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Chapter 1441 - Rumors, Rumors, and More Rumors

On a platform not far from the thin cultivator was a cultivator that was the complete opposite. This cultivator's body was giant, almost like a ball. He had a kind smile and wore a robe along with a flat hat.

He was holding a small abacus in his hand. With a wave, it would create crisp, popping sounds.

"Not worth it, not worth it…" The fat cultivator shook his head, and the fat on his face trembled as he did so. While muttering something, he waved his hand and countless restrictions appeared, landing on the cultivators rushing toward him. When the restrictions landed, the cultivators trembled and they all fell into the fog sea below as if they were sealed.

Although there were only 28 platforms left, seven had been successfully broken into and eventually stolen after many fights!

To be able to successfully steal under such circumstances meant that these people weren't ordinary.

The people on those seven platforms also caught Wang Lin's attention. What surprised him was that the fourth Heaven's Blight old man was one of them.

The other five didn't have weak cultivation, and each one was from a different clan. They were filled with killing intent and looked like slaughter gods.

One of them had the easiest time stealing a platform. It was an old woman in green who had a face full of bumps. She looked terrifying, and as she walked, the cultivators around her all revealed looks of confusion.

The platform she had her eye on had more than 10 cultivators fighting. However, when the old woman approached, their eyes became filled with confusion and they unexpectedly backed off. Even the previous owner left the platform, allowing the old woman to sit there.

The fog sea rumbled and more and more fog columns shot into the sky. All the fighting seemed to stop the moment it started. There were only 28 platforms left and the remaining cultivators had all died. Their bodies had either collapsed into flesh and blood or sunk into the fog sea.

Although it was very short, it was an extremely cruel elimination. Among hundreds of cultivators, more than 90% had died and only 28 people remained.

Wang Lin's expression was calm and he sat down to cultivate. He converted the flesh and blood he had absorbed to help himself recover. He hadn't exposed many of his methods; his identity as an Ethereal Fire cultivator, his powerful spells, and his various treasures were not exposed.

This place was filled with danger and was extremely strange. Not all the danger came from the tomb itself; there were also many cultivators with hidden power around, giving off a mysterious feeling, so he had to display his might in the most effective way.

The cultivators on the platforms all secretly let out breaths of relief and began to cultivate. However, an undercurrent was moving, and they all carefully observed each other.

Although the battle just now was short, everyone had paid attention to each other's spells.

Just like how Wang Lin had been focused on certain people, a lot of cultivators had also been focused on Wang Lin.

Wang Lin had cleanly killed six others, which was enough to catch the attention of the surrounding people. His roar had also suppressed all other sounds in this place and caused the body of a Heaven's Blight cultivator to collapse. This was enough for them to be vigilant toward Wang Lin.

"This person's battle didn't reveal too much…" The man in purple with the 10,000 foot fish looked at Wang Lin, his face still gloomy.

"The power of his roar caused someone's body to collapse and dissipate. His spells should be related to sound." One of the people who had successfully stolen a platform looked at Wang Lin with killing intent and hostility.

"Others only noticed his ruthlessness and the power of the roar but didn't notice him devouring the blood mist… This kind of demonic method has become more common in the Ancient Star System recently…. " The fat man smiled as he looked at Wang Lin and played with the abacus in his hand.

"He definitely wants to kill me… I need to get help…" The Sealing Extermination Clan girl was  pale and she was biting her lip. The timid expression in her eyes became even stronger.

"I can't provoke this person. He let me go earlier, so I owe him…" The old man Wang Lin had let go lowered his head in fear. The battle just now was something he would forever remember.

The long-haired woman in white slowly withdrew her gaze and then looked at Wang Lin. Her expression remained calm and no one knew what she was thinking.

Just as everyone was secretly observing each other and healing, the surroundings gradually calm down. Even the fog sea seemed to calm down.

After a brief moment of recovery, a cultivator got up and charged at the treasure before the head on their platform.

Wang Lin opened his eyes and his right hand reached out. The 30 foot flag before the ancient devil's head flew into his hand. He examined it. It was an ancient devil treasure, but it wasn't great.

Wang Lin quietly put it away and stood up.

However, just at this moment, a huge change occurred!

