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Chapter 1442 - Opportunity to Heal!

Thousands of humanoid beasts doesn't sound like much, but if you saw it yourself, especially with them charging out of the mist and releasing their sharp howls, it would be a shocking sight.

Their ferocious expressions, fast speed, and terrifying appearances gave them a powerful momentum.

Compared to the thousands of beasts, Wang Lin's group of 25 people was like a tiny boat in the ocean that could be submerged at any moment.

These humanoid beasts all had varying cultivation levels. The highest ones were at the third Heaven's Blight and the weakest were at the peak of Nirvana Shatterer.

By themselves, they weren't much, but now there were thousands, and their bizarre speed made them difficult to deal with. Although dealing with them would be difficult, the cultivators present weren't weak. At this moment, all of them began launching spells and treasures. The battle had begun.

Wang Lin's expression was calm. He raised his right hand ten million rays of sword energy rushed out. The rays of sword energy formed a storm and swept the area. All the fierce beasts that charged at him were caught and killed.

However, just as those beasts died, there were flashes of red light. Despite being killed by the sword storm, a destructive self-destruction still occurred.

The power of the self-destruction was several times stronger than their original strength. When multiple exploded at once, the resulting thunderous rumble overwhelmed all other sounds and spread far and wide.

Dozens of beasts had been killed by the sword storm, and their explosion contained the power of a fifth Heaven's Blight cultivator's attack. As the force rushed at Wang Lin, his eyes lit up and a large light silhouette suddenly appeared behind him!

This light silhouette shrouded his body and shined brightly. When the impact collided with the light silhouette, a thunderous rumble echoed. The light silhouette distorted but didn't collapse. The powerful destruction force was reflect and swept the area.

The second wave of fierce beasts that were charging at Wang Lin were hit by this force, and they all screamed miserably as they collapsed. However, this set off another wave of self-destruction. Layers of explosions were set off with Wang Lin at the center.

More and more intense destructive forces rolled at Wang Lin. Wang Lin remained calm and the light silhouette around him became even brighter. This light hid Wang Lin's face, so no one outside could see his expression.

Wang Lin's mind trembled. Not all the fierce beasts had time to self-destruct; some were killed by Wang Lin before they could explode. Whenever that happened, a white energy would enter Wang Lin's body. This wasn't ancient god power but life force.

This life force immediately began helping heal his injuries; it was even better than the cultivators he had devoured. Wang Lin licked his lips as he stepped off his platform and charged at the fierce beasts.

Not far away, the rest of the cultivators were all resisting, but a few had been caught off guard by the self-destruction of the beasts. They coughed out blood and were pushed back, then they got surrounded. Just as they were about to resist, the surrounding beasts exploded once more and the powerful force they released destroyed the cultivators.

The woman in white was the most relaxed. Her expression remained the same and no one could see her use any spells, but any beast that got near her would give off a black gass. The beast would then scream and retreat in fear.

Wang Lin's figure moved like lightning. He was the first one among the 25 that left his platform and slaughtered his way into the herd of beasts! This caught the attention of the surrounding cultivators.

Wang Lin ignored their gazes. In one step, he closed in on a group of fierce beasts. With a wave of his right hand, the ten million rays of sword energy swept across the beasts and rushed into their bodies, ripping them apart. A portion were directly killed before they could explode, and the white energy they released entered Wang Lin's body.

Their powerful life force was absorbed by his origin soul and helped his injuries recover. When Wang Lin felt the benefits, he retreated by using the impact. In a flash, he appeared outside a group of fierce beasts that had surrounded a cultivator. His finger formed a sword and landed on the body of a fierce beast. After it was destroyed, Wang Lin moved away like a fish in water.

Thunderous rumbles echoed, and in a flash, dozens of fierce beasts were destroyed. The desperate cultivator that was surrounded became excited and looked at Wang Lin with gratitude in his eyes.

Wang Lin ignored this person and charged off into the distance.

