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Chapter 1450 - Given the Name Ancient Slave!

Esteemed Ling Dong, who was lying there, suddenly opened his eyes and revealed a hideous expression. He got up and sat down. His gloomy eyes stared ahead and seemed to be able to see through the Emperor Furnace to see Wang Lin refining outside. However, right now he was like an empty oil lamp.

"To make this old man end up in this sorry state, you can't be nameless. Who are you?" A hoarse voice came from Esteemed Ling Dong, and it revealed his monstrous hatred.

Wang Lin's expression was calm, and his answer was to surge his ancient god power into the Emperor Furnace. The Emperor Furnace's refining power surged forward and then miserable screams echoed inside the furnace.

"You want to refine this old man? That's impossible! Although this old man has been seriously injured by you, this old man has cultivated for countless years. My dao heart is firm, so it is impossible for you to refine me!" Esteemed Ling Do sneered. Seeing that Wang Lin didn't speak, he closed his eyes to heal.

He concluded that Wang Lin couldn't refine him in a short period of time. As long as he could recover a little, he could break out of this strange furnace and escape. Wang Lin indeed didn't have the cultivation level to refine a third step cultivator. Even with the Emperor Furnace, it would take a long time, which Wang Lin didn't have in the Ancient Order Tomb.

"I can't refine you…" A hint of mockery flashed in Wang Lin's eyes and then he surged even more ancient god power into the Emperor Furnace. Even more souls appeared inside the furnace, until they formed a storm. As the soul storm howled, it suddenly turned into a giant shadow. This was the shadow of an ancient god. This ancient god looked extremely bizarre; he was red and had a huge axe in his hand. He lifted the axe in his hand and chopped down on Esteemed Ling Dong.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he began chanting in the ancient god language, "Emperor Furnace, ten chops to refine the slave!" Illusory imprints appeared and landed on the Emperor Furnace.

Thunderous rumbles echoed inside the Emperor Furnace. The red ancient god smashed down the axe in his right hand. It penetrated the storm and descended on Esteemed Ling Dong's head.

"This old man wants to see how you will refine me!" Esteemed Ling Dong's expression suddenly changed and his eyes opened. He looked up at the axe and let out a roar. His hands formed a seal and the phantom of a giant statue appeared before him. This statue was the same as the devil god he had summoned before.

In an instant, the axe landed and collided with the ghostly light from the statue. There was a thunderous bang and then the axe dissipated and the statue collapsed.

Esteemed Ling Dong coughed out blood. The moment he coughed out the blood, the blood turned into a statue that surrounded him.

Wang Lin's face turned slightly pale and there was a flash of coldness in his eyes. Without hesitation, he pointed at the Emperor Furnace. Another axe appeared in the ancient god's hand, and it smashed down. Before the second axe even landed, more souls gathered and another ancient god formed. This second ancient god also held an axe in his right hand and smashed down. This didn't end; the souls condensed like crazy and the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth ancient gods formed. The eight ancient gods all smashed down with the axes in their hands. The axes looked like one strike, leaving behind afterimages as they descend toward Esteemed Ling Dong. "Refine for me!" Wang Lin roared. There was killing intent in his eyes.

Thunderous rumbles echoed like crazy inside the Emperor Furnace. The statue around Esteemed Ling Dong was hit by the first axe. It trembled violently but didn't dissipate.

The second axe rapidly descended.

Third, fourth… until the eighth axe descended as if they had all fused into one. The statue couldn't withstand the monstrous shockwave, so it shattered. The residual energy pierced through the statue and shot directly at Esteemed Ling Dong.

It landed on Esteemed Ling Dong's head at an unimaginable speed and penetrated into the ground with any hesitation.

The entire Emperor Furnace trembled and Esteemed Ling Dong coughed out blood. There was a brief moment of confusion in his eyes.

Wang Lin was waiting for this moment of confusion. The moment that confusion appeared in Esteemed Ling Dong's eyes, Wang Lin's eyes revealed a strange glow. His hand formed a seal and then he pointed to between his eyebrows and muttered, "Dao spell, Dream Dao!"

Inside the Emperor Furnace, Esteemed Ling Dong's body trembled and the confusion in his eyes became even stronger. The memories of his entire life flashed through his eyes.

"Your talent is very good, so I'll take you into the Ling Dong Clan. If you can achieve anything, then it will be your own luck! Remember my name, my name is Wang Lin!" The vague figure of a young man spoke to a kneeling teenager before him.

"I'll remember this name for life!" The teenager's eyes were filled with determination and gratitude.

"Although you're not a member of my Ling Dong Clan, you are faithful to my Ling Dong Clan and are very talented. This old man will give you my clan mark to you… Take care!" The old man in black was pale and there was a bloody hole in his chest. His injuries were so serious that even his origin soul had collapsed. He was now on his deathbed.