The 28 platforms rumbled and the dim sky roared once more. Thunder flashed across it as if it wanted to tear the sky apart. Just as the expressions of the surrounding cultivators changed, the 28 platforms trembled like crazy.

As the platforms trembled, they all rapidly sank. This was too sudden, so the cultivators had no time to react. In an instant, they sank down more than 100,000 feet!

The wind roared outside the platforms as they plummeted. A tearing force suddenly appeared on the cultivators' bodies. If felt like the blood in their bodies was going to be thrown out as they rapidly sank.

However, the cultivators that could survive the first wave of slaughter were all powerful individuals. Despite the sudden change, none of them exclaimed; they maintained themselves on the platform as they rapidly sank.

The sky got further and further away from them. The remaining platforms also gradually became black spots in their eyes.

These 28 sinking platforms entered the fog in a flash. The fog rumbled and churned around the platforms before they were completely submerged in it.

Wang Lin's eyes were serious as he witnessed the fog surround his platform. He felt like the platform he was on had fallen into hell, descending with no end in sight.

After an unknown amount of time, there was a thunderous bang and the platform stopped descending. The surroundings were filled with fog, making it impossible to see anything.

Just at this moment, a sense of danger filled Wang Lin's mind. He suddenly turned around and waved his right hand. There was a thunderous bang and the fog behind him was pushed back, revealing a hideous beast. This beast was covered in pus and was humanoid. Its hands and nails were slender and sharp. Its body had been hit by Wang Lin's slap, and it retreated back into the fog, instantly disappearing.

At the same time, mournful cries were heard not far away. It was obvious that some of the sneak attacks on them had succeeded.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. He recognized this beast!

Although the shape of this beast was somewhat different, it gave Wang Lin the same feeling as the mysterious creature that had come out of the ancient god's head in the Demon Spirit Land!

With a cold snort, Wang Lin waved his hand and wind swept around him, pushing back the fog around him. Almost all the cultivators did the same and used spells to push the fog back. In a flash the fog within hundreds of thousands of feet was gone, creating an opening!

Among the 28 platforms, three were empty.

A cold aura came from the cultivators and filled the area. The surrounding area was completely filled with fog, making it impossible to see outside. They were surrounded by fog.

Waves of howls came from the surrounding fog. Strange figures popped out from inside the fog and revealed themselves to Wang Lin and everyone.

Humanoid beasts loomed inside the fog. At a glance, it was impossible to see how many there were!

The surroundings were filled with them!

The old woman who had made everyone around her confused said in a hoarse voice, "Fellow cultivators, no matter no what clan we are all from, being sent here togethers means we are fated. Right now, I hope no one holds back against these creatures… This old woman has read ancient records, so I know a bit about this ancient tomb. We are only at the outer edge and must pass the test to be qualified to enter the tomb…" 

As her voice echoed, the humanoid beasts roared like crazy and charged out of the fog toward the 25 cultivators on the 28 platforms!

This scene was shocking; there were thousands of them!

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. He saw oppressive emotions inside these fierce beasts. He could use this to ignite the Ethereal Fire!

Ethereal Fire cultivators were extremely mysterious existences in the Inner and Outer Realms as very few cultivators had encountered them. However, Ethereal Fire cultivators had a great reputation in Ancient Star System!

Because these cultivators were rarely seen in tens of thousands of years, rumors of Ethereal Fire cultivators had spread. People thought they were as powerful as third step cultivators!

The rumors of Ethereal Fire cultivators filled the hearts of the cultivators of the Ancient Star System. All the cultivators here were powerful and had heard the terrifying rumors.

Rumors stating that with a wave of their hand, an Ethereal Fire cultivator could turn thousands into ashes… Rumors stating that an Ethereal Fire cultivator's gaze could ignite the seven emotions and no one would survive… Rumors stating that Ethereal Fire cultivators were like a nightmare to their enemies and would ignite their enemy's emotions, burning their enemy to death… Rumors stating that the anger of an Ethereal Fire cultivator could ignite the anger of everyone, and they would end up being the only one standing in a mountain of corpses… Rumors… Rumors… More rumors… Aside from the girl from the Sealing Extermination Clan, no one here, not even the woman in white, knew that a legendary Ethereal Fire cultivator was hidden among them… Before Ethereal Fire was used, it was invisible...

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