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Chapter 1455 - Giant Hand Appears Once More

Esteemed Ling Dong, who had just become an ancient slave[1], hadn't been refined enough, so he couldn't be called out for long. There was only time for one blow. Wang Lin grasped this critical moment and had Esteemed Ling Dong attack.

Dao Master Miao Yin was one of the five masters, so although his cultivation was suppressed, his power was unimaginable. If not for the fact that he had been sneak attacked by Wang Lin's blood sword while facing Great Desolation and then came under attack by Great Desolation's most powerful spell, it would have been impossible for Wang Lin to injure him.

The most important part was that Dao Master Miao Yin's understanding of Wang Lin stopped at the Great Emperor Planet. He could have never expected Wang Lin to be able to get control of Esteemed Ling Dong, who was half a step into the third step.

This was his most fatal mistake.

However, even with all of this, Esteemed Ling Dong was hit by the shockwave after he used his spell and coughed out blood as a result. Even the statue he had summoned disintegrated.

Blood flowed out from Wang Lin's mouth and a roar echoed in his ears. The sound from Miao Yin threw him back. He felt pain in his origin soul and coughed out blood.

However, just after he retreated a few steps, Wang Lin forced himself to stop. There was a flash of coldness in his eyes and he rushed forward. He ignored Miao Yin, who was knocked back, he waved his right hand. The Emperor Furnace appeared and surrounded the black ocean.

This ocean had been poisoned, so it gave off a foul smell. The countless Joss Flame Souls had already been infused with poison and had become poison souls, so they could no longer offer Joss Flames.

However, this poison ocean was an extremely rare treasure for Wang Lin. He had to steal it before Great Desolation collected it. After refining it into a single drop with the Emperor Furnace, it would contain poison that could threaten third step cultivators.

As for Great Desolation, although he sounded nice, how could Wang Lin easily believe him? They were only working together because it benefited them both.

Old monsters that had cultivated for tens of thousands of years were all cunning and couldn't be underestimated. If he could break his vow to Miao Yin, then he could naturally break his promise to Wang Lin. Wang Lin understood this very well.

This was why he had purposely knocked Dao Master Miao Yin far away when Esteemed Ling Dong attacked. He also didn't push the three needles in completely, giving Miao Yin a chance to delay Great Desolation.

Great Desolation's soul quickly chased after Dao Master Miao Yin. His soul turned into black gas and became a cruel possession.

If Wang Lin had pushed the three needles in completely, Miao Yin wouldn't have had much power to resist; however, it was different now. The two of them began fighting each other with their divine senses inside Miao Yin's body.

As a result, there was enough time for Wang Lin to take away the ocean that was poisoned. He didn't hesitate to formed a seal with his, and with a roar, he captured the entire ocean in the Emperor Furnace.

There were countless realms inside the Emperor Furnace, but with Wang Lin's cultivation level, he could only open two. With a wave of his hand, one realm stored the poison ocean and the other realm stored the ancient slave.

At this moment, as Dao Master Miao Yin and Great Desolation fought for control over the body, the rift that led to the Joss Flame Realm began to quickly close. It was about to disappear completely. 

How could Wang Lin let this Joss Flame Realm dissipate? He had joined forces with Great Desolation to get Miao Yin's Joss Flames.

He couldn't use the Joss Flames, but Ancient Slave Ling Dong was half a foot into the third step. As long as he got enough Joss Flames, Ancient Slave Ling Dong could become a true third step cultivator.

Wang Lin's eyes revealed a hint of madness as he rushed toward the Joss Flame Realm. There was still a vast, purple ocean inside that hadn't been poisoned. There were countless Joss Flame souls inside.

These were all collected and stolen by Miao Yin over the years. This was his foundation as one of the five masters!

The surrounding fog had already been pushed far away and was giving off muffled rumbles. The sealed land had already collapsed and all the cultivator inside had died.

The fog sea below was pushed down, revealing a vast, empty area. However, just as this moment, a shocking change occurred.

The the fog surged as if it was a fountain spitting out a large amount of fog. It was too fast, and the fog rushed upwards.

What was shocking was that a giant arm hundreds of thousands of feet thick charged out.

The moment the arm appeared, a powerful aura filled the entire fog sea. The arm was too fast, and it instantly closed in while opening its palm. It was targeting Wang Lin and Miao Yin, who was being possessed.

This was the second time Wang Lin had seen the arm, and his expression changed greatly. An unimaginably powerful force closed in and was about to tear his body apart.

The arm was so fast, it instantly touched Dao Master Miao Yin, and he coughed out blood. Great Desolation took this chance to suppress Miao Yin's soul. However, this caused his body to be stuck on the palm by a suction force, and he was unable to break free.

