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Chapter 1439 - Emotional Language, Slaughter Calamity

Wang Lin was always decisive. How could he let it go when someone had attacked him the moment he entered? The Ancient Order Tomb was already dangerous, and he could only rely on strength. If he showed weakness, he would be besieged by others.

Therefore, he had to be vicious to display his might!

There was a flash of coldness in his eyes as he looked at the retreating middle-aged man. His right foot stepped forward and he moved like a meteor.

The middle-aged man's cultivation level wasn't very high, only third Heaven's Blight. When he sneak attacked Wang Lin, he was confident in succeeding.

Even if someone was of a higher cultivation level than him, they would've been injured by such a sneak attack. After all, anyone who was sucked in here would be dazed and panic for a brief moment. This moment was more than enough to kill or seriously injure someone.

Once injured, the surrounding cultivators would all attack. They all had an agreement to help each other, and this agreement would be in effect until they met a powerful enemy.

Of course, it was possible that it would be a third step cultivator that was pulled in, but third step cultivators were rare. They were unwilling to give up this chance to steal treasures just due to the fear of a third step cultivator being dragged in.

Also, the pressure of third step cultivators was extremely powerful and would spread out the moment they entered the rift. With that in mind, they weren't afraid of attacking one by accident.

However, the middle-aged man didn't think that although Wang Lin was not a third step cultivator, he hadn't been sucked in here. He had entered by choice and wasn't panicked or in a daze.

The moment the middle-aged man's spell fell on Wang Lin, it was reflected back on him. He immediately coughed out blood and was knocked back. Then his scalp went numb and he lost his wits!

He cried that something was wrong in his heart and quickly rushed away. Seeing the killing intent in Wang Lin's eyes, the middle-aged man's face turned pale. He clenched his teeth and charged toward the fog below.

The middle-aged man's reaction was very fast; he was also someone who had been through many battles. He had faintly seen Wang Lin's strength and knew that no matter how fast he was, he couldn't escape. Thus, he had decided to risk it by rushing into the mysterious fog.

He might die if he entered the fod, but if he didn't, he would die for sure!

This was a very easy but at the same time difficult decision!

Wang Lin moved like a ray of light toward the middle-aged man. Seeing Wang Lin closing in quickly, a hint of madness appeared in his eyes. He hit his chest and coughed out a mouthful of blood. He used the blood escape, which injured himself greatly, and rushed down at the fog. He was about to enter the fog.

"He is indeed a character!" The other person's rapid analysis and decisive behavior revealed him worthy of his third Heaven's Blight cultivation. However, he had attacked someone he shouldn't have, and now he had to face Wang Lin!

He didn't expose his Stop spell or the blood sword to kill the middle-aged man before he entered the fog. These were things Wang Lin wouldn't carelessly reveal.

Wang Lin raised his right hand as he moved forward and slammed down on the middle-aged man that was about to fall into the fog. The world rumbled and the War Spirit Print appeared!

The thunderous rumbles caught the attention of most of the surrounding cultivators.

An illusory palm print suddenly appeared and charged at the middle-aged man at an unimaginable speed.

The middle-aged man rushed into the fog using blood escape. Just as he was about to go down more, he felt the fog around him churn. A force comparable to heaven's might suddenly descended!

That huge palm print seemed to break open the heavens and earth when it landed on the fog. The fog quickly surged and sunk down, then a giant palm print appeared in the fog!

A miserable scream was overshadowed by the rumble of the palm print. The palm print penetrated into the depths of the fog, leaving behind a shocking palm-shaped hole in the fog.

There was a small blood mist and origin soul dissipating in the fog. The middle-aged man had been pierced by the palm print and died!

With a simple raise of his hand, he had killed someone, leaving only a hole in the fog. Although the hole was already recovering, it was still clearly visible to the surrounding cultivators. There wasn't fear in the eyes of many of the surrounding cultivators, but they became cautious.

There were even some that began to ponder while looking at Wang Lin. They felt like Wang Lin's face was somewhat familiar, as if they had seen him before.

Behind one of the floating platforms in the distance, there was a girl in red with a timid gaze. It was the Sealing Extermination Clan woman with only one life left!

