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Chapter 1458 - Assumption

The blood sword howled and moved like lightning toward the earth. Just as the blood sword descended, a roar echoed from the earth.

A large amount of fine cracks appeared on the earth and purple light came out of the cracks. From afar, it looked like the earth was hiding a purple sun!

As the thunderous rumbles echoed, the earth quickly collapsed, creating a huge concave. The concave continued to enlarge and the purple light flashed intensely. The surface was broken, revealing what was beneath!

As the purple light flashed, a purple python thousands of feet long came out from underground. This beast had no head at the front of its body, only a crack that shot purple poison toward the blood sword.

There was a thunderous bang and the blood sword pierced through the purple poison and went directly into the crack on the beast. It then pierced through the entire beast.

Miserable screams came from the earth. The blood sword rumbled as it flashed through the ground. Wang Lin formed a seal and waved his hand. A giant palm print appeared and rushed at the ground below.

All of this happened in a flash. The moment the palm appeared, it absorbed endless origin energy. It created a powerful gust of wind and landed on the earth.

The earth trembled and large amounts of dried trees shattered into pieces that scattered in all directions. When the palm print landed on the ground, it created a powerful shockwave that echoed across the earth.

"Still not coming out?" There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes.

As the palm print landed, the earth began to collapse. The dirt dissipated into dust, and as the layers disintegrated, a huge sinkhole appeared.

A portion of a grey-white skull was revealed under the earth. It was part of the right eye!

This skull was beyond large, and it occupied the entire area under the forest. There were four python-like beasts roaring and rushing out from the right eye socket.

Wang Lin floated up into the air, where he could clearly see through the four beasts. He saw a giant tumor inside!

These four beasts were tentacles of that tumor!

It was similar to the Moongazer Serpent, but it was definitely not a Moongazer Serpent!

When Wang Lin checked the withered tree, he learned that there was a huge skull buried below. This entire forest was growing on this skull! 

Wang Lin had felt a violent life force below and had caused it to attack. That's why he had flown into the air and attacked first without hesitation.

With Wang Lin's cultivation level now, he even had the power to battle the Moongazer Serpent from Allheaven, much less this beast that was similar to a Moongazer Serpent but far weaker!

Even Ling Dong, who was almost at the third step, had become his slave. This shows how much Wang Lin has grown and how strong he is!

At this moment, Wang Lin was calm and moved downward like lightning. In an instant, he arrived next to the tentacle beasts. Just as they howled, nine-colored fire burned in Wang Lin's left eye. With a wave of his hand, a fire storm rushed out and surrounded the four tentacle beasts.

As the fire raged, popping sounds echoed.

Miserable screams echoed as the fire spread deep into the skull toward its main body. Blood light flashed as the blood sword continued to cause large amounts of damage.

Miserable screams were echoing when a violent, purple suddenly flashed. The tumor hidden inside shrank more and more until it turned into a ray of light. It was about to escape into the sky.

When the tumor appeared, its body was revealed. It was a giant tumor with a large amount of tentacles around it, and it gave off a foul stench. It looked too similar to a Moongazer Serpent. If it wasn't for the fact that it gave off no ancient god power, Wang Lin would have thought it was a mutated Moongazer Serpent!

Wang Lin's gaze was cold as the thunder tattoo flashed in his right eye and appeared. In the blink of an eye, the sky was covered by a giant, thunder vortex. The thunder tattoo replaced the sky and descended upon the tumor.

As it descended, countless thunderbolts struck down on the tumor.

After three breaths, the thunder tattoo surrounded the tumor. The miserable screams became an echo after the tumor collapsed, and not a bit of it remained.

After killing this strange tumor, Wang Lin looked at the skull under the earth. He gradually descended and landed on the skull. He waved his hand and the soli dissipated. In the blink of an eye, more than half of the forest disappeared.

The earth was peeled off layer by layer, revealing a giant head that had been buried there for an unknown amount of time!

This head was extremely big, and what was revealed was merely half of it. There were nine star marks on the skull, but the ninth and second stars were blurry.

