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Chapter 1456 - Three Chances to Kill

A giant arm quickly descended into the fog, creating a howling wind through it. It moved like lightning, and the howling sound became even louder. However, the sound was absorbed by the fog and didn't travel too far. The arm wasn't going straight down but at an angle...

Wang Lin's body below his chest was grabbed by the palm and intense pain filled his body. However, the hand didn't use more power; it merely wanted to hold on to Wang Lin.

Great Desolation had occupied Dao Master Miao Yin's avatar and suppressed the soul inside. He was sitting on the palm with a gloomy expression.

Three platforms had been pulled in by the arm as well. They were clearly the three platforms that belonged to Wang Lin, Great Desolation, and Miao Yin! There was same damage on the platforms, but it was obvious that the arm didn't want to crush them.

There was a flash of coldness in Great Desolation's eyes. Then he raised his right hand and formed a seal. Black gas that contained extreme poison gathered. He then let out a cold snort and was about to press down on the huge palm when Wang Lin suddenly spoke.

"Senior, please wait!"

Great Desolation frowned. He struggled to raise his head as the palm descended. Wang Lin said,

"Senior has just succeed in possessing Dao Master Miao Yin's avatar and hasn't completely adapted to the body. Your mind is clouded… This bizarre arm isn't sinking straight down…" As Wang Lin spoke, popping sounds came from his body and he quickly shrank back to the size of a normal person.

When his body shrank, he suddenly fell. He allowed the five fingers to close, creating a thunderous rumble.

Wang Lin landed in the palm, and his eyes revealed a mysterious light. He seemed to casually rub between his eyebrows with his right hand and spoke slowly.

Great Desolation was no ordinary cultivator. After being awakened by Wang Lin, he had noticed the difference. This arm wasn't going straight down, it was tilted to the side.

"If Senior stimulated this strange arm, it would immediately close its hand. At that point, I fear it would be difficult for us to escape…" Wang Lin casually took a few steps back. His right hand that was rubbing between his eyebrows dropped down, and during that process, he retreated some more.

"What do you mean?" Great Desolation's face distorted and his original body's hideous face began to appear on Dao Master Miao Yin's avatar's body.

The large hand didn't close completely, leaving a large piece of land open. Wang Lin retreated back to 10,000 feet away from Great Desolation and put away his and Miao Yin's platforms. Although his face was pale, his eyes were shining brightly.

Wang Lin slowly said, "Junior has observed the trajectory of this giant hand and made a guess. If my guess is wrong, we can work together to find a way to break free and it won't be too late… However, if I'm correct, the appearance of this hand might not be a bad thing for us!"

Wang Lin raised his hand and said, "If it was really meant to capture the two of us, this arm should be going straight down!"

"However, it is obvious it is tilted right now. That means it can only be…" Wang Lin's right hand moved down while tilted until it reached a certain degree. Then his right hand jerk forward and blood light came from his body.

"Like this!"

Great Desolation's eyes narrowed. He hadn't prevented Wang Lin from taking Miao Yin's platform. He waved his right hand and put away his own platform. He contemplated for a bit and then there was a hint of enlightenment in his eyes. He glanced at Wang Lin.

"You're smarter than the old bird!"

"Nothing to do with being smart, it is just a guess." Wang Lin shook his head.

As the two talked, the giant arm that had been tilted for a while suddenly trembled as if it stopped. The howling sound also stopped and the surrounding became silent!

Wang Lin's expression was serious and he was completely focused. He was like a drawn bow, waiting to see if his guess was correct!

Great Desolation was clearly convinced by Wang Lin's speculation. He focused himself for the moment!

Just at this moment, a shrill roar echoed like crazy. The giant arm stopped for a moment and then a roar came from the depths of the fog sea. As the roar echoed, the arm began to move!

It looked just like a giant was holding a stone, and after tilting the hand, it would throw the rock forward! A powerful force came from the hand and threw Wang Lin and Great Desolation froward!

It was impossible to describe the strength of this throw. It was so fast, it made the broken fog feel like sharp blades that landed on Wang Lin and Great Desolation's bodies.

