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Chapter 1451 - Answer!

Wang Lin’s expression was extremely serious. He was startled for a long time and there was still shock in his eyes. What he saw was something he didn’t dare to believe and couldn’t even trust. He didn’t know what was real or fake. “The heaven’s dao is dead… The heaven’s dao is dead…” Wang Lin had heard this more than once in his 2,000 years of cultivation. He had attempted to pursue this but found no answer. It was a mess, and no one could find any real clues to this. Perhaps the heaven’s dao was really dead… Wang Lin’s face was still pale as he looked into the Emperor Furnace and saw the dao spirit inside.

The dao spirit that was rapidly recovering seemed to notice Wang Lin’s gaze. It let out bursts of roars and its eyes revealed a hostile gaze.

Wang Lin silently pondered. Everything he had seen from Flowing Time flashed through his eyes… This dao spirit had lived for a long time, so Flowing Time couldn’t show him everything. Wang Lin knew this: he merely wanted to find some clues about the dao spirit.

However, when his Flowing Time spell surrounded the dao spirit, a mysterious change took place. Perhaps it was because this was the Ancient Order Tomb, or because the dao spirit had a simple life; it only had two parts in its life. However, as a result, the time quickly reversed past Wang Lin’s limit.

This shocked Wang Lin, but he remained calm and didn’t stop it. He allowed Flowing Time to reverse time like crazy on the dao spirit.

After an unknown amount of time, Wang Lin saw the first part! The spirit was dazzling and the light was blinding, making it difficult to see inside.

As the light shined, the dao spirit gradually disappeared. Although the light was blinding, Wang Lin could still clearly see inside the light thanks to his cultivation. What he saw was the cause for Wang Lin’s expression to change for the first time. He clearly saw a golden pill the size of a head rapidly rotating inside. The light was coming from inside this pill. What kind of dao spirit was this? This was clearly a pill! The so-called dao spirit was just the spirit of the pill. However, this wasn’t enough to make Wang Lin stand up and almost lose himself. What actually shocked him was what happened next, when time reversed once more. Time reversed like a rushing river. In a flash, the pill began to distort, and the distortion collapsed, revealing an unknown star system. This was not the Outer Realm or the Inner Realm. It seemed to exist inside time itself, and the ancient aura it gave off made the Inner Realm and the Outer Realm feel like children in comparison.

There were countless cultivation planets in this unknown star system. At a glance, one could see nine burning planets. The fire from the planets was monstrous and gave off a blinding light. They were like suns in this vast void. A seven-colored figure moved like a blur across the stars and then raised his hand. There was a green ring on his index finger.

He waved his right hand. One of the nine suns trembled like crazy and charged at the person in the seven-colored robe.

The endless distance seemed to instantly break, and the heat wave caused space to tremble. It was impossible to get a good look at the person in the seven-colored robe. He waved his hand and the remaining eight suns also changed trajectory and closed in.

The nine suns smashed together before the man in the seven-colored robe, creating an indescribable explosion. It was as if the entire star system was about to collapse.

After an unknown amount of time, the nine suns began to fuse, and as the collapse continued, they became smaller and smaller. The nine suns fused into one, then the man in the seven-colored robe spat out a mouthful of seven-colored energy. The energy filled the area before him and suddenly shrank. Popping sounds echoed and a golden pill appeared. The violent flame was still burning around it. This pill was the one that Wang Lin had seen. It was after seeing this that Wang Lin suddenly stood up and revealed a look of shock. What shocked him beside the fact that the pill had been refined from nine suns was the identity of the man in the seven-colored robe. Although he couldn’t see the person’s appearance, he still recognized that this person was the same as the statue Wang Lin had taken from Greed! Only there was no ring on the index finger of the statue. The statue was something Greed had obtained here, and he saw that person again when he entered the Ancient Order Tomb. This shouldn’t have made him retreat. He stood up and his expression changed due to the shock, but this wasn’t enough for him to retreat. Only unimaginable fear and disbelief could make him retreat, and this came from what the man in the seven-colored robe said as he held the pill. “To raise the heavenly dao with a dao pill is not a good method… I have to find another way… to make the heavenly dao I stole grow faster…”

