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Chapter 1457 - Missing One?

Wang Lin had completed his rank 5 platform. In the sixth map, the fog wasn't dense, but there were countless spatial rifts here. If one was a bit careless, they would be torn apart.

There was a 60,000 foot platform here with countless skulls scattered around. Although they looked messy, they created a skull formation!

There was an old man sitting in the center of this platform, soaked in the smell of blood.

The old man was wearing black and half of his hair was white. His face was rapidly changing between young and old. Between his eyebrows was a moon-like mark, but this wasn't the mark of the Moon Clan. Instead, it almost looked like a devil seal!

If Dao Master Miao Yin's avatar was here, he would be shocked and extremely cautious. This person was one of the five masters that was seriously injured in the Fallen Land before, Devil Master Nine Heavens.

Devil Master Nine Heavens suddenly opened his eyes. There were flashes of black and white from his eyes.

"The sixth one…" Devil Master Nine Heaven's voice was hoarse, it sounded like two flying swords rubbing against each other.

In the fourth map, the fog surged, sounding like countless ghosts were howling inside. This howl could shake one's mind and it filled the area. There weren't many cultivators here, and as the fog rumbled, a 50,000 foot platform was rapidly flying forward.

There was a burly man standing on this platform. His upper body gave off a feeling of power. There seemed to be a giant wolf shadow roaring behind him.

The platform was covered in dried blood and there were several wounds on his body. He was the third step cultivator from the Heavenly Wolf Clan that had come here while chasing Wang Lin!

As the platform moved forward rapidly, his expression was serious. However, his eyes lit up and his right hand formed a seal. As his right hand pressed down on the platform, rumbles echoed inside his mind.

A moment later, his expression became extremely gloomy.

"Another rank 5 platform has appeared! I wonder which third step cultivator it is…"

Deep within the fog sea, there floated countless sealed platforms. Above them was a 50,000 foot platform rapidly flying through the fog.

There was a woman sitting on the platform. She wore white and her long, black hair fluttered in the wind. Her expression was indifferent.

While moving forward, she suddenly frowned and her expression turned cold for a second.

"Who is it… Maybe it is that Miao Yin…" The woman pondered for a moment before continuing to move forward with the platform.

Even deeper in the Ancient Tomb than all of them was an area without fog. There was only endless airflow that could tear up everything.

A roar echoed as a figure hundreds of feet tall walked forward like crazy. He wasn't fast, and the endless airflow constantly crashed into his body, constantly creating wounds and causing the figure to roar even more angrily.

Behind this figure was a platform more than 10,000 feet large. There was a woman in pink sitting on the platform. She was so charming that she could charm the hearts and minds of many people.

"Big Brother Tuo Sen has to be fast. Whether this little sister can enter the depths of the tomb all depends on Big Brother." The woman in pink covered her mouth and smiled. Her beautiful eyes were filled with charm and her voice was flirtatious. When her voice entered your ears, it would create an itching feeling in your heart.

"Shut up for this god!! Witch, you're too annoying. If you continue to be noisy, this god…"

Before Tuo Sen finished speaking, her laughter echoed once more. Even her body began to tremble while she laughed as if she was a flower.

"I just like your rough ways… How about we stop and you let me give you a bit of sweetness to vent your anger… OK…"

The veins on Tuo Sen's face swelled. He let out a roar and no longer paid attention to the woman as he walked forward.

The two of them gradually disappeared into the distance. Only the flirtatious laughter continued to echo and linger.

In the fifth map, Wang Lin was pondering. He was about to withdraw his divine sense from that platform when an ancient voice began to echo inside his mind.

"Obtaining the rank 5 tomb means you can open the reincarnation door and become someone who can obtain my inheritance… Rank 9 is the final rank. If one is from my clan, they can enter the reincarnation door and seek my inheritance. If not my clan, they can go to my hell… This lord… Ye Mo…"

This voice echoed inside Wang Lin's mind. The moment he vanished, Wang Lin's mind seemed to become one with the Ancient Tomb. Beside him, he could clearly feel four faint auras!

"Ancient Order Ye Mo…" Wang Lin's mind was shaken. This was the second time he had heard this name. The first time was from the first generation Vermillion Bird! He clearly remembered the words of the first generation Vermillion Bird.

