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Chapter 1440 - Three People, Three People, and Three People Again

The fog sea below roared and columns of fog shot into the air. Slaughter filled the sky, and there was a cultivator on each of the 43 remaining platforms.

Aside from a lucky few, anyone who could occupy a platform by themselves was an extremely powerful and ruthless cultivator.

There were even five or six people who were very cunning. Although they hadn't realized the truth yet, they had killed everyone around them first and then snatched a platform.

Right now the situation was clear; everyone knew you had to occupy a platform alone to survive. The remaining cultivators' eyes were all bloodshot. In order to live, even if they were brothers by blood, they would have to fight.

In a flash, these cultivators charged at the 43 platforms like crazy!

During the chaos, Wang Lin didn't have time to check what cultivators occupied the remaining 42 platforms. His hand formed a seal and he formed an air curtain to block the dozen or so people charging at him.

The one with the highest cultivation level among the 10 cultivators was an old man at the fourth Heaven's Blight. The rest were weaker, but even the weakest one was at the late stage of Nirvana Cleanser.

Although their cultivation levels weren't the best, they erupted with their full potential at this moment of life and death. There were also a lot of them, and they were charging at Wang Lin's platform from all directions.

There was a thunderous bang and the spells of these cultivators landed on the air curtain Wang Lin had created. The air curtain began to tremble and distort. These cultivators began attacking like crazy and even took out treasures!

They were fighting for every second of time!

There was a flash of killing intent in Wang Lin's eyes. He let out a cold snort and his right hand formed a seal. He then waved his hand and a giant palm print swept by. As the palm print rotated, it formed a giant vortex.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and a majority of the dozen cultivators that wanted to rush on to the platform were knocked back, coughing out blood on the way.

The fog sea roared and large amounts of fog columns rushed into the air. Dozens of people, including the cultivators outside Wang Lin's platform and the other cultivators fighting for a platform, died to the fog.

The smell of blood filled the area and miserable screams echoed. This caused the cultivators not on a platform to go crazy. They all roared and charged toward the platforms like crazy.

After some of the dozen plus cultivators died, there were still nine left. Their eyes were red as they rushed toward Wang Lin again. Different treasures and spells flashed before them as they shot toward Wang Lin.

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes and he took a step forward. In the blink of an eye, he appeared before a middle-aged man. The middle-aged man had a ferocious expression, and the moment Wang Lin appeared, he opened his mouth. A small sword flew out and shot toward Wang Lin.

This middle-aged man was at the first Heaven's Blight. The moment the small sword shot out, Wang Lin's right hand was even faster and landed between the man's eyebrows.   

Origin energy rushed into his body like crazy. His body collapsed and his origin soul perished. However, he didn't dissipate and instead turned into a blood mist that was absorbed by Wang Lin.

All of this happened in a flash. After Wang Lin killed him, he took a step to the side and easily avoided the incoming flying sword. In a flash, he arrived behind a white-haired old man.

Without pausing, his left hand casually waved forward, landing on the old man's back. The old man wanted to turn around, but his body trembled and he exploded into a mist of blood that was absorbed by Wang Lin

Wang Lin licked his lips and his body flickered. When he reappeared, he was next to a young man. The young man's face was pale and he retreated without hesitation. Then his hands formed a seal and he spat out blood. The blood turned into a huge, bloody skull which let out a roar as it attempted to devour Wang Lin.

Not only did Wang Lin not dodge, he charged directly at the young man. Seeing the blood skull coming at him, a mysterious light arose in his eyes and he let out a roar!

Although the fog was rumbling and countless cultivators were fighting, Wang Lin's roar overwhelmed everything, replacing all other sounds!

The blood skull rumbled and was hit by the powerful roar, and it dissipated. The young man couldn't even dodge and was hit by the roar. It was as if his body turned into dust and he became a mist of blood.

Wang Lin had cleanly killed three people!

However, the slaughter didn't stop. Although the remaining six had witnessed this, if they were to retreat, it would mean death; they had to steal the platform. They clenched their teeth and charged at the platform that Wang Lin had left.

