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Chapter 1443 - Ethereal Fire Cultivator!!

There was an invisible force pulling these 25 platforms, and the platforms were moving at an incomprehensible speed. This speed was no slower than the full speed of a Heaven's Blight cultivator.

The strange movement of the platform gave this ancient tomb a mysterious and unfathomable feeling. As Wang Lin stood on the platform, his flowed in the wind due to the speed of the platform.

As the fog moved around his body, Wang Lin pondered. He had been observing his surroundings every since he entered the Ancient Order Tomb.

Everything here was extremely strange. Before he had the situation figured out, Wang Lin didn't want to act carelessly. He wanted to see where the platform would lead him.

As for the fog sea below him, it was boundless, and it was impossible to see how deep it was. However, Wang Lin had a feeling that deep within the fog sea, there was a pair of eyes staring at him and all the cultivators here.

"There should be a lot of cultivators that entered the Ancient Order Tomb, but we were separated. Perhaps they are also being moved by the platforms like us…"

While he pondered, time slowly passed. Everything seemed to be replaced by the howl of the platform flying… A few hours later, Wang Lin's eyes narrowed. There was still fog before him, but it was distorted. Before he could get a closer look, the platform charged into the distorted fog.

The world before him changed and exclamations came from some of the shocked cultivators. What appeared before Wang Lin's group of 25 people was a tomb that had been sealed for tens of thousands of years that no one had entered before!

This area was hundreds of feet large and was filled with spatial rifts. They formed a cage that sealed the area.

Wang Lin's group's platforms came out of one of the spatial rifts. The world before them was shrouded in a red light!

The sealed sky was red and the ground wasn't fog but real earth. There were rivers flowing on the earth, but the rivers were all blood red!

The smell of blood rushed at them.

At the center of this world, there was a huge figure. It was an ancient god that was tens of thousands of feet tall! He was down on one knee, with a ferocious expression on his face and a big hole between his eyebrows. Blood seemed to continuously to flow out from that hole forever. The blood flowed down his face and dropped to the ground.

His knee had collapsed, and one could see the already-dark bones. It was obvious that he didn't want to kneel countless years ago but had his knee broken so he had to kneel!

He was down on one knee and his back was bent as he carried on it a 10,000-foot platform. The platform was blood red and was surrounded by blood mist, making it impossible to see inside.

However, an oppressive restriction flashed from the mist as if it was sealing something.

On the right side of the ancient god, there was an figure about 4,000 feet tall, kneeling there. This figure had one horn on its head and a ferocious expression. Its left eye was filled with madness and reluctance. The right eye was empty, as if someone had dug it out. Blood was flowing out of the right eye socket.

On the left side of the ancient god was a 3,000 foot ancient demon. It was also kneeling, and its left eye was hollow. The right eye was filled with fear.

The ancient god was holding the platform, while the ancient demon and ancient devil knelt there as if they were worshiping the platform. This bizarre scene was really shocking. However, what caused the cultivators to exclaim were the dense figures on the earth beside the blood-like rivers. Their red eyes were all fixated on the uninvited guests that had suddenly appeared.

Humanoid beasts, no less than tens of thousands of humanoid beasts filled the ground. Many were devouring the blood-like river and some were fighting. However, when Wang Lin's group entered, they all raised their heads.

After a brief moment of silence, the beasts on the ground let out shocking roars. The roars of tens of thousands beasts formed a sound wave that swept the people above!

The cultivators that didn't have high cultivation levels and were injured coughed out blood due to this sound blast. Two people were directly thrown off their platforms and fell down.

Before they could struggle, they were swarmed by a hundreds of beasts. When the beasts dispersed, they were already torn apart.

The fierce beasts on the ground jumped like crazy toward them. However, after experiencing the battle before, they were all aware of the benefits. Although shaken by the number, they weren't afraid to charge at the incoming fierce beasts.

"Devouring all these beasts should allow my injuries to recover completely!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he licked his slips. He had started late, so there was more than a dozen cultivators ahead of him.

These cultivators' eyes all shined. They had made up their minds to not let Wang Lin monopolize all the beasts. Although there was a lot of them, the life force one could gain was very tempting.

"If that white-robed cultivator steals again, we should join forces to kill him! We have to let him know the consequences!" The cultivators that had stolen a platform were all ruthless. They looked at each other and came to a tacit understanding.