"9-star ancient god!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he took a deep breath. This was the first time he had seen the corpse of a 9-star ancient god. He looked at the skull and began to ponder. He immediately saw that the position of the statue suppressed the entire skull. The purpose of the seven-colored statue was to seal the 9-star ancient god's head. There was sadness in Wang Lin's eyes. He was an ancient god, and when he entered the tomb, he saw countless dead ancient gods. The complicated emotions of seeing this 9-star ancient god's head caused sorrow to flood his heart.

"Even 9-star ancient gods are dead?" Wang Lin slowly arrived between the eyebrows of the ancient god, crouched down, and touched the stars. There wasn't much ancient god power left; most of it had been lost with the passage of time. Touching the skull, it wasn't difficult for Wang Lin to speculate what had happened before. A giant ancient god was killed by the seven-colored cultivator and had his head cut off. A seven-colored statue was placed to seal the head. As time passed, dust gathered and formed soil around the head. For some unknown reason, trees began to grow and this place gradually became a forest. Wang Lin silently pondered as he looked at the skull below and frowned.

The power of a 9-star ancient god was unimaginable and their body extremely large. Unless the ancient god suppressed their size, there was no way it would only be this large! "Maybe…" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and his body flickered! He flew through the eye socket and entered the skull. This place was very large, and after a while, Wang Lin walked out with a bone fragment the size of his hand.

"The ancient gods' Three Trials Seven Calamities. He was killed while going through his second trial." Wang Lin sat there while looking at the bone fragment in his hand and pondered.

"What kind of place is the Ancient Order Tomb? Who made it and what is its purpose?" Wang Lin pondered and recalled everything that had happened after he entered. The ancient god was extremely mysterious, and even now he still couldn't grasp it. However, he remember the shocking scene he saw from the dao spirit.

"Raising the heavenly dao with a dao pill is not a good method… I have to find another way… to make the heavenly dao I stole grow faster…" Wang Lin's eyes lit up. He was still pondering this. From this, it was apparent that the seven-colored daoist had stolen the heaven's dao, but where and who did he steal it from? There was no way for Wang Lin to know this. What he focused on was to find another method to raise the heavenly dao.

"Another method." Wang Lin looked at the skull below him and a bold guess entered his mind.

"Suppose that the seven-colored daoist was the Ancient Celestial Emperor. Before he obtained the Heaven Defying Bead, he stole the heavenly dao, and for some reason he needed to raise it. He felt it was too difficult to raise it with dao spirits and so he set up a trap!" Wang Lin's eyes became even brighter and he continued to analyze. He clearly remembered that the first generation Vermillion Bird had said that there were ancient gods in his hometown. Although they weren't the overlords, the ancient god dared to resist against the overlord of the world. 

The first generation Vermillion Bird mentioned one name: Ancient Order Ye Mo.

"Why not 'Ancient God Ye Mo,' 'Ancient Devil Ye Mo,' or 'Ancient Demon Ye Mo' but 'Ancient Order?' Could it be that with this name one can determine that Ye Mo wasn't a god, devil or demon, but an Ancient Order?

"When I reached the Ascendent stage in the Demon Spirit Land, Ancient Demon Ta Jia said that the Ancient Order was the first generation of heaven defying beings, and they gave birth to the second generation of heaven defying beings.

"There was also the messenger of the heavens that appeared when Wan Er's lifespan reached its end. It was clearly a sealed ancient god. There was also the messenger of the heavens that appeared in the Scatter Thunder Clan. When I broke his arm, he noticed I was an ancient god, and he called me 'Traitor of the Void Extinction Dao.'" Wang Lin's breathing became rough and he vaguely guessed something.

"Traitor of the Void Extinction Dao, the heavenly dao is dead. The messenger of the heavens called me the clan that killed the Void Dao, but who is the Void? Could it be the seven-colored daoist, who is the Ancient Celestial Emperor, who is also the first generation Vermillion Bird's master?

"However, if this is the truth, there are a lot of things that don't make sense. Why is an ancient god the messenger of the heavens? The heavenly dao is dead, but what exactly is it? Not its actual body, but what kind of existence is it and how does it relate to this world? Cultivation, cultivation, could we all be cultivating this heavenly dao that may or may not be dead?" There was confusion in Wang Lin's eyes.

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