"Idiots seeking death!" Wang Lin's words were cold. If the six of them had left, he would have let them go. However, these six wouldn't give up. Wang Lin took a step and pointed three times with his right hand. In an instant, more than 10 million rays of sword energy shot out form his right hand. The rays of sword energy split into three portions and shot at the three fastest people.

Among the three, there were two men and one woman. The rays of sword energy were too fast, and in the blink of an eye, they closed in. One of the middle-aged men revealed a ferocious expression and bent his body in a strange movement. Then his hand reached out at the void and he suddenly jerked his hand upwards as the rays of sword energy closed in.

A purple light screen appeared before the middle-aged man to block the incoming rays of sword energy.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the middle-aged man coughed out blood while being pushed back. The rays of sword energy quickly rushed into his body, causing his body to tremble and then collapse.

There was also the middle-aged woman, who also wanted to dodge, with a pale expression. Although her cultivation level wasn't high, she was extremely fast, or else she wouldn't have arrived before the others.

She quickly dodged and moved half a body to the side. There was a thunderous rumble and her right shoulder exploded, but she had avoided death.

The rays of sword energy scraped by her and landed on a ferocious cultivator behind her. That cultivator immediately died.

Among the three, one had died and one was injured. The last one was the fourth Heaven's Blight old man. The old man's hand formed a seal and nine black dragons appeared around him. The dragons let out roars and rapidly rotated around him. The rays of sword energy bombarded the dragons and the old man was pushed back like crazy. As he was being pushed back, he grabbed a cultivator beside him and used that cultivator as a shield.

The rays of sword energy all entered that cultivator's body and tore him apart.

After Wang Lin killed three people, he then killed three more in the blink of an eye. At this moment, there were only three people remaining! Wang Lin's white clothes had red spots all over. He landed back on the platform. Then he looked at the three and coldly said, "Scram!"

The female cultivator who had lost her right arm was deathly pale. Although death was terrible, the fear she felt right now was stronger than the fear of death. The white-haired youth in white was like an invincible mountain!

She didn't want to die, so she had to retreat and go steal another platform!

The old man at the fourth heaven's blight was also pale and retreated without hesitation. As for the last person, he had the lowest cultivation level and was the slowest, so he avoided Wang Lin's attack. He was scared out of his wits and quickly retreated.

Thunderous rumbles echoed as a column of fog shot in to the air, causing the six cultivators that had stepped onto the platform to perish at once.

This didn't end. A column of fog appeared under another platform and destroyed it.

In a short period of time, only 28 of 43 platforms remained. The hundreds of cultivators without a platform had been cut down to less than 80 people.

As Wang Lin stood on the platform, he coldly looked around. No cultivator dared to approach him, as his slaughter before was enough to shock them all.

As Wang Lin's gaze swept by, he saw the woman from the Sealing Extermination Clan. She had occupied a platform and was sitting there with a light glowing between her eyebrows. This gentle light covered the platform, and no matter how much the cultivators attacked it, it merely twisted but didn't collapse.

Aside from this young girl, there were five more people that caught Wang Lin's attention.

The first person was the long-haired woman in white. She only silently stood there and looked into the distance. Any cultivator that got close to her platform would let out a miserable scream. Then black blood would come out of their eyes and their bodies would give off a black gas if they were hit by a powerful poison.

There was a platform being occupied by a middle-aged man. He held a pot of wine in his left hand and a seven foot sword in his right hand. "The ancient language says… Three cups for a promise…" The middle-aged man drank a mouthful of wine and he casually waved his right hand. There was no other movement, and his sword penetrated the skull of a cultivator rushing toward him. Blood spewed out from the cultivator's forehead and formed the shape of a plum blossom on the platform.

There were more than 10 blood plum blossoms on that platform!

Another platform was being held by a man in purple. He was gloomy and gave off powerful Yin energy. He waved his sleeves and a 10,000 foot fierce fish swam behind him. The fish moved like the wind and devoured the surrounding cultivators.

Among the final two, one was a thin man wearing black, with his eyes were closed. He was so fast that not even Wang Lin could see him clearly. In a flash, his shadow still remained, but the surrounding cultivators all screamed. Their origin souls were extracted and their bodies fell into the fog sea.

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