Before him knelt a middle-aged man. This man was Ling Dong.

"Teacher's real name is… Wang Lin!"

"Wang Lin…" The man was startled. This man was familiar with the name "Wang Lin."

In the Ancient Star System, an old man was quickly escaping. His face was pale and he started to cough out blood. There were three people chasing after him.

"Could it be that I, Ling Dong, will die here today?" There was despair in the old man's eyes.

The three people chasing him suddenly closed in and their spells turned into three dragons. When the dragons got close, the old man revealed a miserable smile. He decided to self-destruct in order to kill them.

Just at this moment, a gentle light appeared in the void and waved at the three people chasing him. The three of them coughed out blood and retreated in terror.

"The person who saved you is Wang Lin!"

The old man had just survived the jaws of death, but when he heard this name, his eyes were filled with fear and confusion.

"Again… It's Wang Lin…"

After an unknown amount of time, there was a white-haired old man in the Ling Dong Clan. He was completely rotten and had reached the moment of death.

"Fifth Heaven's Blight… Fifth Heaven's Blight… Could it be that my cultivation ends here?" The old man revealed a wry smile as the last mouthful of black blood squeezed out from his mouth and he closed his eyes.

However, just as he closed his eyes, he seemed to enter a strange world. This place was a complete blur and he couldn't see anything. The only thing that was clear to his eyes was the back of a figure.

"Become my slave and I'll let your dao be complete!" A cold voice echoed.

"Who are you?" The old man's eyes narrowed.

"Wang Lin!" The figure turned around and a pair of eyes like lightning looked at the old man. The appearance was that of Wang Lin. The old man's mind trembled. With his mental strength, he won't normally be shaken, but the name "Wang Lin" had accompanied him all his life, starting from when he entered the Ling Dong Clan. His benefactor teacher, who had given him his clan mark, had said that his name was Wang Lin.

Whenever he faced a life-threatening danger, someone who claimed to be Wang Lin would rescue him. All of this was like a dream for him. "If you agree, you will no longer be Ling Dong, your new name will be Ancient Slave!"

The moment this voice echoed, the blurry world collapsed and the countless pieces scattered. This ripped opened all of Ling Dong's memories. Inside the Emperor Furnace, his body trembled and he became sober.

However, although he was sober, there was still confusion in his eyes.

The moment he became sober inside the Emperor Furnace, the eight ancient gods overlapped and became the ninth ancient god. The tenth chop smashed down toward Esteemed Ling Dong. When it was less than 100 feet away, he struggled with the confusion and was about to resist.

However, just at this moment, a cold voice echoed inside the Emperor Furnace. "Are you Ling Dong or Ancient Slave…" Esteemed Ling Dong trembled. Endless fear filled his eyes and he roared, "Who the hell are you?!"

"I'm Wang Lin!" Wang Lin was filled exhaustion outside the Emperor Furnace. His voice slowly echoed inside the Emperor Furnace and turned into endless thunder inside Ling Dong's mind. All he could hear was the name "Wang Lin" when the axe landed on his head. The axe turned into a circular imprint on his forehead… Then his eyes became dim and he fell down. The soul storm took him away.

Outside the Emperor Furnace, Wang Lin became even more tired, but there was a hint of joy in his eyes. He took a deep breath. Through the Emperor Furnace, Wang Lin had used his Dream Dao to mess up Ling Dong's mind. This allowed him to leave his brand on Ling Dong. However, he would still have to refine for a period of time and add a lot of restrictions before Ling Dong could be used.

"Unfortunately, there are still a lot of drawbacks… But time is limited, so this is all I can do." Wang Lin's eyes lit up and the world inside the Emperor Furnace began to change. It was filled with clouds, but the clouds soon dissipated to reveal another world. The dao spirit Wang Lin had sealed here was constantly roaring, and its body was covered in flames. The injuries it had suffered were recovering at a rapid pace.

Seeing this, it wouldn't need long to recover to the state it was in before. Wang Lin didn't know what a dao spirit was, and it was the first time he had seen something like this. When he saw how fast it was recovering, Wang Lin's eyes narrowed.

"I want to see what this dao spirit is exactly!" Wang Lin's hand formed a seal and then he waved his hand. A stone door appeared inside the Emperor Furnace. This was the stone door from the Wind Celestial Realm. It was Wang Lin's original spell, Flowing time!

Time reversed and Wang Lin clearly saw the dao spirit inside the door. It was like layers of mystery was being peeled away.

A moment later, Wang Lin's expression changed and he stood up. He subconsciously took a few steps back.

"This… This is… impossible!!"

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