She had been separated from the burly man from the Esteemed Heavenly Wolf Clan. He had been sent to an unknown area, but the girl had been sent to the same place as Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's expression was calm and he took a step forward. He soon arrived before a floating platform that was 10,000 feet tall. There was a huge head on the platform, and its eyes were open, filled with anger and reluctance. There was a huge blood hole between its eyebrows. Its mark had been dug away by someone.

However, without a need to look at the mark, Wang Lin could feel that this head belonged to an ancient god!

There was a 30-foot flag stabbed into the ground before the head. The flag wasn't moving, as if there was no life left within it.

After closing in, Wang Lin felt the rejection force here. There was a protective force here that prevented anyone from entering.

While  he was observing, his expression changed and he looked up at the sky. There was a flash of light and another person was teleported in. After seeing the sneak attack on Wang Lin fail and the attacker killed, the dozens of cultivators in the sky grew timid. They no longer dared to sneak attack anymore.

A woman in white appeared. Her black hair was draped over her shoulder and reach below her waist. Her face was beautiful but extremely cold.

Her appearance caused Wang Lin's pupils to shrink. Her appearance was extremely similar to the middle-aged scholar he had seen outside the rift.

The woman in white also saw Wang Lin. The moment their gazes crossed, a shocking change occurred inside the Ancient Order Tomb!

Muffled rumbles came from the dim sky. It was as if a roar was coming from the distance. The fog that formed the earth began to rumble violently as if countless dragons were raging down below.

The entire world was like a secret room where the window was accidently opened. Now the window was closed and the room became stuffy.

Inside the Ancient Star System, the rift inside the fog rapidly shrank and soon disappeared without a trace. Only the fog remained, as if it would last for an eternity.

Ancient Order Tomb, closed!

The moment the rift closed, inside the Ancient Order Tomb, Wang Lin suddenly felt a powerful sense of danger. A column of fog suddenly shot up from the fog below. A cultivator didn't dodge fast enough and was hit by the fog. He let out a miserable scream and the number mark between his eyebrows flew out and drifted to the side.

This sudden change caused an uproar among the hundreds of cultivators here. Some of the floating platform with the heads on them lost their protective force!

There was a total of 99 platforms that had lost their protective force, and more than a dozen columns of fog shot into the air. Miserable cries echoed as the number marks from between their eyebrows flew out.

A column of fog also rushed out from under Wang Lin. It was too fast and instantly closed in within 100 feet of him. Wang Lin didn't hesitate and stepped onto a platform where the protective force had disappeared.

The moment he landed on the platform, the fog column charged into the sky along the edge of the platform, but it didn't cause any harm to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin wasn't the only smart. When Wang Lin stepped onto the platform to dodge the column of fog, many cultivators scrambled to get on the platforms closest to them.

However, there were only 99 platforms without protective force, and the rest still had a protective force on them. There were hundreds of platform here, so it was inevitable that many platforms had multiple people arriving on them.

Wang Lin clearly saw two people arrive on a platform, and just when they thought they would be safe, a column of fog more than 10,000 feet wide shot up. The fog swallowed the entire platform, the ancient devil head, and the two cultivators. They disappeared without a trace… This force would destroy all cultivators, and even third step cultivators would die facing this force!  

This didn't only happen once. During the panic, more than 50 platforms had more than two people arriving on them. The world rumbled as columns of fog 10,000 feet wide shot up. This scene terrified the cultivators that saw it!

Wang Lin's pupils shrank, and without hesitation his hands formed a seal. He waved his hand and an aura rushed out from his body, surrounding the 10,000 foot platform and preventing anyone from entering!    

However, there were almost 200 cultivators remaining, and there were only 43 platforms left. If they couldn't get a platform, they would be killed by the fog that rushed into sky!

If you wanted to live, you had to steal, and you had to be fast. Otherwise, if two people arrived on the platform at once, both of them would be destroyed along with the platform!

At this moment, there were more than 10 cultivators charging at Wang Lin with bloodshot eyes!

Either they lived or they died with another person.

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