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Chapter 1452 - Great Desolation Old Poison

100,000 mosquito beasts' howls filled the world. The leader was Wang Lin's mosquito king. The mosquito king was extremely royal, and Wang Lin was like its father.

After flying out, the mosquito king's large mouth immediately rubbed Wang Lin. Although its eyes were fierce and its body gave off a terrifying aura, its feelings of joy and attachment was something it only showed to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin revealed a smile and rubbed the mosquito beast's head. Then he pointed at the rivers of blood below.

The mosquito king let out a roar and one mosquito charged down. It drank from the river of blood, then popping sounds came from its body. It unexpected grew one fold!

A blood light shined from its body and its aura surged! It looked up at the mosquito king and let out a roar. The surrounding 100,000 mosquito beasts also roared and charged at the ground under the leadership of the mosquito king.

From a distance, the earth seemed to be covered in mosquito beasts!

Wang Lin had observed the blood in the river before, and it could promote the growth of fierce beasts. If the 100,000 mosquito beasts all absorbed the blood, their combat power would increase greatly!

Seeing the mosquito beasts expand and become more fierce after absorbing the blood, Wang Lin no longer paid them any attention. He turned around to look at the remains of the ancient god, ancient devil, and ancient demon!

The three clans of the Ancient Order. These three had died completely, leaving only their bodies.

Wang Lin's right hand touched the ancient devil. As his origin energy surged through it, he muttered to himself, "If I can find the body of an ancient devil that hasn't completely died… perhaps then my ancient devil avatar will be complete!" 

Half an hour later, the rivers were completely dry without a single drop of blood remaining. Wang Lin seemed to have taken everything here. Even the platform on the ancient god's back had been picked up by Wang Lin and put inside his storage space.

After returning to the rank 3 platform he had stole, from Esteemed Ling Dong, Wang Lin waved his hand. The 100,000 mosquito beasts that had all grown one fold surrounded him, making for a shocking sight.

His gaze pierced through the mosquito beasts and looked at the three Ancient Order clan members. They had maintained the same pose for countless years.

After pondering a bit, Wang Lin didn't chose to take them away. He then turned around and flew away with the rank 3 platform through a hidden rift.

After leaving the sealed land, what appeared before Wang Lin was dense fog. The mosquito beasts roared and moved through the fog, causing the fog to churn.

Wang Lin pondered a bit and the map appeared in his mind. After finding the path to the depths of the tomb, his eyes lit up. The rank 3 platform moved forward at an extremely fast pace!

As Wang Lin moved forward, miserable screams echoed inside the fog. There wasn a large amount of humanoid beasts inside the fog. However, they were torn apart by the large amount of mosquito beasts before they could even get near Wang Lin.

The smell of blood surrounded Wang Lin as he calmly moved forward.

Along the way, Wang Lin met a group of cultivators with about 30 people. Aside from one person who had a rank 2 platform, everyone else's was only 10,000 feet wide.

Their platforms were also rapidly moving, and they were extremely careful. However, they were still surrounded by a large amount of humanoid beasts and were facing a bitter struggle!

During their bloody battle, the fog surged and a huge mosquito beast rushed out. Its cold gaze looked at the people that were surrounded by almost 10,000 humanoid beasts.

Its appearance immediately caught the attention of the 30 or so people here!

"What kind of fierce beast is that?!"

"A new fierce beast has appeared!!"

Just as they began to exclaim, they suddenly stopped. Their eyes were filled fear. What caused them to stop was that after the first mosquito beast appeared, countless more rushed out from the fog!

Behind the large amount of mosquito beasts, a giant platform 30,000 feet wide appeared! On the platform sat Wang Lin, with his white hair and white robe as he coldly stared at them.

"Rank 3 platform!" The pupils of the old man standing on the rank 2 platform shrank.

The platform under Wang Lin stopped and he raised his right hand. The surrounding 100,000 mosquito beasts let out excited roars and charged at the 10,000 humanoid beasts. They began a crazed slaughter that shocked the minds of the surrounding cultivators.

These humanoid beasts didn't only benefit cultivators, they also benefited the mosquito beasts!

Like a gust of wind, more than 10 mosquito beasts attacked one humanoid beast. A blood bath occurred as the 30 or so cultivators watched. The fight was over in an instant, but almost 10,000 of the 100,000 mosquito beasts had died. However, the life force from the 10,000 humanoid beasts was divided between the remaining ones, making them even stronger.