The arm formed an arc, and when it reached its limit, the five fingers opened. Wang Lin and Great Desolation were thrown like stones by this giant into the depth of the ancient tomb!

The powerful force from the arm pushed the two of them forward. They moved forward at a speed surpassing third step cultivators.

This speed was too fast. If Wang Lin didn't have the body of an ancient god, his body would have been crushed by the fog ahead! Although the fog had no shape, once your speed reached a certain limit, this formless fog would become the hardest thing in the world!

Popping sounds came from his body and blood spewed out. However, his body broke through the fog in a flash and he was thrown into the depths of the Ancient Tomb. However, Wang Lin had already prepared for this. The moment the arm threw him, he was like an arrow that shot out from the bow. His origin energy formed layers of defense around him and the Light and Shadow Shield appeared around him.

When he was thrown out, he mercilessly stepped off the palm. He had borrowed the force of the throw and used his own force to move faster than Great Desolation! He passed by Great Desolation and disappeared into the fog first.

If it wasn't for Wang Lin having learned the Black Tortoise's law of strength, he would not have dared to do this. If he couldn't control the rebound force, it would have destroyed his body!

Although Great Desolation was injured, Wang Lin was as well. Also, Wang Lin couldn't see through this person, so he had taken this opportunity to leave. This was the best choice.

In truth, if it wasn't for the fact that Great Desolation was cunning and was about to attack the arm, Wang Lin wouldn't have stated his guess. Wang Lin had even guessed that Great Desolation had already seen through it and had purposely pretended to attack!

Wang Lin didn't have time to analyze it in detail, so he simply left!

Great Desolation was also extremely fast. He flew like a meteor after being thrown by the arm. When he saw Wang Lin flying back even faster than him, his eyes lit up. His right hand that had already formed a seal slowly loosened.

"This person is extremely cautious and extremely cunning… I wanted to kill him three times earlier, but he defused them all… I intended to borrow the moment when we were thrown to poison him, but he saw through me and borrowed the force to escape!" Great Desolation was gloomy as he disappeared into the fog.

Wang Lin was moving extremely fast as the fog rushed into his face. The Light and Shadow Shield around him was collapsing and reforming constantly. The layers of restrictions he had placed disintegrated one by one. The force pushing his body lasted for more than half an hour before it began to dissipate.

After his speed slowed down and the fog could no longer injure him, Wang Lin wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. He looked back and there was a flash of coldness in his eyes.

After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin turned around and took out his platform. After sitting down, he took out Miao Yin's platform. Then his right hand slammed down and Miao Yin's platform rumbled. The runes all flew out, and with a wave of his hand, those runes landed on his platform.

When the runes entered his platform, Wang Lin's platform flashed violently. It began to grown from 30,000 feet until it was 40,000 feet!

Its color was now completely black! It seemed as if it was going to fuse with this fog!

Rank 4 platform!

Wang Lin didn't stop and his right hand reached out, making hundreds more runes appear. These belonged to the cultivators that died in the sealed land. Wang Lin had managed to take them away while no one noticed.

After taking them out, he fused them with the rank 4 platform. Thunderous rumbles echoed and it grew once more. In the blink of an eye, it was 50,000 feet!

From a distance, this 50,000 foot platform was extremely large and shocking!

Miao Yin's platform was already really close to rank 4, and adding on the rune from Wang Lin and those near 100 cultivators, it had reached rank 5!

Sitting on the platform, Wang Lin felt that divine sense-like thing that came from the platform enter his mind. He had already experienced this, so he wasn't surprised. After observing carefully, two more areas were opened in the map in his mind!

The five maps connected together and lifted the veil off almost half of the tomb!

After Wang Lin found where he was, his eyes narrowed!

"I have actually reached here!!"

In a short half hour of being thrown by the arm, Wang Lin had crossed three maps. He had even gone through the fourth map and arrived close to the edge of the fifth map!

This place was the inner part of the Ancient Tomb!

Not far away from Wang Lin was the shape of a leaf on the fifth map that marked out a forest… Wang Lin was familiar with this forest, it was where Greed got the Ancient Leaf!

It was also where Greed saw the statue that caused the woman in silver to scream in horror!

The seven-colored statue!

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