Time quickly passed. All the cultivators had to pay attention to Wang Lin due to his actions. Wherever he appeared, the beasts would be immediately killed and then he would go somewhere else.

The middle-aged man holding a wine jug in his left hand and a sword in his right hand had just pierced the head of a beast. He smiled as he faced hundreds of other beasts. He took a drink and was about to use his spells.

But there was a flash of white light, and Wang Lin closed in like a bolt of thunder. In a flash, thunderous rumbles echoed and more than half of the beasts died. After absorbing their life force, Wang Lin left.

The middle-aged man frowned and muttered something. Then his eyes suddenly narrowed and he noticed something. There were quite a few people who had seen through the problem. After all, all the cultivators here were cunning. Wang Lin's behavior had caught their attention, and they immediately saw the reason for his actions.

"Every time one of these beasts is killed before being able to self-destruct, a surge of life force enters his body. Not only can it help heal injuries, but it is equal to cultivating for several months!"

However, when they saw the problem, more than 1,000 had died to Wang Lin and another 30% had died to self-destruction. The remaining 1,000 or so beasts formed a dense pack. Wang Lin moved like lightning and charged at this group before everyone else.

Behind him, aside from the woman from the Sealing Extermination Clan, who was too afraid, and the woman in white, who didn't care, the remaining cultivators all charged forward. To them, these fierce beasts had become pills, and they were in a rush to get them before Wang Lin!

"Fellow white-robed cultivator, since we came as a group, we naturally can't let you face these 1,000 beasts by yourself. Let us all go together!"

"Fellow Cultivator, don't rush. There are nearly 1,000 fierce beasts, and if they were to self-destruct, the power would be shocking. We should be more careful!"

"Fellow white-robed cultivator, I don't care about the rest, just leave 300 of these fierce beasts for this lord!"

Roars came from these cultivators as they sped up, chasing after Wang Lin!

Wang Lin's expression remained calm and he sneered. The ancient god stars between his eyebrows faintly flickered and a ghostly light flashed from the first star.

Wang Lin's hands formed a seal and then he wave one of them.

The Emperor Furnace suddenly appeared and surrounded the almost 1,000 fierce beasts. When the giant Emperor Furnace appeared, its ancient aura formed a vortex that swept the area!

The moment those cultivators closed in, Wang Lin roared. "Refine!"

With one word, the Emperor Furnace rumbled and the fierce beasts inside suddenly screamed. Before they could self-destruct, ancient god power rushed through the furnace. The 20 plus dumbfound cultivators stared at the Emperor Furnace that suddenly shrank and disappeared between Wang Lin's eyebrows.

All of this happened in a flash. Wang Lin had instantly taken away all the remaining fierce beasts, leaving none behind!

Wang Lin turned around and his gaze swept past the people that were chasing after him. He saw powerful emotions from them, and with a step, he returned to this platform. He waved his sleeve and his powerful cultivation spread out, suppressing the area.

The 20 plus cultivators all had hostile gazes, but they were all scared of Wang Lin's gaze, so none of them dared to act first. The girl from the Sealing Extermination Clan saw this opportunity and was about to step forward, but at this moment, Wang Lin's cold gaze landed on her.

The girl's mind trembled and her face turned pale. Her footsteps stopped and she didn't dare to move at all.

A moment later, the 20 plus cultivators all returned to their platforms and temporarily ignored this matter. However, their gazes toward Wang Lin were extremely hostile.

Only the woman in white looked at Wang Lin with a look of admiration and nodded slightly at Wang Lin.

Just at this moment, the platforms everyone were on trembled. After the brief pause, the platforms charged forward. The platforms were extremely fast and disappeared into the fog.

"These humanoid beasts are of great use for me to heal, so no one will steal them from me!" As Wang Lin stood calmly on the platform, he revealed no emotions, but there was a flash of coldness in his eyes. Powerful life force came from the Emperor Furnace and rushed into his body, helping his injuries recover.

"It's time to show off my might…" The illusory flame in his left eye began to burn brighter and brighter.

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