After killing 10,000 humanoid beasts in just an instant, the mosquito beasts didn't dissipate. They stared with oppressive gazes at the 30 or so cultivators they had trapped.

It seemed as if Wang Lin only needed to point and they would charge out.

"I helped you destroy those beasts, so you need to hand the rank 2 platform to me!" Wang Lin's cold gaze locked onto the old man on the rank 2 platform.

The old man's expression was gloomy, looking as if he was measuring something. A moment later, he jumped off the platform without a word. At the same time, the platform approached Wang Lin, and the mosquitos moved to the side to make a path.

Wang Lin's gaze swept past the platform. There was a total of 312 runes on it. He waved his hand and the rank 2 platform trembled. All the runes flew off and landed on Wang Lin's rank 3 platform.

The platform that lost its runes trembled and shrank until it finally collapsed.

There were now more than 900 runes on Wang Lin's platform. The purple was so dark, it was almost black. It began to show signs of evolving to a rank 4 platform.

"Still rank 3. I wonder how much more for rank 4… It shouldn't be far…" Wang Lin no longer paid any attention to these cultivators and quickly flew away!

The mosquito beasts that had surrounded the cultivators passed by them and returned to Wang Lin's side. They gradually disappeared into the distance.

The 30 or so cultivators all had a gloomy expressions as they looked at where Wang Lin went.

A middle-aged man was filled with reluctance as he said, "Zhou Gong, although there were many strange beasts, if we had resisted with all our might, we could have escaped!"

"That person had a rank 3 platform, how could he be weak? He also had those fierce beasts, so even if we had rushed out, we would've been seriously injured. It's not worth it…" The old man who owned the rank 2 platform shook his head.

The middle-aged man frowned. He was about to speak when a shocking changed occurred.

Wang Lin hadn't gone too far when his body suddenly trembled. He looked back at the group of cultivators and his pupils shrank. The mosquitos surrounding him all trembled and retreated; even their hisses were filled with panic.

The fog under the cultivators surged like crazy and thunderous rumbles echoed. Shortly after, an arm 100,000 feet thick suddenly charge out from the fog!

It was as if there was a huge giant under the fog who had reached out from the fog. His fingers were like mountains, and they instantly surrounded these cultivators. Their expressions changed greatly, but they had no time to hide before the hand grabbed them!

With a thunderous bang, the platforms under them collapsed. As the countless rocks shattered, they were all caught by the giant hand.

Then the arm quickly descended and disappeared into the fog.

All of this happened in an instant! It has only been a few breaths from when the arm appeared and disappeared!

After a long time, the fog gradually calmed down and everything returned to normal.

If Wang Lin hadn't witnessed it himself, no one would believe there were more than 30 cultivators here just now...

Wang Lin silently pondered and a flash of coldness in his eyes appeared in his. That huge arm caused his mind to tremble, and he also felt an aura similar to that of an ancient god inside that arm. However, it had appeared to suddenly and then disappeared too quickly. Wang Lin had no time to carefully examine that aura.

However, he had seen that the power of that grip was impossible to resist against!

"Ancient Order Tomb Cangue…" The coldness in Wang Lin's eyes disappeared. This place was becoming more mysterious and unfathomable.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and became even more cautious inside the fog. He quickly moved forward according to the map in his mind.

"If this map is correct, there is another sealed land ahead, and it has already been opened. There is another rank 4 dao spirit sealed here… If I reach that place, then that means I'm going in the right direction and can move into the depths of the tomb!

"There was also the woman from the Sealing Extermination Clan. I secretly left a mark on her, and I can feel that she is ahead… I have great use for her. I must find out how she didn't die twice… If I can gain this power…" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he moved even faster.

Extremely far away from Wang Lin, there was a sealed land, and right now there was a bloody battle! In this gloomy world, two figures were fighting as thunderous rumbles echoed.

Below them there were almost 100 cultivators slaughtering. The girl from the Sealing Extermination Clan was filled with killing intent, and more than 10 were dead or injured around her.

"Miao Yin, you dare to steal this old man's dao spirit? This old man's original body will slaughter into the Sound Sea and battle to the death with your original body!"

"Great Desolation Old Poison, you came here with a portion of your soul, while I came with my avatar; you are no match for me. When I kill this portion of your soul, will you still dare to go to the Sound Sea? Ridiculous, ridiculous!

"Your personality is strange, and no one beside that old bird who can't leave the Fallen Land is your friend. There is no one here who is willing to help you. Why do you have to steal the dao spirit from this master?"

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