Just this sentence caused Wang Lin’s mind to tremble, and he couldn’t keep Flowing Time running, so it stopped. The disbelief and fear had forced him to take a few steps back. It was as if the information was enough to tear even his ancient god body apart if he didn’t take those few step back. The shock was enough to collapse him. “Raise the heavenly dao, raise the heavenly dao, raise the heavenly dao, raise the heavenly dao…” These four words echoed in Wang Lin’s ears like crazy and replaced all other sounds. After a long time, Wang Lin suppressed the shock and took a deep breath.

“What is the heavenly dao… This dao spirit was actually used to feed the heavenly dao… Who is the person in the seven-colored robe… The Ancient Celestial Emperor…” There was confusion in Wang Lin’s eyes.

The more he learned, the more mysterious everything felt. Wang Lin had a vague feeling, but he still couldn’t understand everything. As he stood there, the confusion in his eyes became even stronger.

“Heavenly dao’s blood… The All-Seer did everything to obtain the heavenly dao’s blood in the Rain Celestial Realm… The Azure Dragon Divine Emperor said that he had swallowed the heavenly dao’s blood…

“The heavenly dao has blood, and it needs to be raised with this pill… What is the heavenly dao!?!” Wang Lin pondered as he stared at the sky.

“Perhaps the heavenly dao is a treasure or a pill or a fierce beast…” Wang Lin’s expression became complicated and he remembered the time he saw the Nether Beast in Allheaven… The beast was huge and it had another world inside it. Wang Lin stood there with a gloomy expression as his mind gradually recovered from the shock. He buried his speculations deep inside his heart. At this moment, inside the Emperor Furnace, the rank 4 dao spirit had mostly recovered. Its roars were like the raging wind.

However, this dao spirit was no longer mysterious before Wang Lin. “A mere pill spirit. Even though you were refined from nine suns, you have lost most of your power over the countless years. Since you were lucky and weren’t used to raise the heavenly dao, then let me use you instead!”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he licked his lips. He had returned to normal. He then looked at the pill and waved his hand. The Emperor Furnace trembled and fire surged inside. A soul storm swept by, interrupting the healing of the dao spirit. Wang Lin began refining, and he personally stepped inside the Emperor Furnace. Thunderous rumbles echoed from inside the Emperor Furnace as time slowly passed by. In the blink of an eye, three days went by, and a large amount of white gas came out of the furnace along with a fragrance. The white gas fused with the blood rivers that hadn’t collapsed yet.

Wang Lin’s figure appeared from inside the white gas. With a wave of his hand, the Emperor Furnace disappeared and returned to the star between his eyebrows.

With a wave of his hand, a golden pill the size of a head appeared before him. It floated before Wang Lin, looking like a burning sun as he stared at it. When Wang Lin felt the the power inside the pill, he had a feeling that if he tried to devour this by force, he would explode, even with his ancient god body. So Wang Lin didn’t devour it, but inhaled instead. Flames came from the pill and were inhaled into Wang Lin’s nose.

Popping sounds came from his body and the power of fire raged inside him. This unexpectedly caused fire to appear in his right eye. It seemed to be burning away impurities inside the thunder tattoo, making it more real. “After Ethereal Fire is dao fire. Once my dao fire is ignited, my thunder and fire essences will be complete! However, this pill is missing a spirit and will require a sacrifice… However, this is better as I can slowly absorb it!”

Wang Lin inhaled a few more times. The fire inside his body surged and a comfortable feeling filled his body! He looked down at the rivers of blood below him.

“The fact that so many humanoid beasts are born here must be related to the rivers of blood. The rivers didn’t disintegrate from the red fog earlier, so they couldn’t be ordinary!”

Wang Lin waved his right hand without hesitation and a rift to this storage space appeared. Thunderous hisses came from the rift and countless mosquito beasts charged out.

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