"This old man doesn't know much about ancient god cultivation, but during my time, the ancient gods' power was heaven-shaking. Back then, although the Ancient Order's Ye Mo wasn't as strong as the Ancient Celestial Sovereign, the Ancient Celestial Sovereign still dreaded him…"

Wang Lin pondered for a long for time and then his eyes shined brightly.

With Wang Lin's cunning, he naturally figured out that these four auras were all rank 5 or above platforms like his.

"I can sense their presence after obtaining a rank 5 platform, so they have obviously felt my presence too…

"This Ancient Order Tomb is extremely strange. Where is the hell the voice mentioned…"

After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he suppressed the fluctuations caused by the voice. He looked down at the platform below him. He was certain now that in the Ancient Order Tomb, the platforms were the key!

"According to the voice, I must make the platform reach rank 9 before everyone else…" Wang Lin looked into the depths of the fog. According to the map, that was where the mysterious forest was located.

"Greed found the Ancient Leaf and statue there. He also said that after touching the statue, a vortex appeared. After he entered the vortex, he left the tomb and appeared in the Outer Realm! I wonder if that vortex is still there… No matter what happens, I must go visit that forest!"

After making up his mind, Wang Lin controlled the platform to move forward rapidly. He cultivated to make sure he recovered as quickly as possible.

He also spread out his aura and attracted a large amount of humanoid beasts from the fog. The moment they got close, a blood light would flash and they would die miserably. The life force entered Wang Lin's body, causing his injuries to rapidly recover.

He continued to kill as he moved forward. After several hours, Wang Lin left countless corpses that were then devoured by the fog.

After a long time, the platform slowly stopped. There was no fog before the platform, but a withering, yellow light that created a distortion.

Wang Lin opened his eyes and looked at the distortion before him. His divine sene spread out toward it, but the moment his divine sense touched the distortion, it was knocked back by a powerful force.

His eyes lit up and the distorted, yellow light flickered like crazy. Soon, a phantom leaf imprint appeared.

The imprint looked exactly like an Ancient Leaf!

Wang Lin's right hand reached out and an Ancient Leaf appeared. He threw the leaf and it flew toward the distorted, yellow light. Soon, it landed inside the imprint.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and countless cracks appeared as if it was collapsing. A gap was created in an instant.

Wang Lin put away the platform without hesitation and entered the gap. After he disappeared, the gap closed and became a yellow distortion again.

A withered aura rushed at Wang Lin. It contained the taste of death. Wang Lin appeared in an endless forest full of withered trees. It was a shocking scene.

"This is the place…" Wang Lin's gaze swept the area. This place was exactly the same as what Greed described. Wang Lin rushed forward toward the center of the forest.

This forest was too big. Even with Wang Lin's speed, it took him a while to reach the center, where there were no withered trees!

There was a vortex floating above this empty area. It look like it led to another realm!

Wang Lin landed 1,000 feet from the vortex. He looked at the ground below the vortex and saw that it was concave. It was as if there was a statue here a long time ago… And a large stump that hadn't withered.

"The Ancient Leaf is a powerful treasure. Since it was born here, there must be another way to obtain more!" Wang Lin retreated and arrived next to a withered tree. He placed his right hand on the tree and his divine sense went into the tree to observe.

However, just as his divine sense entered the tree, Wang Lin exclaimed. He clearly felt his divine sense go into the tree and enter the earth below. This caused him to see something shocking!

Wang Lin rapidly withdrew his right hand and jumped into the air. He looked down while floating in the air.

The shape of this extremely large forest was the shape of a skull!

"So it's like this!" His gaze pierced through the withered forest and looked at what was below. There was a flash of coldness in his eyes as he waved his hand and the blood sword appeared. It shot toward the earth below!

The sword energy howled as it charged down!

At this moment, at the end of the fourth map, the Heavenly Wolf Clan's burly man followed the map and entered the fifth map.

His expression was hideous and there was a hint of greed in his eyes. After entering the fifth map, he waved his hand and an Ancient Leaf appeared in his hand!!

"I spent a lot of effort to to steal one of two leaves, but the other was taken by Ling Dong. He disappeared without a trace… This leaf looks very ordinary, and if I had not seen that it had power similar to the Sealing Extermination Clan when I was chasing that damn little cultivator, I wouldn't have known of its importance!

"There is a leaf mark at the end of the fifth map; perhaps there is more of this!" The burly man licked his lips and controlled his platform to move forward.

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