The extremely fat cultivator waved the abacus in his hand and said with a smile, "White-haired cultivator, you can't kill more than 10 beasts, or else don't blame this lord for being ruthless. I'll kill you and refine your soul!" 

"Kill one extra and you will die here! No one can save you!" the thin cultivator in black said coldly as he moved forward.

The man in purple with the fierce fish behind him roared, "Although Fellow Cultivator is powerful, if you anger us, you can just scram out of our group and face your death. If you don't scram, this lord will make your corpse scream!"

The grim voice of the old woman in green and covered in pus echoed. "Fellow Cultivator was far too reckless. The fortune here is for everyone to obtain. If you become too greedy, even this old body won't let it go. If you become too greedy, this old body will kill you. Even though you are powerful, you will still die if you don't become obedient!" 

"Although you are powerful, you really don't know how to act. To waste your cultivation like this is extremely stupid… Alas, a pitty! There is such a greedy person in this world. Do you think you're a third step cultivator?" The middle-aged man with the white jug in his left hand shook his head. He took a drink and then charged at the fierce beasts.

These words revealed killing intent. It was obvious that a majority of the cultivators were dissatisfied. In addition to those that spoke, the rest all revealed killing intent; they were ready to kill.

When the girl from the Sealing Extermination Clan saw all of this, there was a flash of joy in her eyes. However, when she thought about how terrifying Wang Lin was, the joy disappeared.

Wang Lin remained calm after hearing everyone's words, and there was a flash of coldness in his eyes. There was a faint Ethereal Fire in his eyes. He let out a cold snort, and not only did he not back down, he moved even faster. Using his powerful cultivation, he moved like a meteor and passed all the cultivators before him as he charged at the murderous beasts charging at them.

"What guts!"

"You dare?!"

"Arrogant! You're seeking death!"

Wang Lin's behavior infuriated the crowd. Killing intent surged from everyone, and some were already forming seals to launch spells. Wang Lin closed in on the tens of thousands beasts, but he didn't seem to use any spells. He waved his right hand and the world rumbled!

The fierce beasts that had jumped into the air all let out miserable screams and fear filled their eyes. As their expressions distorted, their miserable screams became even more intense.

In a flash, nearly 1,000 fierce beasts were surrounded by Ethereal Fire and were burned to death!

Strands of white life force flew out of them and entered Wang Lin's body!

The Ethereal Fire inside the dead beasts' bodies rushed out and spread like crazy. More beasts were burned by the Ethereal Fire, and a monstrous heat wave filled the world.

Thunderous rumbles echoed as the beasts burned and turned into balls of fire, leaving behind only black ashes. Strands of white energy flooded the world and rushed into Wang Lin's body.

The fire continued to spread, and a majority of the beasts became part of the sea of fire… All the endless life force rushed into Wang Lin's body. His origin soul was absorbing it all and his injuries were recovering at an unimaginable speed.

1,000, 3,000, 8,000, 10,003… A large amount of life force entered Wang Lin's body in a flash. Even more fierce beasts were being burned by the Ethereal Fire!

As the life force rushed into his body, Wang Lin's injuries completely recovered!!

As thunderous rumbles echoed, the fierce beasts continued to die!

The endless Ethereal Fire came back to Wang Lin from all directions and returned to this left eye after the fierce beasts died.

So simple, so amazing!

"Who was going to kill me?" Wang Lin turned around and his cold gaze looked at the stunned cultivators behind him. In his left eye, a nine-colored Ethereal Fire was burning.

"Ethereal Fire cultivator!!!"

"It's an Ethereal Fire cultivator!! How can this be!?"

"A rumored Ethereal Fire cultivator that rarely appears every tens of thousands of years. He… He is actually an Ethereal Fire cultivator!!"

"With a wave of his hand, tens of thousands beasts were killed in an instant. This kind of cultivation… I… I was actually going to try to kill him…"

A rumored Ethereal Fire cultivator had appeared in this sealed place with his unique fire! When the surrounding cultivators saw this, a huge wave was set off in their hearts!!

As Wang Lin's gaze swept by them, all of them quickly retreated hundreds of feet, their eyes filled with shock. Those that were speaking so arrogantly before instantly turned pale!

Even the calm woman in white was shocked, and a mysterious light shined in her eyes.

The only thing that echoed in everyone's ears were their pounding hearts...

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