao? Or a door that sealed his enemy? Or… a door to another world?

"Or everything I've guessed is wrong…" Wang Lin frowned, he could only analyze to this point given the clues he found. He wasn't certain of much himself.

"When the rank 5 platform was formed, the voice that called himself 'Ye Mo' said that the people of his clan could pass the reincarnation gate to obtain his inheritance. People not of his clan can go to his earth palace… What is this earth palace…"

Wang Lin rubbed his temples and his eyes lit up.

"No matter what, the existence of the Ancient Order Tomb is bound to be related to the seven-colored daoist. Was this place created to raise the heavenly dao… Or a place Ye Mo created to pass down his inheritance after he died...

"This is called the 'Ancient Order Tomb…' Could this be the tomb of Ancient Order Ye Mo…" The more he pondered, the more confused he became.

After a long time, he let out a sigh and no longer thought about these irritating things. His eyes lit up and he looked at the withered trees around him.

"If I'm not wrong, these trees were planted by someone. After the statue sealed the skull, the trees absorbed the ancient god aura inside the head.

"The reason they all withered and died is because all the ancient god power in the skull has dissipated over time. Without ancient god power, they withered. When Greed came here, he only saw one tree left. If he hadn't come, it is likely that the last tree would have withered too.

"It can be said that aside from Greed, it has been a very long time since someone came here, including the person who planted these trees. It is likely that he planted them and never came back…"

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. After pondering a bit, he revealed a decisive gaze. He sat down between the eyebrows of the skull and took a deep breath. Then his hand formed seals and a large amount of restrictions filled the sky, forming a protective barrier.

He also summoned the thunder tattoo and hid it in the sky. The nine-colored fire also appeared, and even the blood sword was hidden in the sky by Wang Lin.

All of his preparations were stacked together to form a powerful killing formation. If anyone dared to recklessly charge in, they would be trapped in this killing formation.

After setting up the defenses, Wang Lin didn't hesitate to pour all his ancient god power into the skull below.

The skull was like a bottomless pit. No matter how much ancient god power Wang Lin poured in, there was no change. Time slowly passed, but Wang Lin didn't stop pouring ancient god power into the skull.

The ancient god stars between his eyebrows started shining. As the six stars rotated, even more ancient god power rushed out.

After several hours of Wang Lin nourishing the skull with his ancient god power, he noticed something about the skull change. The withered trees seemed to gain nourishment and began to show signs of life.

However, if he wanted to revive all the trees here, it would not only take too much time, but Wang Lin didn't have enough ancient god power.

After pondering a bit, Wang Lin gave up reviving them all and focused his ancient god power on 19 of the trees.

Time passed. The 19 trees gradually changed from the withered state as more and more vitality returned. Their trunks were restored to their original color and the restoration gradually spread upwards.

This process was extremely boring. As Wang Lin maintained the injection of ancient god power, his right hand pointed to between his eyebrows and the Emperor Furnace appeared before him.

The Emperor Furnace could be big or small. Right now it was only 100 feet large. It was chaotic inside it and faint screams could be heard. Wang Lin split his mind in two, then he formed a seal and pointed at the furnace.

The chaos inside the furnace dissipated and a black ocean appeared before Wang Lin. This ocean was dead and there were no waves. A large amount of poisoned Joss Flame souls was inside.

"Refine!" Wang Lin pointed forward and the poison ocean seemed to burn. Muffled roars could be heard and large waves formed whirlpools that raged violently.

"This ocean is made of Great Desolation's poison along with Dao Master Miao Yin's Joss Flame souls. After I refine it, it will become a powerful poison treasure!"

Wang Lin's expression was calm and he began to refine.

The ocean inside the Emperor Furnace roared even more violently. The countless Joss Flame souls let out shrill screams. These voices were extremely harsh. Fortunately, they were blocked by the Emperor Furnace, so by the time they reached outside, they had weakened a lot.

Thunderous rumbles went on nonstop and large amounts of black fog floated above the ocean. This black fog was the ocean that was refined into gas, and it soon filled the entire Emperor Furnace.