In a flash, the giant palm shot toward Wang Lin. The five fingers were like five pillars that supported the world. They suddenly fell down toward Wang Lin.

They hit Wang Lin with a powerful impact that caused him to cough out blood, but he was unwilling. What caused him to be unwilling was not just the palm catching him, but that fact that the rift to the Joss Flame Realm was less than 1,000 feet away.

The rift was now less than 10,000 feet long and was going to dissipate completely soon. Once it disappeared, his reward for teaming up with Great Desolation to seriously injure Miao Yin would be gone.

Wang Lin had just used the life-saving spell inside the ancient god gauntlet, so he couldn't use it for a while. Also, every time it was used, it would damage the gauntlet until it collapsed.

Seeing the palm close in, Wang Lin didn't have much time to think. He clenched his teeth and let out a roar at the sky. His eyes were filled with determination as his body grew. In a flash, he was thousands of feet tall. His ancient god body appeared!

His sudden growth created 2,000 feet of distance between him and the giant palm. This completely erased the 1,000 feet distance between him and the Joss Flame Realm.


Wang Lin roared, and with a wave of his hand, the two Ancient Leaves flew out, sealing the edge of the rift. This caused the shrinking rift to pause for a moment.

During the moment of pause, Wang Lin's right hand moved like a meteor into the realm and mercilessly grabbed countless Joss Flame souls.

At the same time, the hand that had come out of the fog grabbed Wang Lin's chest. Pain filled his body; the power from the hand felt like it was going to crush him.

The moment the arm grabbed Wang Lin, it suddenly sank. It was going to pull Wang Lin and Great Desolation, who had just succeeded in the possession, down into the fog sea.

The arm was too powerful. Wang Lin had nothing to grab on to, and his arm was about to pulled out from the Joss Flame Realm. He was about to be pulled down by the giant arm when his right hand suddenly grabbed onto the right side of the rift sealed by the Ancient Leaves. Then his left hand reached out, grabbing the left edge of the rift. His ancient god power surged like crazy as he held onto the sides of the rift.

This scene was extremely shocking. If one looked from the distance, it would be enough to shock anyone who saw it. An ancient god thousands of feet tall holding on to a spatial rift like it was a fragment.

Below his chest there was a giant palm holding his body and violently pulling him down.

As he was being pulled, intense pain filled his body as if he was going to be ripped in half. There was a tearing sound as the rift was ripped open further as Wang Lin was pulled down.

The endless purple ocean and the countless Joss Flame souls were revealed when the rift was ripped open wider. There was madness in Wang Lin's eyes as he opened his mouth and inhaled.

He couldn't care too much right now, he had to take away as much Joss Flames as he could. As he inhaled, countless Joss Flame souls flew toward him.

Wang Lin's body was like a bottomless pit as he inhaled those Joss Flame souls.

He inhaled 10% of the Joss Flame souls in one go. His body had sunk tens of thousands of feet from being pulled by the arm.

However, his hand was clinging on to the edge of the rift, so it wasn't able to dissipate. It was ripped open tens of thousands of feet as Wang Lin was pulled down.

"Emperor Furnace!"

The moment the rift was opened wider, Wang Lin let out a roar and a majority of the Emperor Furnace entered the Joss Flame Realm. A realm inside the furnace opened up and absorbed like crazy.

Large amounts of purple ocean rushed into the Emperor Furnace along with countless Joss Flame souls. The Emperor Furnace absorbed another 20% of Dao Master Miao Yin's Joss Flame Realm.

The 20% of the purple ocean had filled up the Emperor Furnace, so it was no longer able to absorb more.

All of this happened in an instant. Wang Lin endured the pain in his body and finally loosened his hand. Then the Emperor Furnace turned into a ray of light and disappeared between Wang Lin's eyebrows. Even the two Ancient Leaves were taken back by Wang Lin.

His body was rapidly pulled down by the huge arm to the bottom of the fog sea. The rolling fog quickly gathered from all directions and filled the vortex that was created by the movement of the arm.

Shortly after, everything was filled with fog. Then it gradually calmed down.

Several hours later, a group of more than 20 cultivators flew by. They didn't notice a thing.

"Strange. According to the map, there should be a sealed land here…"

"We looked for a long time and still didn't find it. Could the map be wrong?" The crowd gradually flew away...

1. A change from Gu Nuzi to ancient slave. The reason I didn't translate it before was because it was being used like a name. So I thought it was a name that meant ancient slave, but just using ancient slave was weird because what if more appears. However, in this chapter it's clearly shown to be used as a title instead, so I'll change it now to the translated version.

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