However, the black fog didn't dissipate, it continued to gather. After it gathered to a certain point, it turned into black clouds. Then drops of black rain fell back into the ocean.

This became a cycle, but when the ocean water turned into rain, there was a lot less of it. It wasn't that there was less poison, but the poison was now more condensed!

Shortly after, more and more black clouds appeared in the Emperor Furnace, and the rain continued to fall. Waves roared, and as Wang Lin continued to refine, the ocean level decreased. After three days of nonstop rain, only half of the ocean remained.

The color of the ocean was now dark black, and not even divine sense could penetrate it. The poison inside became even more terrifying.

Seeing that nothing abnormal had happened and the poison ocean was still being refined, Wang Lin relaxed. He waved his hand and the poison ocean disappeared and another realm appeared.

This realm was also filled with an endless ocean, but this ocean was purple and was filled with rare Joss Flame souls.

Esteemed Ling Dong was sitting at the bottom of the ocean. His hands formed a seal as he refined these Joss Flame souls like crazy. He was trying to make them dedicate their Joss Flames to him.

There was a giant statue behind Esteemed Ling Dong. This was the devil god statue from Ling Dong's clan. This statue gave off a light, and all the Joss Flame souls that were shrouded in this light revealed confusion and struggle.

Some Joss Flame souls had already been converted, giving their Joss Flames to Ling Dong to be absorbed. Esteemed Ling Dong's face was rosy and filled with excitement.

When Wang Lin saw this, he frowned slightly. These Joss Flame souls belonged to Dao Master Miao Yin, and even for Esteemed Ling Dong, it would take a long time to convert them. Although Wang Lin was in no rush, the Ancient Order Tomb was dangerous. If he could speed up Ling Dong's absorption and help him enter the third step, it would help Wang Lin greatly.

While pondering, Wang Lin split off a part of his divine sense into the Emperor Furnace. Then his figure appeared in the sky above the purple ocean.

"Ancient Slave!"

A majestic voice echoed inside the Emperor Furnace. Esteemed Ling Dong opened his eyes and revealed fervor and respect. He then rushed above the ocean.

He stopped 100 feet from Wang Lin and knelt down in the air. "Ancient Slave Ling Dong greets Master. I wonder if Master has anything that he wants this ancient slave to do!"

Wang Lin's phantom coldly looked at Esteemed Ling Dong. After a long time he slowly said, "I'll give you a spell. I believe that with your cultivation level, you should be able to learn it quickly. With this spell, you can absorb the Joss Flames here and enter the real third step!"

Esteemed Ling Dong suddenly raised his head and fervor filled his eyes. He had cultivated for his entire life to become a third step cultivator, but due to the lack of Joss Flames, he was stopped. Forget the fact that he was under the effect of Wang Lin's Dream Dao and the Emperor Furnace. If Wang Lin could give him such a great fortune, even if he wasn't under any influence, he would still be willing to follow Wang Lin!

As long as he could complete his dao, he was willing to do whatever it took!

Wang Lin raised his right hand and pointed forward. A seal shot toward Ling Dong. Ling Dong didn't stop it, allowing it to penetrate his forehead and land on his origin soul.

"Dao spell Fuse! Quickly comprehend his spell!"

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze. He was extremely satisfied with taking in Esteemed Ling Dong. With the Emperor Furnace and many other methods, he wasn't afraid of Ling Dong betraying him.

"If I can meet another early stage third step cultivator, it won't be difficult to battle them with Ling Dong here… If I can capture that person and refine another ancient slave…" Wang Lin's divine sense disappeared from the sky above the sea and returned to his body.

At the same time outside, the burly man from the Heavenly Wolf Clan was rushing through on his rank 5 platform. He was getting closer and closer to this location.

"Not far away, only three more days for me to get there! If I can obtain nine of these leaves, I can used my Heavenly Wolf Dao and seal it so it can stay with me forever! Even though I'll still be at the early stage of Nirvana Void, but I'll be the strongest early stage Nirvana Void cultivator!" The burly man's eyes were filled with excitement as he controlled the platform to fly faster and faster.

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